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Has Timo Meier Peaked?



Erik and JD dive into why Timo Meier has not been able to build on his 2018-2019 season. We look into his statistics over the past few years, what had made him successful for the San Jose Sharks in the past, and compare him with Evander Kane. We discuss what changes Timo might need to make to transform his game (10:00), how his offense has looked under Boughner compared to DeBoer, and the key stat that can help account for the difference (17:00). We finish off by talking about Timo’s future (21:00) and what our expectations are for him going into 2021-22 (24:00).

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“Not even close” -EK65
btw, I just listened to the Ozzy interview. Great stuff, gang.

david barnard

Timo led the team in Rush Attempts/60 at 5v5 among players w/300 mins+ with a 0.84 rate. next closest was Donato at 0.79. Timo was 6th on team in Rebounds Created/60 (1.09) behind: Donato (1.93), Kane (1.71), Labanc (1.36), Burns (1.29), and Leonard (1.21). Timo led the team in iSCF/60 (10.92). he was 3rd in iHDCF/60 (4.29) w/Donato and Nieto above him. Timo was 2nd on team in ixG/60 (0.83) to Donato (0.87). Timo was 1st on team in iCF/60 (20.17). Timo was 2nd on team in Shots/60 (10.17) to Gregor (10.49). and here’s the money shot…ready? Timo was 10th… Read more »

david barnard

here’s his linemate and shot data from McCurdy.

Screenshot_2021-06-04 Meier S J 2021 Overview.png
Sheng Peng

All you say is true — but it doesn’t mean the coaching staff was wrong about Timo. And it’s not just about the shooting %. The No. 1 thing I look at with Timo is his iHDCF drop. 4.29 this year, 5.59 Per 60 from 2017-20. For a guy whose bread and butter is attacking the net, that’s too low and doesn’t jibe with the coaching staff’s desire for players to attack from below the dots. He’s a guy who should be leading the team in this regard (as he did in past years). With or without these stats, when… Read more »

david barnard

why would a player who doesn’t have a history of being a “perimeter player” all of sudden become one? i’m looking closer at his full stat line for those years and this last season. his shots/60, iCF/60, iFF/60, iSCF/60, Rush Attempts/60, Rebounds Created/60, are all relatively similar from 2017-20 to the 2020-21 season. his goals/60 are down (1.06 to 0.84). his primary assist rate is relatively the same (0.64). overall TP/60 is down (2.18 to 1.68. his SH% is down almost 2% (10.22 to 8.26). ixG/60 was 1.01 over previous 3-yr combined and 0.83 this season. you’ve already noted the… Read more »

Sheng Peng

I agree, might be too much to dismiss him as a “perimeter” player, but might be fair to say too perimeter for the Sharks’ liking. Boughner was talking about the same things in 2019-20 by the way:

On the whole, he definitely isn’t a perimeter player, but I think it’s also safe to say he’s trending more in that direction than being the net-crashing bull that they want. Question of degrees, like 60 % of his OZ decisions are perimeter when they’d rather have it at 40%

david barnard

i rem that was a good piece. so, it’s “comfortable” then. like Mick said to Rocky: “The worst thing that can happen to a fighter. You got civilized, Rock!”

david barnard

is Timo really a “complimentary player”? i don’t really see that. did he elevate the play of the likes of Gambrell and PM? No, but then again, the things Timo does to drive play isn’t going to make those players put the puck in the back of the net any better than they’re own skill allows (sorry, Patty but you’re a shell of the shooter you once were).

david barnard

TImo elevated Balcers play. he went from 2.4 xGF/60 to over 3.25 xGF/60. xGA/60 remained constant (2.25). Hertl benefited but he had a bigger impact on Timo than Timo had on him. the trio were better than a full (almost 2) goal (expected) for than against while on the ice together. they really ought to think about keeping that line together-it was the Sharks best xGF/60 unit. some other stats for that line: xGF% 65.31; SCF% 60%; HDCF% 67.11; SF% 61.96; CF% 59.45. a low SH% 6.93 led to only 50% (7-7) in GF%. it was literally a “punishment” for… Read more »

Gary To

Am I the only one not seeing this episode on apple??

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