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BREAKING: Chernyshov’s Agent Doesn’t Rule Out Jump to North America



Credit: Dean Tait/Hockey Shots

Is Igor Chernyshov coming to North America?

Agent Dan Milstein did not rule it out, telling San Jose Hockey Now via text: “We will discuss his future in the coming weeks. Nothing imminent and there are many moving parts.”

The San Jose Sharks selected Chernyshov with the 33rd-overall pick in the 2024 Draft.

The 6-foot-3 Russian winger is considered an offensive force, an outstanding value pick. “High skill. High sense. When he wants to get after it and compete, he is a monster physically, very hard to contain,” an NHL scout said of the first-round talent.

If Chernyshov does make the jump from the KHL’s Dynamo Moscow, it could be for the OHL’s Saginaw Spirit, which made him the 56th pick of today’s CHL Import Draft on Wednesday. He could follow a similar path to Kasper Halttunen last year, who left Finland for his entry-level contract with the San Jose Sharks and the OHL’s London Knights.

Chernyshov is also eligible to play in AHL with the San Jose Barracuda or in the NHL with the San Jose Sharks, even though the latter option is unlikely.

Mikhail Zislis of Sport Express was the first to report.

Special thanks to Hockey News Hub, the first to report this news in English, and who says Zislis first broke this news on Russian social media network Telegram.

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Halts’ dev path is very flexible for the Sharks so not surprised they do it for Chernysov. Also gets the kid out of russia faster, that’s always a good thing.


I don’t understand why Chernyshov Is not getting more love from Shark fans. He’s our third first-rounder, and many Scouts had him in the top 25. Here’s a good amount of info from one source.


the 8 lists I tracked had him 13 as the highest and 21 the lowest. McKenzie’s compilation list of 10 scouts had him 21 as well.


Everything this year was a massive gift from the Hockey Gods. I’m so excited to see them all. And Chernyshov wanting to be here so badly. A year in the OHL, a year with the Barracuda, and then making it on the Sharks. We want the Cup! LOL

Arch Mickel

I am and was a big fan of this get! I think heard his name in some of Dev camp clips, maybe. Know he is on the list, but the focus has been Macklin. Certainly other interviews but Igor needed an interpreter at draft for his presser. I am sure they have some around, certainly they have guys that could translate. But maybe it is an he is going to Russia to play, focus is Mack and Smith, a d the language Barrier. This was a steal in my opinion! He is a force and hope he comes to NA… Read more »


A comment on what’s happened overall. The 2 major FA signings make sense. Overpay? Perhaps, but cap space isn’t an issue. Neither has too long a term, which is the right call. In the case of Toffoli, it’ll be nice to have a finisher. Last season, too many good scoring chances ended with a puck that went high or wide, often both. I forget which game it was, but Colin Graf might have had a 4 point night if the guys around him could finish. I want Celebrini and Smith setting up scoring chances which turn into goals. Toffoli can… Read more »

Bob D

Man you are too spot on with that “too many cooks” comment. I don’t think having all the ex players around all the time is the best idea. Maybe it’s just for the prospect camp, but it does need to RW’s staff ultimately alone

D Morgan

I think Couture is done. I hope the coach gives his C to someone on the ice playing this year. It was embarrassing having the Captain never there


I think the ex-players are around for developing skills. They are a great resource for the prospects to learn skills. Head & Assistant Coaches are more there for systems. A Head or Assistant Coach tells them where to be and what they’re supposed to do, development coaches give the players tips & pointers on the little details of stick positioning, angles, how to stay above the puck. If a player is taking system direction from a development coach that differs from the head coach he’s shooting himself in the foot & he would know that. A head coach may not… Read more »

Arch Mickel

THIS! Sure the too many cooks can be a thing… but this is not RW show right now! He is a interested observer. It is build excitement, have some fun, get to know the kids and some targeted skills. You are giving connection to Patty and Jumbo for these kids. These are absolute studs, high picks and good Professionals. The head coach does not have time to hold everybody hand. These guys, and Ricci included for the dev staff can give tips and tricks, but you want connections so when/if there is a feeling of pressure/microscope say for smith or… Read more »

Fin Coe

Saw a clip where Kiviharju, moments after being drafted, shakes hands with the Minny staff, then pulls Guerin in close to say “You just got the biggest steal of the draft, I can promise you that.”
That takes balls, and if he can back that confidence up, he’ll be something alright.

michael knepper

Hello Zeke! Well said! I agree with most everything you have stated. I would, however, err on the side of the Sharks scouts and GMMG when it comes to taking the goalie. They stated he was the top goalie on their board (the only board they follow) and it is clearly a need. I would have drafted the defenseman myself as well, but I will lean towards GMMG and the scouting staff as they know why more than either of us do. Also, after the last two drafts and assorted moves they have made I think they have earned a… Read more »


I don’t follow prospects, so I have no idea about any of these players. But I do pay attention to consensus (wisdom of crowds) and listen to experts. So I tracked 8 credible prospect lists. 2 lists only did rd 1 and Kiviharju wasn’t on either. The 6 others, though, had him ranked at 17, 34, 34, 50, 52 and 60. McKenzie’s list, a compilation of 10 scouts, had him at 52. Being 5’9 1/2″ probably meant his play was better than his ranking. Lowest rank had him in rd 2, 3 lists had him in the top 34. To… Read more »


With number 24 he looks a lot like Sergei Makarov, hmmm… Anybody out there remember him?


Helped lead the team to the playovs

along with Larianov and Garpenlov.

Unlike Larionov, Markarov was close to the end when he cane to San Jose, with most of his career in the USSR.

Larionov wrote a really interesting article in 2015. Worth the read.

Arch Mickel

Loved Makarov! That Russian line was fun! Think Zeke named and alluded to it…

Diggdat Puck

Loving our prospects and how much better the pool looks from 2-years ago which was Eklund, Bords and Merkley. A few tough loses in Hertl and Timo but it was best for our future.
In 4-years we have some real quality in lines projected.




Along with Tifoli, Graf, Lund, Cardwell and 4-5 other D prospects and most likely early picks next year.

Not bad GMMG in 2+ years!


Potential correction on the article.

“The 6-foot-3 Russian winger is considered an offensive force, an outstanding value pick. “High skill. High sense. When he wants to get after it and compete, he is a monster physically, very hard to contain,” an NHL scout said of the first-round talent.”

I think there are plenty who agree that he has first-round talent, but he was selected in the second-round. I could see it talking about his talent level and not his pick placement, hence saying “potential” correction.

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