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Notes #32: Response Game by Sharks, Hertl Wins It in OT



The San Jose Sharks welcomed Martin Jones and the Philadelphia Flyers into SAP Center. Jones, however, doesn’t draw the start after beating the Kraken last night. Tomas Hertl won it in OT — Brent Burns and Logan Couture scored too.

Period One

Two in: Gregor with a couple good small passes in tight to advance puck. Detail plays, like it.

Three in: Did Pederson not see Karlsson alone in high slot? Guess so. Karlsson bangs his stick after Pederson rims it, perhaps in frustration.

Four in: Karlsson has been out here forever, but it ends up being a good decision, he’s in perfect position to stick away centering pass in front of Reimer.

Five in: Gregor popping so far. Fantastic work to force pressure on Giroux, force Giroux into penalty.

Great shift from Barabanov right after PP. Vision, possession, engagement.

Disappointing second power play: San Jose Sharks have played a good period, feels like you need something to show for it. Nice behind the back Pederson pass to Gregor.

Whoa. Six left, Burns reaches up high and misses when Ristolainen has gotten behind him and Simek on three-on-two. Reimer with a big situational save.

Frost goal: Barabanov bites too hard on the forecheck, Frost simply beats him up the ice for an easy one, another Flyers’ three-on-two. Irresponsible play there by Barabanov, I think. And that’s how a good period gets undone, one bad decision.

Three left: Another obvious Cogliano pass that he seemingly flubs with zero pressure on him. Unlucky period for him.

One left: Konecny just wants it more than Barabanov on the wall there. Barabanov has full possession but puts up zero resistance as Konecny swoops in. Very unimpressive back-to-back shifts from Barabanov.

Period Two

Five in: Good effort by Gregor to stick with Farabee, but negated by a late Meloche interference. Meloche doesn’t like it, but I agree with the refs here.

Couture goal: Off SH draw, Burns gets in front of van Riemsdyk. Cogliano clear gets a fortunate bounce, Couture up ice able to stick it past Yandle. Really nonchalant defense by Yandle there in my opinion. Following shift, Cogliano forechecks Yandle into a turnover. More nonchalant work from Yandle.

Nine left: Bonino tracks back on Yandle for the pickpocket. I know Yandle is an easy target…but wow.

Seven left: Very active fourth line and Karlsson shift. Pederson isn’t perfect, but honestly, he’s made a good account for himself over the last two games.

Four left: Love Middleton, but another pass clanks off his stick. Pass receiving is an underrated quality and probably part of the reason why he’s had trouble establishing himself in NHL.

Three left. Pederson just flies through Seeler for the puck in the corner. Coaches will love that. Then Middleton gets in way of centering pass, that’s why he’s here, solid positioning.

Period Three

Two in: Barabanov gets robbed by Sandstrom. Credit to the Flyers rookie, showing well in his NHL debut.

Three in: Simek chops down a tree, taking down big man Hayes. That’s an open-ice hit right there, punishing.

Four in: Good stick by Dahlen to close point. Deflect it. Earnest effort everywhere from Sharks tonight.

Six in: Good work by Simek to be patient on breakout, skate it by a couple Flyers with no panic for easy exit.

Seven in: Like the turn of the head by Gregor to pick up late man Sanheim flying down the neutral zone. Details.

Then Meier with the shot block. But he takes a hooking penalty — that I don’t really see. Hedican says it’s obvious though. Okay. Then an obvious Burns trip. Uh oh.

Great Couture effort on this five-on-three so far.

That’s tough: Meier NZ turnover, Farabee comes back, think Reimer will want that back a little. Details — it’s Meier, but situationally, get it deep.


Nieto to start OT with Couture instead of Meier — that’s a message.

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