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REPORT: Friedman Says Sharks Trying Hard to Keep Hertl



Credit: AP Photo/John Munson

The San Jose Sharks’ chances to make the playoffs are pretty much kaput, but it sounds like they’re still in the hunt to keep Tomas Hertl.

Last week, the impending UFA intimated that contract talks were ongoing between his camp and the Sharks. When pushed, he characterized those talks as “positive.”

Hertl Says Contract Talks With Sharks Are “Positive”

Elliotte Friedman followed up on that this morning on his “32 Thoughts Podcast” with Jeff Marek, saying that the San Jose Sharks weren’t paying their fans lip service when they stated their desire to keep the popular centerman.

“They’re making a run at it. I don’t know how I would handicap it,” Friedman said of the organization’s efforts to re-sign Hertl. “But they are definitely trying to get that done. Their efforts, from what I hear, are very legitimate.”

To that point, Tomas Hertl hasn’t even been put on the trade block yet. The Mar. 21 Trade Deadline is just two weeks away.

“They want to resign him obviously and are trying to do so,” a source told San Jose Hockey Now. “Have not heard anything else.”

“I had a couple teams tell me that they don’t see Hertl being available,” Friedman noted.

So does that mean color Tomas Hertl in teal for the next half-decade or so?

“I don’t know that I’d go that far,” Friedman said.

My source agreed: After all, what if the first-line center rejects the San Jose Sharks’ contract offers before the Trade Deadline? Wouldn’t the Sharks have to begin to entertain trade offers?

“Would think so, yeah,” he conceded.

This coming week could prove pivotal then: If Hertl decides that he wants to chase the Stanley Cup elsewhere, the Sharks need some time to consider their next step.

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Tomas will stay in teal. I hope he wants to lead this team to the Stanley Cup. The upcoming season is going to show our return to prominence. With Hertl, Logan and more than likely, Eklund down the middle, that’s something to build on. I’m liking it. I’m guessing Tomas is as well.

Go Sharks!!

david barnard

Eklund’s gonna play LW for a while.


Hertl is not playing as someone who wants to stay but rather someone who doesn’t want to get hurt. This makes for a cautious player gripping the stick harder and not being that net front strong person that he is and he’s getting slower – wasn’t fast to begin with. Maybe his knee is hurting. Who knows but you just see worrisome on his face not happiness. I believe he’s leaving. Told the team/coach he’s not staying. Something has changed. You don’t go from playing like they did before the break to how they are playing now.


If you watched the broadcast last night, Hedican and Hahn both said Tomas looks like someone who is feeling the pressure of these proceedings. I don’t think it’s a matter of him not wanting to stay, he’s said he wants to.
I get that he’s an emotional young man. This is weighing on him. It shows.


If he liked it, he probably would have signed by now. This smells like him wanting out of a dumpster fire but Doug Wilson has a one-sided love affair.


As good as Hertl is, this is the wrong place for him, at least professionally. Maybe he just loves the area and his family does, too.

But every day which passes is a day a potential bidder could drop out and the return potentially diminishes. Calgary already did, spending their capital on Toffoli.

Of course, if Hertl gets hurt, his trade value goes to zero. But hey, why not risk that, too?


If you read between the lines, I don’t think he wants to stay. I think he wants to go to a contender, but until the off-season he is signed to the Sharks. So you have this one-sided love affair where Doug Wilson is trying to re-sign him instead of focusing on getting value for him before the trade deadline.


The management is commited to staying mediocre. Why would he want to stay?


quit stealing my thoughts!!


When they say “Sharks efforts are ligitimate” does that mean they will give him a horrendous contract for a million years? 🙁


I don’t think there’s even salary cap space for them to do that. This whole thing feels completely delusional on the part of Doug Wilson and his front office.

Gary To

I truly hope he stays , and I still think he’s gonna stay.

david barnard

am i the only person who would question his aspirations if he truly plans on resigning with the Sharks? i think a lot of players with his talent, in his situation, on this team, would be asking DW to trade him to a contender at the TDL. he can still dabble in FA come summer and then, if he really wants to come back to the Sharks, he can sign with them then. i just don’t see why he’d want to. this org isn’t just 1 or 2 years away from being a legit SC contender, it’s multiple years away.… Read more »

Last edited 3 months ago by david barnard

I think he is asking for a trade, which is why there has been no deal. It’s basically Doug Wilson and his front office being delusional about keeping Hertl. I wouldn’t be surprised if Wilson screws this up and let Hertl walk away for nothing, or panic trades him for no value at the last minute before the deadline. With 20 years at the job and an absentee owner, it really seems like Doug Wilson has lost all perspective and is off the deep end.


Good lord. Doug Wilson hasn’t even been shopping Hertl on the market? This has the making of a nightmare scenario where Hertl walks away for nothing in the off-season, or Wilson panic-trades Hertl at the last minute and fails to get anything close to market value. Too many years at the job, with an absentee owner and a forgiving fanbase, it seems like Wilson has really gone too far into his own head in terms of where the team is at. It seems like he still thinks with one or two minor roster tweaks Erik Karlsson will lead this team… Read more »

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