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Winning Play: Besides “Disgusting” Goal, How Did Burns Dominate Game?



Credit: NBCS Bay Area

It’s not just about the goal.

And for Brent Burns, it’s not just about the offense.

Every season, it’s the same rumblings: Burns can’t play defense. The San Jose Sharks should move him back to forward.

Safe to say, the team disagrees.

“I thought he’s had a real good start to the season,” Bob Boughner said yesterday. “His defensive game doesn’t get enough credit. It really doesn’t. People talk about his defensive gaps. I think he’s playing great defensive hockey right now.”

So what are the Sharks seeing?

I re-watched all of Burns’s shifts in yesterday’s 5-3 victory over the Minnesota Wild to highlight the good and the bad.

My conclusion: Burns was a high-impact defenseman last night. And there’s no reason whatsoever to move him up front if he can keep it up.

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