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Ferraro Exits with Injury, Bruins Suffocate Sharks 3-1



The San Jose Sharks welcome the Boston Bruins to SAP Center tonight. It was a near-sellout, but the Sharks couldn’t muster up enough offense in a 3-1 loss to the Bruins. Timo Meier scored the lone San Jose goal.

Period One

Bruins have three shots in two minutes, but a double-minor to Haula gives the San Jose Sharks PP a chance to establish the home team.

This power play has been way to casual: Missed connections from Meier, Burns. Got a minute left to make hay. Nope: Merkley gets swallowed up by Marchand, the quarterback doesn’t read Bruins aggressive forecheck there, easy pickings. Then Dahlen makes a nice backhand pass to Gregor, from wall to slot, but the puck is poked away from Gregor. Gregor did not have an impressive PP by any stretch.

Six in: Hall right on Vlasic trying to break out. Sharks thinking, playing slow right now. But a nice Dzinel to Gregor to Dzingel to Burns exchange happens, shot was high. Need more of that.

Eight in: Middleton and Bonino protect the slot well.

Nine left: Good hold by Nieto in DZ, for a second, it looked like he should be safe and flip it out (turnover), but he manages to work it back to Simek who finds Bonino then Merkley for a clean exit.

Seven left: Middleton may have got away with interference on Reilly.

Marchand goal: Dahlen loses it high in zone, then Merkley pinches. That’s a bad read — he loses basically a one-on-two pinch, DeBrusk is behind him, DeBrusk to Marchand. Merkley can’t make up DeBrusk speed. If Merkley is going to pinch, which Sharks do want, he has to be sure.

Much better power play: Couture one-timer off post, then Merkley-Bonino-Dzingel-Dahlen-Gregor crash. But no dice.

Period Two

Looks like Gregor in place of Cogliano on PK.

Five in: Bad pass from Burns of Hertl, icing. Burns looks to the sky, he knows. Small imprecisions like this can cost you.

Gregor on McAvoy one on one, like to see Gregor keep it alive in zone until help arrives. More useful than a long shot or trying to deke a top defenseman like McAvoy. Just my read.

Seven in: Good steal by Gadjovich up high on DZ, but doesn’t have feet to get ahead. You’d like a little more speed on that line for balance.

Eight in: Meier misses Barabanov on exit pass. Honestly have not liked his game as much today. Doing too much. Granted, San Jose Sharks are getting outshot 17-7 right now.

Great steal by Bonino, pickpockets Reilly breaking out, the center finds Dahlen walking down — but Reilly blocks it. One extra move by Dahlen would’ve been fantastic.

That was a cheap little play by Hall. Meier one-timer goal on PP.

Six left: Gregor does a nice job of holding the puck there and waiting for the cavalry.

Five left: Couture, under fire, does a nice job to get puck out on PK.

Minute left: That’s an example of where you want a better play from Vlasic. Puck on his stick, there’s some pressure but not much, but his feet can’t evade it and he just gives it away in attempted clear/pass to Bonino. It was deflected too, I’ll give him that. But Vlasic’s feet, again.

Period Three

Ferraro Leaves Game with Apparent Ankle Injury

Six in: In other news, the San Jose Sharks have been outshot 35-10. Still a one-goal game though, Reimer has stood tall.

Ten in: Hertl line has rare sustained possession of puck in Bruins zone, but nobody’s home when Meier looks for point. Puck sails out unforced. That kind of night for San Jose Sharks offense.

Eight left: Gregor one-timer at the doorstep — it’s going to happen one day. Nice set-up by Couture.

Seven left: Beauty pass by Merkley to Hertl.

Six left: Burns saves Middleton after Jake gambled and got behind on Bruins counterattack, that could’ve been a killer.

Four left: Oh my. Merkley drags DeBrusk, opens up slot, Swayman looks behind him. In crash, Merkley digs it out for Swayman, Hertl one-timer but Swayman glove. Hertl and Merkley look to the sky. Meier — you don’t need to be able to read lips — curses.

Following shift though, Merkley NZ turnover.

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