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Get to Know Thomas Bordeleau, Tristen Robins, Danil Gushchin



In the second day of the 2020 NHL Draft, the San Jose Sharks have selected center Thomas Bordeleau at No. 38, center Tristen Robins at No. 56, and winger Daniil Gushchin at No. 76.

The No. 38 pick was acquired by trading the No. 34 pick to Buffalo for the No. 38 and 100 picks this year.

The No. 76 pick was acquired by trading the No. 100 and No. 126 picks this year to Edmonton.

The San Jose Sharks made Bordeleau, Robins, and Gushchin available to the media today, here are some highlights. We also have extended scouting reports from McKeen’s 2020 NHL Draft GuideElite Prospects 2020 NHL Draft Guide, and Future Considerations.

Thomas Bordeleau

Thomas Bordeleau, on how his family impacted him — his grandfather Paulin played for Vancouver Canucks in ’70s and dad Sebastien was an original Nashville Predator:

They helped me a lot. Most of all, my dad, working on my game since I was super-young. My grandpa was also my coach in midget. They’ve both been big influences on me.

Bordeleau, on being born in Houston and growing up in Switzerland:

I consider myself pretty much international. I was born in Houston. But when I was five months old, I moved to Switzerland for 10 years. I grew up there, watching my Dad play there. In 2012, we moved back to Montreal, where all our family lives. I played pee wee, bantam, and midget years here, before moving to Michigan to play for NTDP.

It’s not really a normal journey, but I thought it was awesome.

I was pretty good at [speaking the local language], but not speaking it for five or six years, I lost it all.

Elite Prospects and McKeen’s Hockey on Bordeleau

“We’re really breaking from the pack…consolidated rankings…don’t even place Bordeleau in the first-round…Here we are, comfortable with him at No. 23…tenacious defender…his anticipation of developing plays is at a uniquely high level for players in this age group…refined two-way player.”

(Elite Prospects)

“Bordeleau has a wicked wrist shot…can fire it off successfully whether he is static, or in motion and his lightning release gives the netminder no time to prepare…dynamic zone entry machine and his unpredictable approach leaves defenders guessing.

“Will first have to show that he can more consistently play with the type of effort needed to succeed in tough parts of ice…will need to keep his feet moving and prove that he is willing to get his nose dirty to reach his top-six scoring forward potential.”

(McKeen’s Hockey)

Tristen Robins

Tristen Robins, on wearing his father Trevor’s old-school Sharks jacket. Trevor Robins tended goal in San Jose Sharks organization in mid-90s and also played for Roy Sommer in Richmond in 1995-96:

My dad signed a contract with San Jose after his 20-year-old season in Brandon. This is the jacket that he got.

He coached me growing up. He played a 15-year pro career and was probably my biggest hockey influence. Told me not to be a goalie growing up.

He played in Saskatoon when he was 17. I played my first year in Saskatoon when I was 17. He started his pro career with San Jose; I get drafted today by San Jose. It’s a crazy aligning of the stars.

Robins, on what drove his incredible second half of the season:

Just everything I did to prepare myself, I really dialed in my diet, my body maintenance. I really started training like a pro. Realized I had to do a lot more to get my name out there, turn some heads.

Elite Prospects, McKeen’s Hockey & Future Considerations on Robins

“If there’s any one WHL’er that gave Portland Winterhawks forward Seth Jarvis a run for their money with the best second-half of the season — it’s Robins…even though Robins is far more of a playmaker than a shooter, the thing that really stands out in his game is the way that he anticipates play and outsmarts his opponents at every turn…refined offensive mind…gifted puck-handler, capable of blending pass receptions into highly-detailed maneuvers.”

“Very individualistic through transition period…explosive first two steps, but his long-track speed isn’t noteworthy…area where he most needs to grow doesn’t appear to have much room for growth.”

(Elite Prospects)

“During [last 27 games of season], Robins had 22 goals and 23 asissts. Those points per game (1.66) and goals per game (0.81) numbers would put him right near the top of the WHL, not just among draft eligible players, but all players…plays with pace both with and without puck…aggressive shooter…considered one of the biggest draft ‘risers,’ in the second half of the season.”

“Key for Robins will be adding strength so that his effectiveness in traffic and in the cycle becomes even more consistent.”

(McKeen’s Hockey)

(Future Considerations)

Danil Gushchin

Danil Gushchin, on if he thought he might go higher:

I think maybe I would go earlier, like maybe in the second round. But it doesn’t matter. I’m just excited San Jose took me, good organization.

Gushchin, on how he would describe his game:


Gushchin, on leaving Russia at 16 to play in USHL:

I played in Moscow when I was 16. My agent asked me if I wanted to try to play in the US. My Dad, my agent, and I talked, I thought it would be better for me to play [in North America]. I like the life in the U.S.

Gushchin, on a player that he models himself after:

Johnny Gaudreau.

Elite Prospects and McKeen’s Hockey on Gushchin

“Some of the best small-ice puck skills in the game. Works his ass off every shift and his commitment to the defensive side of the game is every bit as robust as his scoring punch.”

“Going to need work on his finishing ability from range, add muscle, and then maybe another gear as a skater…not big fans of lsbelling players as ‘boom or bust’ but Gushchin definitely seems like that sort of a player.”

(Elite Prospects)

“Hands and feet are both very quick and deceiving…feet play up thanks to edgework and agility that can be simply dazzling.”

“Needs to play with an edge to be successful…tends to be more ‘on’ when Muskegon has the puck, and flat when he doesn’t.”

(McKeen’s Hockey)

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