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Thanks Nick + Sharks’ Drunk Mailbag



Farewell, Nick!

Nick Flohr is leaving the San Jose Hockey Now Podcast because of some (good) life news. I’ll miss you, Nick!

For Nick’s last pod, we decided to have some fun – we hosted an open mailbag and kept the drinks going all night.

It was a rollicking good time! Tears were shed, beer was split, songs were sung, and of course, all your San Jose Sharks questions were answered.

But before we get to the mailbag, we take shots (1:30), then Nick plies me with his burning exit interview questions (3:30).

Here were your questions, in order:

@prairiebilbo: Who impressed you guys more between Eklund and Bordeleau during their short stints? And how are the two similar and/or different? (31:00)

@Mr_MrsPL8M8KER: Do you believe the San Jose Sharks will use Bordeleau, Leonard, Weatherby, and Gregor next year? If yes, what line will they play? I believe these guys take up the third and fourth lines. (42:30)

@AggrShark: Really happy with goaltending. Three starters in goal. Just curious on Reimer, I don’t see him being with the Sharks after his contract ends. (53:00)

@carter3dsp: How do you think the goalie situation plays out?

@DevinClark1: What are three major things the San Jose Sharks need to do to realistically fight for playoffs next year?

@S_to_the_Pon: Will Vegas fire Deboer? I still feel they fired Gallant for less.

@SnipeCity420: What is Sheng’s drink of choice? (1:09:30)

Will the SJHN podcast continue without fan favorite Nick Flohr?

Why am I your least favorite Twitter account?

What are three realistic moves the team can make to be taken seriously next season?

Who are your personal favorite candidates for GM?

@radioheadliner: Do you see Brandon Coe making any impact on the Sharks/Cuda next year? Do you think Alex Tuch (big body, good skater with scoring touch) would be a good comparison for him, albeit in a dream scenario? (1:26:30)

@hohosaregood: Any thoughts on the incongruence in the reporting that the GM will have full control of hockey operations and the various restrictions that seem to be in place by the search committee?

@D_Smizzman: #DrunkSheng needs to happen! More of a thought, than a question: I think Burns to Dallas makes sense. A ton of sense. Klingberg is gone and they need some help in the backend. I think Burns would waive [his trade clause] too as he has roots there. What say you? (1:40:00)

@kongo_kamel: Realistic top-six forward signing/trade this summer? (Fiala/Laine/Forsberg etc.)

@Xenothian: Who do you think will be the next surprise player on next season’s opening night roster? (1:50:50)

@FinCoe: What’s the best use of Bonino? Trade for a low or mid-pick, keep as 4C, keep as bottom-six winger?

@AlDaugereaux: What are the odds that Brent Burns gets traded? Odds of Vlasic buyout?

@boughbobner: Hindsight is 20/20. Going back to the 2008-09 season, what are three things you would do differently throughout the last 10-plus years? Not counting the EK9 extension, because that feels too obvious. Happy trails, friends! (2:03:50)

@greglehming: Assuming the San Jose Sharks don’t move up in the Draft lottery, do you see them trying to trade up in the Draft to get a higher pick?

@BayAreaSportsF: What do you expect Mario Ferraro’s next contract to look like? He’s an RFA and I have seen $4-5M per year bandied about and that seems high. Love the dude but I thought he had a very underwhelming season. (2:17:00)

Did Erik Karlsson quit the last two weeks of the season? It seems by his end-of-season comments that he wasn’t injured, but basically not wanting to risk an injury. Most likely so he could play for Sweden. Does seem like something that would [not] be well-received in the locker room.

@aj_strong: I want three takes from Sheng on how awesome Nick is. (2:23:30)

@C_Dyczkowsky: Here’s an easy one. What was @NickFlohr_’s favorite episode? And you can’t say all of them because I feel like you are the type to say that. (2:29:45)

@SharksJosh95: What makes #SJSharks Twitter unique? (2:44:50)

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