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Don’t Disregard Anna Kane + Knyzhov Injury Update



There’s no good, but plenty of bad and ugly with the ongoing Evander Kane drama.

Nick Flohr and I, best we can, dive into the personal side of the Evander Kane-Anna Kane divorce, including why it’s important to not automatically write off Anna’s claims (4:45).

Next, we discuss the challenges of a trading Kane. There’s been talk of a three-team trade, what would the mechanics of that be? We look to a trade involving a former San Jose Sharks goalie as a model (14:39).

Speaking of somebody who hasn’t been around the Sharks, what’s going on with Nikolai Knyzhov? I have a positive injury update, straight from Bob Boughner (38:09).

Nick and I then eat some Jake Middleton-sized crow — that’s a lot of crow, by the way. We give Middleton the props that he deserves for establishing himself in the NHL and complementing Erik Karlsson’s skillset with his own (41:20).

Finally, we talk about the San Jose Sharks’ team defense and how that could be the backbone of a playoff push (46:45).

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