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Does Meier Want To Stay With Sharks Long-Term? Grier Isn’t Sure Yet



Credit: San Jose Sharks

Logan Couture and Erik Karlsson appear to be on board with new San Jose Sharks GM Mike Grier’s direction.

“Logan’s really excited,” Grier reported two weeks ago, after Sharks stalwart Brent Burns was dealt to the Carolina Hurricanes. “He said he can’t wait to get going and [is] looking forward to the season. We’re happy that we have him back, leading our group.”

He added: “Erik and I talked for about 20 minutes the other day, we had a really good conversation. I think he’s motivated, he’s feeling good.

However, it wasn’t as clear if Tomas Hertl and Timo Meier were on board.

“I gotta check in with Tomas, the time difference and everything, it’s been hard to get a hold of him,” Grier said then. “Him and Timo.”

It seemed like Grier, at the time, was taking inventory of his stars, such as Burns, in part to gauge their desire to be a part of his San Jose Sharks.

Burns Is Gone — Are Couture, Karlsson, Hertl, or Meier Next?

It looks like Hertl and Meier delivered some good news to Grier.

“The overall feeling was that they’re all excited about the change and all looking forward to coming back and getting ready to work,” the new GM shared today.

That said, everybody’s undefeated in the off-season. We’ll see if the Sharks’ veteran quartet is still singing a joyful tune if the team gets off to a rough start under new head coach David Quinn.

But it appears, unlike Joe Thornton in the 2020 off-season and Burns this past off-season, that Couture, Karlsson, Hertl, and Meier will quest again to bring the San Jose Sharks back to glory.

Of course, Hertl is signed for eight more years, through 2029-30. Karlsson and Couture are signed for five more years, through 2026-27. Even if they wanted to depart, it wouldn’t be easy for the Sharks to part with them.

Timo Meier, of course, is a different story.

The 25-year-old, coming off an All-Star appearance, is an RFA after this coming season. If he repeats or improves on his 35-goal campaign, he will be in line for a Matthew Tkachuk-like extension…or possibly, a Tkachuk-like return in trade.

Last week, the Calgary Flames sent pending RFA Tkachuk in a sign-and-trade deal, along with a 2025 fourth-round pick, to the Florida Panthers – the Panthers ponied up eight years and $76 million to Tkachuk – for Jonathan Huberdeau, MacKenzie Weegar, Cole Schwindt, and a 2025 first-round pick.

Will Sharks See Tkachuk As Model for Meier Contract…or Trade?

The Sharks’ course here might be decided by Meier, who hasn’t exactly committed to staying in San Jose.

“I haven’t thought too much about [being in San Jose long-term]. I’m not a guy that looks too far ahead. Try to stay in the moment,” the star winger said in his recent exit interview. “But yeah, going to be thinking about it this summer, looking at stuff and all that, reflecting on the season.”

Meier Doesn’t Want to Talk Next Contract, Just Wants To Win

Now I don’t want to make a big deal about this. Meier, in my experience with him, isn’t the kind of player to deviate from the script much when speaking to the media. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But unlike the heart-on-his-sleeve Hertl, who said last summer and repeated many times this past year that he wanted to stay with the Sharks, it may not be as easy to tell what’s on Meier’s mind when it comes to staying in San Jose after this season.

And it seems like Grier isn’t so sure either.

“Timo is a good player,” Grier said. “We hope he wants to be here, and until I hear otherwise, I’ll assume this is the place he wants to be.”

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I’d take Weegar, Huberdeau, prospect, and 1st rounder for Timo. Hell, id throw in Ek too just to get rid of the $11.5m anchor on this team!


Yeah that’s definitely not happening lol

david barnard

i wonder if Hertl is regretting his decision to re-sign with the Sharks now? Timo’s gone if this team performs anywhere near how i expect it will.

Bob D

I don’t think he regrets the decision, he had to know he was signing with a losing team in the first place. What would he be disappointed about, having to play under a new, possibly more strict, head coach? I think very clearly Timo is gone because they’re not going to have the cap space to sign him, or even make the 10M qualifying offer, nor should they spend the money on him since they’ve already tied up so much money on so few ineffective players, why continue to make this mistake. I just hope he has a great season… Read more »

david barnard

or maybe he’s concerned about a regime change with a very different vision from that of the one he re-signed with? he re-signed in March, well before the draft and FA. well before GMMG and Quinn came on board. the org really hasn’t added much (if any) high end talent in either of those cases. i’ll be curious to see if he’s asking for a ticket out of town come next TDL. keep in mind, he’ll be 29 yoa come Nov. and he wants to win while in his prime.

Last edited 15 days ago by david barnard
Bob D

These are all true. I would love to know what vision they were pitching after 3 losing seasons? How different of a vision could it have been?

david barnard

for example, Hertl made very express comments post season of the org needing to bring in more talent. i’m not sure how specific the pitch was to him (to get him to re-sign). perhaps he expected the team to select “best available” at the draft (they didn’t)? then, he might’ve expected management to seek a high level player (or 2 if they could clear enough cap space) in FA (they didn’t). instead, they trade away Burns (not that i’m necessarily critical of that), which detracts from their scoring ability, on a team that placed among the basement dwellers in EV… Read more »

timorous me

Man, if his agent wasn’t real with him about the potential (likelihood) of this happening with the Sharks–whether Wilson or someone else was going to be at the helm–then I don’t know what to say. It feels like that would be part of the job. Maybe his agent just worried about getting the best and longest deal possible, but in my mind I assume the conversations go beyond that.

david barnard

consider as well that DWJr had the draft (somewhat) taken over by GMMG and some would say, “pushed out” of SJ. didn’t we get some confirmation that he would’ve taken Lambert with 1 of their picks? i’d say there’s some pretty good dinner table convo there to make an argument for different visions among the two regimes. it’s very speculative about Hertl on my part (at this time), which is why i’m interested in seeing how it shakes out. who knows, the Sharks could wind up being this season’s inaugural VGK team and go to the SCF and that would… Read more »

Last edited 15 days ago by david barnard
david barnard

i don’t rem who said it/floated it tbh, which is why i posed it as a question, but i do rem seeing it. the main point is that this was obviously not a Jr. draft. it had all the fingerprints of Burke (high floor/low ceiling) with some Grier on it. they went for size/some skill. there were a number of high skill types available (obviously) with the #11 pick. but once the trade was made (and i wasn’t against it as i even floated that idea myself prior to the draft), maybe Isaac Howard and Lambert were available. Lambert, by… Read more »


My expectations are high for the misfits of Silicon Valley 😂. I believe. However, it won’t matter how well they do Timo will move on to the east coast – he likes fun in the sun so maybe the Panthers if they can afford him – it won’t be anywhere cold.


I know it’s a longshot, but Erik Karlsson needs to go. But what team is going to absorb his ridiculous, astronomical contract for a player that is only with the team for say 35 games, injured the rest of the time? If Karlsson has a repeat of his past 3 seasons with the Sharks, it will show he is well past his prime, and no longer the “elite” defenseman he once was. Karlsson is a remnant of Wilson’s unique ability of choosing (not necessarily good) “finesse” players who get leveled by more physical teams. Karlsson’s new nickname should be “Fragile”… Read more »

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