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Notes #26: Hertl Hat Trick, Sharks Come Back on Flames 5-3



Period One

One in: Good work by Dahlen on forecheck. Quietly, Dahlen is effective there, one of the reasons why he’s stayed up with the top line.

Dube goal: Rough luck for Ferraro and Hill. Good test for Hill — he’s got to overcome a slow start like he did versus Islanders. Starts with a failed Burns to Gregor NZ connection. NZ turnover, Flames counterattack. That was story of game in Calgary, in the second period where Flames piled up nineteen shots.

Hertl goal: That’s why you sweep out broken sticks on PP. Burns shot breaks Calgary PK’er’s stick in half. It’s lying in the lane, in the way, Hertl sweeps it out, opens passing lane, beats Vladar. Actually, stick halves wouldn’t have blocked pass, but it would’ve limited San Jose options on PP. Heads up by Hertl to sweep.

Nine left: Loose puck pops in front of Dahlen, golden chance. Hasn’t scored yet since he came back from his presumed shoulder injury. Five games and counting.

Gaudreau goal: Three Sharks on two Flames below the goal line, that means there’s a free Calgary player. That’s Johnny Hockey left alone, no help too — between Couture and Dahlen, someone needs to be there. San Jose Sharks shooting themselves in the foot here. What happens too is OZ faceoff for SJS, Dahlen has puck up high, chance to do something and gives it away. Big picture, small mistake by Dahlen, nothing to kill him over, but small mistakes lead to big problems.

Five left: Too bad we didn’t get to see Bonino and Cogliano on a line together in say 2016, they would’ve been devastating together.

Period Two

Ruzicka goal: Again, three Sharks, including both d-men below goal line, one of the wingers, probably Gadjovich, needs to stay with Ruzicka. Frankly ugly breakdown, Boughner should be livid.

Seven in: I liked Karlsson read, OZ rim coming to him, but he reads Gaudreau trying to stretch out, stays with him instead of going for a probably not even fifty-fifty. But then takes delay of game penalty.

Nine in: Bonino didn’t get all of the one-timer there, but good work between he and Nieto. Let’s see if this San Jose Sharks team has got fight.

Couture goal: Key was quick puck movement here, Bonino moved it quick behind the net and Karlsson just one-touched it to front before Calgary could get to Couture.

Five left: Timely save by Hill on Monahan. Breakdown there.

Hertl goal: Looks like Barabanov was aiming for the pad and rebound there. Worked.

Period Three

One in: Flames love that low to slot bang-to-bang play. San Jose Sharks got to be quicker to defend.

Six in: Earnest backcheck by Couture there, making life hard for Flames.

Seven left: Good battle between Meloche and Lucic, Nic hangs in there.

Five left: Good work up high by Dahlen to get it out. Seems like Sharks wingers more aggressive, closing on Flames points with more authority in this period.

Three left: Liked that San Jose Sharks D shift.

Two left: Great close and clear on Mangiapane by Ferraro in corner. That might be where Ferraro does best.


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