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Sheng’s Daily: deMause Calls Sharks’ Complaints About Re-Development Just “Saber-Rattling”



Credit: (Richard Masoner/Cyclelicious) (CC BY-SA 2.0)

“You don’t want Evander Kane having to fight Ryan Reaves just so your team doesn’t get bullied.”

Kurtis Gabriel shares what made his pre-2013 Draft interview with the San Jose Sharks so memorable, if he’s worried about the long-term effects of concussions, how he approaches teammates with far different social and political beliefs than his, and why players shouldn’t be afraid to speak their minds about such issues.

He also throws in a sweet “Pacific Rim” reference!

Kurtis Gabriel: “You don’t want Evander Kane having to fight Ryan Reaves.”

The Locked on Sharks guys offer solutions to the Sharks-San Jose-Google stalemate:

Solutions for Sharks, Google, City of San Jose?

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In other San Jose Sharks news…

Neil deMause, co-author of Field of Schemes, says Sharks’ complaints about Google and the city of San Jose’s re-development is just “saber-rattling.” (Field of Schemes)

Will Scouching offers high praise of the San Jose Sharks’ 2020 Draft. (Scouching)

Hey, Devan Dubnyk and Ryan Donato revenge games are on the way!

San Jose Sharks prospects Scott Reedy and Thomas Bordeleau have banner nights:

Around the NHL…

Former NHL off-ice official alleges that the league fired him for being a whistle-blower on racism in Tampa Bay. (TSN)

Players feel angry, betrayed by NHL’s new CBA amendment proposals. (Sportsnet)

Allan Walsh doesn’t think the season will start on January 1st. (Sportsnet)

Boston Bruins Owner Jeremy Jacobs Still Being Hit Hard By Pandemic

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Report: Avs Would Temporarily Move to New NHL “West” Division for 2020-21 season

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