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Karlsson Scores 100th Point, Robins Debuts in Sharks’ 6-2 Loss



Credit: Sportsnet

The San Jose Sharks visit the Winnipeg Jets at Canada Life Centre. Tristen Robins made his NHL debut, and Erik Karlsson got the Sharks off to a quick 1-0 lead, then added another late, but the Sharks lost 6-2.

Period 1

Karlsson goal: More good plays by Peterson. In NZ, drop pass to Couture, simple. Then give-and-go with Karlsson, not so simple with one Jet defending them. Couture did good job driving net, taking Jet with him.

4 in: Robins’ backcheck good, but then later in shift, maybe a little slow in DZ. He’s trying and aware, he kills penalties with Cuda, but the NHL is another speed.

Lowry goal: Just anecdotal, and Knyzhov did move Reimer out of the way — but also, Reimer looked like he reached out at Niederreiter too, maybe to hold him, so maybe some responsibility on the goalie for moving himself. But Reimer, maybe as team’s defense has slipped, seems to be wandering more recently. Maybe I’m noticing just because it has led to goals against.

8 in: Good Peterson chance, off a couple good Ferraro plays. Ferraro led rush in, Peterson lost puck in corner, but on forecheck, Hertl handed it to Ferraro high, who found Peterson low.

10 in: Good simple give and go between Raska and MacDonald. MacDonald carries, gives it to Raska, MacDonald beelines to the net for shot-pass.

7 left: Robins has been noticeable with energy, Bordeleau coming out from behind Reimer does good job to find safety valve Benning behind him.

3 left: Mercifully, Reimer can hold it. Barracuda line out there for over a minute. Couple things that stuck out, forward help wasn’t tight down low with Jet in slot, maybe Raska. Bordeleau had possession for a second, but first step, couldn’t escape pressure, so he put it into corner, a play he likes, but Barron too easily knocks him off stride. Easy Jets puck win.

Period 2

1 in: Didn’t see this last year, but Bordeleau needs to work on that first step, or use his wingers more to advance puck. He’s getting caught too easily, not escaping.

4 in: Niederreiter just put his back to wall off Robins in loose puck chase. Something to work on for Robins, more strength.

Clever Peterson kick back to defense to start breakout. Then in OZ, Peterson does nice job to take middle with puck, fire it.

8 in: That’s a Karlsson turnover, I don’t think it happens unless he’s given license to freewheel for 100 (which I think he has been given). He got puck back high in OZ, tries to force it back down, easy turnover. But I do think he’s more careful in a different competitive circumstance.

By the way, Karlsson-Couture-Hertl-Peterson-Lorentz on PP1, Thrun-MacDonald-Labanc-Gregor-Robins PP2, keep in mind that PP2 stepped out very late, so maybe an extra D for that reason. But Bordeleau, of course, a notable absence.

5 left: Hedican is right, I think, that didn’t have to be a Ferraro icing. Appreciate that he’s trying to be more than simple and make a play, but territory lost there.

Period 3

Appleton goal: Karlsson then Couture long pass turnovers lead to Jets rush. Reimer rebound goes straight to Appleton off to side. Hertl’s man, but Hertl may have been trying to play middle more, didn’t count on rebound going right to man.

Think the Cuda-only line has been broken up quickly, and I think it’s the right thing. Too often, I think fans can be hey, put up your prospects onto a fourth line, no problem, easy minutes. Nope, not at the NHL. See Robins’s minutes-plus shifts earlier in game. It’s a grind, and just because you can score goals at a lower level doesn’t make you suitable for even a minimal NHL role.

Karlsson goal: 100!


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