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Subscriber Mailbag: Talking Grier, Quinn’s Job Security



“Job security” is the buzz phrase in this subscriber’s mailbag edition of the San Jose Hockey Now Podcast.

From Sheng Peng to John McCarthy to David Quinn to Mike Grier to Jonathan Becher to Hasso Plattner to the literal concept of the Sharks in San Jose, everybody’s job security is questioned.

Alaskan_ice started us off nice though, wondering if Sheng or Keegan have ever “geeked out” during an interview? (6:20)

Gary To asked if Tomas Hertl is slowing down. (13:00)

Embrace_the_rebuild asked where Sheng and Keegan would bet the San Jose Sharks would finish, over/under 34.5 Points? (17:30) Also, do the Sharks have any attractive Trade Deadline pieces?

Lizbeth DeSelm checked in on the severity of Logan Couture’s injury (26:50) and just how good is Macklin Celebrini?

Chris Boucher-Lam wondered if the end is nigh for Marc-Edouard Vlasic and if the San Jose Sharks should buy him out this summer. (34:15)

Bring Back Celebrini! asked who’s worth bringing back from this current Sharks squad and what type of UFAs should they target this summer. (38:50)

Just Steve inquired as to what the Sharks’ scouting presence in Russia is. (49:10)

Alex Genadinik wondered about Mike Grier’s job security (51:00). Also, if the Pittsburgh Penguins’ top-10 2024 first-round pick doesn’t convey, does that mean the Pens’ 2025 first-rounder is unprotected?

matthias893 asked if there are any young, affordable NHL-caliber offensive defensemen available for the Sharks? (59:00)

Anthony Morris inquired about Jonathan Becher’s job security. (1:01:45)

Zeke followed up about Quinn and McCarthy’s job security? (1:07:20)

Supreme_dream wondered how the Sharks D prospects were coming along? (1:18:40)

Teddy asked if any Barracuda prospects look ready for the NHL? (1:34:00)

Jon Swenson wondered who we thought was the best goaltender not in the NHL?

Fin Coe asked about the difference between dealing with Bob Boughner and Quinn? (1:42:10)

Amy asked if Grier and Quinn are in danger of losing their jobs right now. (1:45:30)

Jodv wondered when Sheng would get on Threads. (1:46:30)

Jamnjon asked how high would you pick a defenseman in the 2024 Draft? (1:51:00)

SummoningSalt had this gem of a question: “In 1984, Wayne Gretzky injured his shoulder. In his time gone from the team, the Oilers went into a tailspin, losing 5 straight while being outscored 33-9. This included brutal beatings of 9-2 and 11-0.

“Is it possible that Logan Couture is Wayne Gretzky and the Sharks are the 1983-1984 Edmonton Oilers?” (1:55:00)

Brownagedon requested a detailed analysis of William Eklund’s season. (1:56:20)

Kristian wondered if a perfect storm is brewing to blow the Sharks out of San Jose, indirectly questioning Sheng’s job security. (2:08:00)

Christopher MacDonald asked if the 2023-24 San Jose Sharks will get any better, or if this is it. (2:13:45)

SJShorky wondered if Hasso Plattner would sell the team. (2:18:00)

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