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Hertl Breaks Slump, Karlsson Keeps Scoring, Sharks Overthrow Capitals 4-1



Credit: NBC Sports Washington

The San Jose Sharks visit the Washington Capitals at Capital One Arena. Evgeny Svechnikov started the scoring, Alexander Barabanov and Erik Karlsson and Tomas Hertl added on top of it, and the Sharks won 4-1.

Period 1

2 in: Lindblom does nice job reading Capitals cycle high, batting it out.

Svechnikov goal: Karlsson sticks it up, breaks up Caps’ NZ attack. Gets it to Gadjovich, who makes good little play up to Svechnikov.

5 in: Beautiful deke by Hertl on Orlov, love to see that, haven’t seen a ton of that working from him this year.

Seeing Bonino with Hertl, Gregor with Sturm.

10 in: Good first pass by MacDonald to Svechnikov. That’s been a consistent. Have questions about his decision-making and defense from what I’ve seen.

MacDonald on San Jose Sharks PP2.

8 left: That’s what you like from Gregor, attack attack attack.

6 left: Ferraro reaches when maybe he should stay with Aube-Kubel. Kahkonen get that? The TVR misses (Couture re-direct it?) a gimme pass to Storme standing off to side by himself. Ruins what had been a nice defensive first period from Sharks.

3 left: Gregor again, screaming down the wing, cuts back to the middle. Bottle that, he’ll never leave line-up.

It’s a solid 1st for San Jose Sharks, 3-2 Slot Shots at Even Strength.

Period 2

1 in: Hertl takes it from Aube-Kubel along wall. He’s had a little more pop to his step today, it seems.

3 in: Barabanov does good job holding onto puck, circles net, shovels it for a couple Eyssimont stuffs.

Barabanov goal: Good screen by Hertl, deflects it, Barabanov right place, right time.

10 in: Barabanov fights off Milano entering zone, gets it deep, Eyssimont does nice job to no-look pass it to Couture.

8 left: Gregor backpressuring Gustafsson, Lindblom closing in hard in front, Gustafsson coughs it up, ill-advised pass up middle to slot that Sturm jumps on, takes to net. San Jose Sharks have a step on a Caps squad on a back-to-back.

6 left: Vlasic turnover, but Vlasic, along with other Sharks do a good job forcing puck out on strongside. Sharks’ recovery from inevitable mistakes has been pretty good this afternoon.

4 left: Hathaway with a light swing of the stick at Eyssimont’s legs after Eyssimont knocks over Protas. Wonder if the pests will dance later.

Kuznetsov goal: Marvelous individual effort by Kuznetsov. Barabanov can’t contain him in NZ, you would hope for a better effort there, I think, though Kuznetsov can be a load. Then Harrington tries, but loses his stick, Kuzy gets around him and goes wide on Kahkonen. Head contact to Kahkonen after the goal.

San Jose Sharks 6-4 Slot Shots at Even Strength. One of the better 200-feet games I’ve seen from them all season, I think, even with the mistakes.

Period 3

3 in: Marvelous effort by Vlasic to come back hard after his shot blocked, 3-on-1 Caps other way. Lindblom and Vlasic track back hard, Vlasic stick lifts Oshie right before the sniper can unload. Winning hockey! Lindblom’s effort takes away Hathaway and center lane. Ferraro can handle Sheary. Vlasic does the rest.

8 left: Nifty area pass by Sturm to Lindblom, 2-on-1 with Gregor. Then Oshie serves it up on a plate for Karlsson, Lindgren save on a great chance.

Karlsson goal: But off the draw, Barabanov seems to take away the eyes, Karlsson floats it, Lindgren can’t locate. Great job by Barbie, nice timing by Karlsson, fires it when shooting lane opens and Barabanov passes through.

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