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Sharks Embarrassed Again 10-2 in Karlsson’s Return, Tie NHL Record for Most Losses to Start Season



Credit: Hockey Shots/Dean Tait

The San Jose Sharks welcome Erik Karlsson and the Pittsburgh Penguins into SAP Center.

Anthony Duclair and Jacob MacDonald scored, but the Sharks got crushed again 10-2, tying the NHL record for most losses to start a season.

Period 1

Not the way to start, Duclair takes a couple shots at Karlsson, penalty.

Smith goal: San Jose Sharks have a decent kill to start, but maybe some traffic, long Smith shot finds a corner. Karlsson primary assist.

3 in: Not to zero in on one guy, but that’s it, right? Hertl makes a good play to advance puck up, rush chance. Ambitious Hoffman pass misses. No problem with that. Sharks get it back. Then Okhotiuk and Duclair can’t connect on a pretty basic-looking pass. Turnover. Could be the pass, could be the receiver, could be both.

5 in: Carpenter set up as Sharks string together, gasp, a couple passes. It’s a start.

6 in: Sharks are really trying to play with more bravado and pace, trying to make plays. Knyzhov, Hoffman among the guys out there for that OZ shift.

8 in: Good, active Zadina shift. Sharks actually look like they have jump. Question is if it’s empty bravado or if they can put some shots and goals behind their attempts to play with more pace. But honestly, down a goal or not, they have fight so far.

10 left: Eklund has a chance to make more of a play in DZ instead of a weak lead pass that’s easily intercepted. He might get that in his video review tomorrow. Feel like though he started flat-footed, he had a little more of a chance to do something there. Nothing spectacular, mind you, just not a turnover.

Smith goal: Of course, just seconds ago, Sharks had their best chance of the game on Hoffman rush. For once, San Jose’s top line is actually doing something of consequence. But then, maybe a slow change, Smith left alone. It’s a test for the Sharks. Play like it’s 0-0 all the time.

6 left: Eklund attacks the net, like. Good read by MacDonald to go down slot. Sharks need to find a way to just play, don’t worry about the score, just play. They are playing better. Keep doing it, results will follow.

5 left: That’s not a great Hoffman pass on the rush. Backhand, turnover with guys not above puck (unlike the earlier attempt to Duclair).

4 left: Eklund draws a penalty though, he’s had jump.

Burroughs-Eklund-Duclair-Hertl-Granlund on PP1, followed by MacDonald-Zadina-Hoffman-Kunin-Zetterlund. I honestly might’ve called a timeout after Duclair drew penalty, give top unit as much rest as possible, Sharks need a goal so bad.

1 left: Hoffman and Zetterlund obviously overpass, but you know, I’d rather Sharks try to make plays, try to get their confidence up at this stage.

Period 2

Guentzel goal: Smith slow to tie up the stick. That’s a one-on-one. Will the sag hit the San Jose Sharks’ shoulders soon?

3 in: Dueling stretch passes between Burroughs and Karlsson…and Burroughs actually wins.

Hinostroza goal: Just off Granlund and in? Quinn calls a timeout, trying to get more. Remenda, between the benches, says Quinn is telling them to stop giving gifts and “don’t get distracted”.

5 in: Bad Eklund turnover along wall. There, must be better. Live to fight another day situation, can’t always make a play.

Then uncharacteristic Sturm turnover, he tries a diagonal backhand pass across the red line to Zadina.

6 in: Duclair has had some purpose tonight. Takes it to the net, pounding away, he’s taken out, you need more of that.

Duclair goal: He’s been legit good tonight. Crowd loves it, Sharks needed this. Play by play, shift by shift, then game by game, that’s all they can do to start to get out of this spiral. MacDonald has replaced Burroughs on PP1.

You see the vet-youngster difference there, Eklund celebrates like it’s an OT goal, Duclair has nothing. But there though, the Sharks need that so bad. Neither guy was wrong there.

Malkin goal: What in the world? Bad breakdown, Sturm just falls. He had Malkin marked, I thought? Nice Smith pass.

Letang goal: Okhotiuk tries to cover for Rutta. Rutta pinches when maybe he shouldn’t, too risky, all the forwards were behind the play, no one could be above the puck. Both d-men miss their pinches, Pens get an essentially 2-on-0 goal, awful. A young mistake from Okhotiuk, just absorb the rush, better than what results.

Blackwood pulled, Hertl trying to lead, he leaves faceoff circle to pat him in the pads. Chrona making his NHL debut.

MacDonald playing first-line wing over Hoffman?

Nieto goal: Bad Ferraro pinch. Doing too much once again.

6 left: Kunin just ran into Burroughs on power play breakout. Both not looking. Your 2023-24 San Jose Sharks.

Period 3

Looks like MacDonald first-line experiment short-lived.

MacDonald goal: Jacob can wire it. He may end up being the San Jose Sharks’ PP1 quarterback by default, he’s at least got the AHL stats to back it up, which no one else does.



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