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Will Smith’s Agent Takes Us Inside Decision To Sign With Sharks



Will Smith’s agent, Sean Coffey, joins the San Jose Hockey Now Podcast!

Coffey takes us behind the scenes of Smith signing with the San Jose Sharks this past week.

But before we get to Coffey (44:15), we talk about what Smith’s arrival means for the Sharks.

We’ll talk more to Coffey about this — he wasn’t one of Sheng’s sources!! — but Sheng got wind of Smith signing last Friday. (1:50)

What was our initial reaction to the news? (4:20)

Would it make sense for the San Jose Sharks to send Smith to the AHL? Would the Sharks try to “slide” his contract? How does Smith compare to William Eklund at about the same age? (15:05)

Comparing Macklin Celebrini-Smith to Sidney Crosby-Evgeni Malkin and Jonathan Toews-Patrick Kane? Why start the clock on Celebrini and Smith’s contracts at the same time? (24:00)

Where does Smith slot positionally, center or wing, in his rookie year? It is more common than Sheng thought to go through a season with two rookie centers in the line-up. (27:20)

Sheng shares a conversation that he had with a league source about the lumps that Smith will likely face in his rookie year, his struggles at the World Championships, and what Smith has to learn about winning NHL hockey. (36:35)

Sheng and Keegan predict how many points that Smith will put up next year. (40:23)

And now, Sean Coffey! (44:15)

How did Coffey become a player agent?

When did the San Jose Sharks start signaling to Coffey that they thought Smith was ready to come out? (49:28)

When did Smith actually decide to sign with the Sharks? How many meetings did Smith have with Mike Grier or Todd Marchant or the Sharks throughout the season? (51:55)

Did Ryan Leonard announcing early that he was going back to Boston College impact Smith in any way? (55:20)

Sean shares why he ghosted Sheng via text for a few weeks. (57:25)

Coffey reveals when exactly Smith made his decision to come out. (58:10)

Between Boston College and the San Jose Sharks, how close of a decision was it for Smith? (1:00:10)

For Coffey, from a development standpoint, why did it make sense for Smith to go pro?

Coffey confirms that the San Jose Sharks winning the Draft Lottery and getting presumptive No. 1 pick Macklin Celebrini had nothing to do with Smith’s decision — but regardless, it’s great for fellow teenagers Celebrini and Smith to start out together. (1:02:40)

Coffey talks about the potential (or lack thereof) of Smith going to the AHL or the Sharks trying to “slide” his contract. (1:05:15)

Did the Cutter Gauthier situation change the paradigm of how NHL teams treat their top NCAA prospects? (1:09:00)

Coffey explains, even though Smith decided in early May, why Smith held off on the announcement that he was coming out until this past week. (1:13:00)

Was it a challenge to keep Smith’s decision a secret? Sean also talks about keeping Sheng’s texts on “Read” when Sheng was looking for confirmation.

Sheng shares his process from getting wind of the Smith signing on Friday to publishing a story on it on Sunday, two days before it was officially announced. (1:17:40)

Why was Tuesday the day that the Sharks announced Smith’s signing? (1:19:45)

Coffey shares some of the details about the bonuses in Smith’s entry-level contract. (1:21:55)

Who is Coffey representing in the 2024 Draft? (1:28:00)

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