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San Jose Hockey Now’s Pre-Season Top-10 Sharks Prospects



It’s time for our pre-season top-10 San Jose Sharks prospects rankings!

Keegan and Sheng counted down their respective top-10 lists, then talked about some honorable mentions at the end.

At No. 10, Sheng has Kasper Halttunen (2:30). Which San Jose Sharks prospect, not in Sheng’s top-10, did an NHL scout slot ahead of Halttunen? Keegan also had Halttunen at No. 10.

At No. 9, Sheng has Thomas Bordeleau (5:00). Sheng got a lot of pushback from scouts on this ranking. He likes Bordeleau’s talent a lot, but just isn’t sure if it will all come together. Keegan has Mattias Havelid (9:58) at No. 9 and explained why he’s so high on the smallish Swedish defenseman.

At No. 8, Sheng has Danil Gushchin (13:05). Keegan has Bordeleau (14:50). Keegan just isn’t sure where Bordeleau slots in an NHL line-up.

At No. 7, Sheng has Cam Lund (18:00). Why was it so tough for Lund at Northeastern this past year? Keegan also explains why he had Lund outside of his top-10. Keegan has Gushchin at No. 7. Why is Gushchin Keegan’s favorite San Jose Sharks prospect?

At No. 6, Sheng has Henry Thrun (26:10). A scout said that Thrun deserved to be in his own Sharks prospects tier, ahead of Gushchin and company. Keegan also had Thrun at No. 6. Why might Thrun not make the San Jose Sharks’ opening night?

At No. 5, both Sheng and Keegan had Quentin Musty (33:40). What should we expect from Musty this season?

At No. 4, Sheng had Filip Bystedt (39:25). One scout suggested that the San Jose Sharks’ top-four prospects, including Bystedt, is sort of their “Core Four.” Keegan also had Bystedt here and thinks he’s gotten faster this year. They also talk about how Bystedt has shot up ahead over all the 2022 Swedish first-rounders who were drafted ahead of him.

At No. 3, Sheng had Shakir Mukhamadullin (48:15). There was real debate here: One scout had Mukhamadullin ahead of William Eklund, while another had him a couple spots back. Keegan also had Mukhamadullin at No. 3. They revisit the Mukhamadullin vs. Alexander Holtz debate.

And at No. 1, both Keegan and Sheng have Will Smith (56:07). That means Eklund at No. 2.

One scout still considers Eklund a franchise-caliber talent. Keegan says that short of Andrew Agozzino, Eklund was the best Barracuda forward last year.

Are these top-five Sharks prospects the best top-five group of Sharks prospects in 20 or so years? (1:10:20)

Finally, Sheng and Keegan talk about some of the San Jose Sharks prospects who just missed their top-10 rankings, like Nikita Okhotiuk, Tristen Robins, Luca Cagnoni, Ethan Cardwell, Jake Furlong, Gannon Laroque, Artem Guryev, and Eetu Makiniemi (1:13:25). Sheng also shares what he’s heard about 2023 seventh-round pick Yegor Rimashevsky.

Finally, a lookback at San Jose Hockey Now’s top-10 Sharks prospects in Oct. 2021 (1:21:35).

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