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‘Probably’ Pavelski’s Last Game? Oilers Beat Stars, Going to Final



Credit: Dallas Stars

An ex-San Jose Sharks star is going to the Stanley Cup Final, but it’s not Joe Pavelski.

Instead, Evander Kane and the Edmonton Oilers are moving on, edging the Dallas Stars 2-1 in Game Six.

Kane appeared to get hurt early in the game and didn’t play in the third period.

He will have almost a week to get better, however, as Game One of the Final versus the Florida Panthers is on Jun. 8.

Meanwhile, there’s a lot of talk that this was Pavelski’s last NHL game.

“I think it probably will be [his last game], but I don’t want it to be,” Elliotte Friedman said on NHL Network. “I think the guy is a Hall of Famer.”

Pavelski, 39, struggled in this post-season, scoring one goal and three assists in 19 games.

It’s been a remarkable career otherwise. Selected in the seventh round of the 2003 Draft by the San Jose Sharks, Pavelski has scored 476 goals and 1,068 points, both highs for his draft class. He scored 355 of those goals and 761 of those points with the Sharks, before signing with the Stars in 2019.

On top of that, he scored 74 goals and 143 points in 201 playoff games.

If Pavelski does hang up the skates, unfortunately, he will retire as the NHL record holder in post-season games played without a Stanley Cup. Ex-San Jose Sharks Patrick Marleau (195) and Joe Thornton (187) are right behind Pavelski.

He played in the 2016 and 2020 Finals, and the 2010, 2011, 2019, 2023, and 2024 Western Conference Finals.


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Greatest captain the Sharks every had. Hope he comes back to the organization in some capacity.


I’ve always hoped to see him finish his career in San Jose, and who knows, maybe there is a fit there if Dallas decides they need to go another direction to take that next step. I was living in Massachusetts when Pavelski turned pro, and at Thanksgiving that year I didn’t have enough money to go home for the holiday. I spent the week with a friend’s family just outside of Worcester instead, and we all went to what would be Pavelski’s last home game in the AHL. He was dominant. A couple nights later, we were watching his NHL… Read more »


To be real he’s always been an elite complimentary player, almost never an actual play driver. He’s been lucky to play with many great play drivers. Jumbo was one of the best ever and he’s been playing with great young play drivers in Dallas.


Give me a fucking break, dude.


Joe Pavelski was a core player for the San Jose Sharks. He spent TONS of time away from Marleau and Thornton. In 2010-11, the first time he surpassed 60 points in a season, he did it centering the third line. He was playing with Kyle fucking Wellwood at even strength. I’m surprised you don’t remember that. Aren’t you the one with the flawless memory who read all of the scouting reports in 1997 and remembers them like it was yesterday? Aren’t you that guy who has been a fan since season two? It seems you’ve also forgotten all those years… Read more »


One more year, Joe.


If he can find a spot with a playoff team (Dallas or otherwise), then great! I’ll always cheer for him. If not I hope he and the Sharks at least talk about him coming back for a season. There probably isn’t a player in the league that could set a better example for our young guys than Joe Pavelski. I would totally understand if he would rather just hang up his skates, but maybe a chance to get the new Sharks off the ground (and a big bag of money) could entice him for a last hurrah in SJ. If… Read more »


it takes a lot for me to cheer for anything dallas … but I’m cheering for Pavs

Douglas Fowler

Nostalgia aside, pavs is not our man. It’s a new time in San Jose, he provides leadership and example but no size. The team will have jumbo and Patty around for the leadership stuff. Any veterans we bring in should be in early 30s and have size to protect the young pups


The last guy to underrate Joe Pavelski’s value lost the job he’d had for 19 years.


Except that guy drafted him and made him captain. Pavs was never underrated by DW. DW got sick and stepped away. he would still have the job if he didn’t get sick.


It was DW who made the decision to let Pavelski walk so that he could pay Karlsson and Kane. That’s what I’m referring to. The Sharks haven’t made the playoffs since, and Doug isn’t the GM anymore. He’s healthy now. Does he have a job with the Sharks?

By the way, GMs don’t name captains. That’s something you would know if you actually knew anything about how pro hockey works.

Last edited 9 days ago by Joseph

Somewhat correct.

Pavs made the decision. DW did make an offer to him, but Pavs chose to go to Dallas who offered more.


On the list of most admired, he’s deservedly at the top. If this is it for him, then its been quite the ride for Kid Wisconsin. One of the greats in so many ways. But if there’s more … Sharks are having trouble hitting the cap floor. Sign the guy, let him play in teal until the trade deadline and we trade him to wherever he thinks he can nab a Cup. And oh yeah, it’d sure be good to see him join the 500 goal club. That’d probably nail down his Hall pass. Wishing him well in whatever comes… Read more »


Seems like a good plan, would love to see him in teal one last time.


The thing with Pavs is that he’s laid down some pretty good roots here in Texas. If Dallas offers him another 1-yr deal, no-brainer he stays in Dallas. There is no reason why Dallas would not offer him one, they have cap space, no big RFA deals to make & roster space. The chance of Pavs leaving Dallas are very low if Dallas wants him back, which they should. On the flip side, if Dallas chooses to move on from Pavs, absolutely the Sharks should reach out & inquire about his services, another no-brainer. Out of all the players available… Read more »


Probably true, but we can dream.


Pavs has a had a fantastic second act. 121 goals, 307 points and +93 in 5 seasons (including covid-shortened season) in dallas — starting at age 35!! Also, 8 playoff series wins.

Not many players are that effective, that late in their careers.

If he does make it to the HoF, and I think he’s probably on the bubble, the seasons he had in dallas will have played a major role.


He’s still under contract for 24-25.


Sorry, not sure where you see that at. He is an UFA

Ricky W

I watched that series and it was pretty evident that the oozing hockey sense and big time clutch sniping ability wasn’t enough to overcome his glaring lack of foot speed. He was always slow but this series really showed showed it, what a great sharks and all time American hopefully he had an injury and that’s what was slowing him down to that extent.

mary ann

Captain come home!!! :'( (back to San Jose!)

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