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Notes #4: Sharks Edge Leafs 5-3, 4-0 1st Time Since 15-16



Period One

TORONTO — The San Jose Sharks are off to a slow start, missing the short passes. Two in though, Weatherby comes up with a nice shift, four positive puck touches. Nothing big, but keeping the chains moving forward.

Four in: Sharks are defending hard, but they’re doing too much defending. Naturally, Weatherby with the first shot. Not dangerous, but territory first.

Five in: Dangerous Karlsson giveaway. Early signs this year, despite production, is someone who still needs to adapt game, manage risk way better.

Naturally, all this leads to Couture taking a penalty trying to slow rush.

Cogliano, once again, showing burst and hunger for puck defensively on PK.

Nine left: Another big save by Hill on 3-on-2. Right now, Leafs look faster, fresher, you name it. They’re just skating circles around San Jose Sharks.

Seven left: Nieto skates it out, but Labanc perimeter shot. Sharks not getting inside on chances they’re getting.

First Sharks PP: They’re getting decent volume on shots. Improbably up on with shots now. One observation, Eklund has puck along wall, time and space in theory for him to shine, but Leafs sent two killers around him. That’s more pressure than I’ve seen him face, he coughs it up.

Period Two

The San Jose Sharks still don’t look quite there to start second: One in, Middleton gets a big stick on breakaway pass to Nylander.

Couture goal: Fantastic job by Couture to establish position, Vlasic to attack.

Spezza goal: Just a fire drill. Maybe best chance to clear was Pederson early.

Five left: Fantastic Karlsson pass to Pederson, hand cuffs the winger it looks like. Or Leaf backchecker gets it last second.

Meier goal: Bad angle shot, but some times good to chance up. Ritchie clearly thought Meier was going high.

Six in: Got to give Dahlen credit, he looks dwarfed, but he’s getting stick free for chances. Another great shift for top line.

Kase goal: Tough for Hertl, trying to make play high, gets blocked, Hertl out of gas. Good block by Kase.

Karlsson cranked it, wow — good keep-in by Middleton. Game keeps opening up, I think Sharks want to slow it.

Six left: Good defensive stick coming back into zone by Balcers.

Five left: Ferraro, crowded by Tavares, you want better from him instead of turnover.

Three left: Fourth line hemmed in again.

Period Three

Can the San Jose Sharks play a shutdown third? Hard to see it against this high-powered Leafs attack.

Wow, Dahlen again. He’s quieting some critics, including myself. Twice on that shift, just able to get a shot off.

Next shift, good job by Nieto to help Burns and Ferraro down low.

Three in: Hill knows just where Engvall one-timer coming from. Looks dangerous, but good positioning.

Eight in: Good PK battle, Cogliano versus Rielly.

Sharks going back to drop on PP entry. Another big save by Hill off Marner after Karlsson turnover.

The Leafs keep coming: These last six minutes after Tavares goal are going to be hairy.

Oh man, Karlsson would’ve liked to have iced Leafs with that goal. Big stop by Hutchinson with two left.


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