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REPORT: Vlasic Doesn’t Think He’ll Be Bought Out



Credit: AP Photo/Josie Lepe

MONTREAL – Marc-Edouard Vlasic has been an off-season buyout candidate, but the San Jose Sharks defenseman believes that he’s coming back to San Jose.

Montreal native Vlasic, who’s sat with the Sharks’ table throughout the 2022 Draft, shared his thoughts on the topic to Corey Masisak of The Athletic today.

“There’s been plenty of speculation about a potential buyout with Marc-Edouard Vlasic’s contract. He told me earlier today that it doesn’t look like there will be one, and he’s excited for a fresh start with a new GM (who he played with for three years) and a new coaching staff,” Masisak tweeted.

The off-season buyout period opened on Jul. 1 and ends on Jul. 12.

New San Jose Sharks GM Mike Grier had no comment about a potential Vlasic buyout at his introductory press conference on Tuesday.

Give Grier a Chance: First Thoughts on New Sharks GM

Joe Will, when he was interim GM of the Sharks before Grier’s ascension, had suggested that a buyout was unlikely.

“It’s useful in a few situations, not in everything. There’s usually better solutions,” Will said on Jul. 1. “I’m very excited that he’s a member of this club and look forward to moving forward with Marc-Edouard.”

Will on Firing Boughner, New GM, Kane, Buying Out Vlasic (+)

Strictly from a PR perspective, it would be strange to buy out a player after inviting him to sit with you throughout the Draft.

Grier again declined comment on Vlasic’s status after the Draft today: “He’s focused. Excited for the season and ready to work.

“As far as that goes, he’s a Shark, and we’re happy.”

Vlasic, 35, has four seasons left on an eight-year, $56 million dollar contract that was signed in Jul. 2017.

At his height, Vlasic was considered arguably the world’s best defensive defenseman and was member of Canada’s 2014 Olympic gold medal team. In the last two years, however, ex-San Jose Sharks head coach Bob Boughner had dropped him to the team’s bottom pairing: This past year, Vlasic averaged 15:13 a night, a far cry from the 21:03 a night that he averaged in 2018-19.

Hopefully, Vlasic can turn that around with Grier’s new head coach. It looks like the proud veteran will get the chance.

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I never for one moment thought he’d be bought out.


Reading between the lines of the more recent statements(taking a step back before moving forward). While I have no faith Vlasic will improve at all, I don’t hate waiting to buy him out later, focusing on developing young guys and drafting for a couple years and then buy out if necessary/ or can use the cap space wisely. That way he isn’t haunting us for 8 more years too.


So then winning next year is not the primary goal… which is fine

david barnard

for what they did with their 1st round pick, i now wish they’d have put it to better use moving Vlasic.


I wish someone would buy out Hasso, the hands-off owner. Sorry to say it, but this team is going nowhere until its purchased by someone who can truly captain an NHL ship. It’s mind-boggling…hiring Greer with no reasonable time to put a plan of action in place prior to the draft. What we have is a Doug Wilson ghost ship, still heading deeper into the sea of icebergs. Hasso the “person” may be good, but that doesn’t help the Stanley Cup outlook for the Sharks.


Hasso doesn’t seem to know how to recognize when or how to clean house. SJ still has Tim Burke, who’s been in charge of drafting since the inception of the franchise. And Doug Wilson is still there by way of his son. Hasso doesn’t seem to trust himself to evaluate who he should surround himself with in key front office and strategic positions. One has to wonder how much Grier will be empowered to execute his vision. Hasso’s first mistake years ago was letting Doug Wilson convince him that he absolutely knew what he was doing. Hasso followed along at… Read more »

Drew Johnson

Burke has not been in charge of the draft in 5 years. DWjr has been running the draft since either the Norris or Merkley year. This comment is just wholly false and off base while also having ZERO clue on the role that an owner plays in a pro sports franchise. Just egregiously poor take all around.


Just look to the Golden State Warriors as to what a change of ownership can do. The owner plays a major role in a sports franchise DREW!!!


Man Drew you ticked me off so I’m gonna reply to myself for emphasis. The owner is everything in a sports franchise!!!!! i’d make every new Sharks employee read Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Emperor‘s New Clothes”. If you can’t see it you’re blind


so dramatic are you. it’s such an egregiously poor take, isn’t it. Ok, in title DW Jr has been in charge of the draft but what exactly is the extent of Burke’s say so. Let’s hear you attempt a feeble explanation as to what you think the limits of Burke’s pull is with the draft for an organization where he’s been entrenched in scouting for well over 30 years? Let’s hear it. You can go all dramatic over me making an error on who the official director of player personnel is then you can come up with the salient points… Read more »

david barnard

in other news, Bob Boughner lands an AC job with the Red Wings to coach their defense/PK. veteran NHL coach to help out rookie HC Lalonde.

Bob D

I had hope but it is clear from the start that nothing is changing, and maybe getting worse. I know he’s only been here a couple days, but this possibly is the worst draft day in team history, and the trade was even worse. If this is a new direction, a new way of thinking, it is even more hopeless than it already was. EJ Hradek said ownership was ‘delusional’, but anybody who thinks this new administration is going to be successful is ‘brain dead’. Give it time? If it’s anything like yesterday’s draft selections or decisions, you have all… Read more »

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