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Game Notes #13: Sharks Hang with Golden Knights, Still Lose 3-1; Karlsson Injured



First Period

Minute in, fantastic Burns stretch pass to Hertl, but Pietrangelo stops it. That’s a play where maybe A-game Hertl does more. Maybe being hard on Hertl, AP good D.

Good forecheck from Gambrell and Gabriel force Whitecloud delay of game.

Ugly San Jose Sharks opening PP: Can’t string together a couple good plays.

Labanc in high slot after PP expired: Shoot! Kane didn’t look ready for hard shot-pass?

Gambrell trying some moves in center of ice, 12 minutes left, that I’m not sure he would’ve tried last year. Didn’t quite connect there with pass target, but he did make space for himself with 3 Knights around.

Nice job by Ferraro & Meier to hold puck in zone, find open man, about 10 minutes in. What Bob is preaching, hang onto puck, find open man.

San Jose Sharks more than hanging with Vegas so far, 11 minutes in.

Big save by Jones on Kolesar after Donato turnover.

Not a great example of engaged play from Meier on that 4-on-4 shift.

Not much of a penalty on Whitecloud there on Labanc dump-in. Didn’t think he was late. Regardless good Labanc effort.

Labanc net-front, Karlsson high slot. We forget now, but Sharks were heavy in PP switchability of position in camp.

Good job by Roy to identify Carrier on that entry about minute left. Kane let Carrier beat him down ice.

Second Period

Simek 100 percent interferes with Smith vying for puck, but then Marchessault gets in two shots: One maybe OK though there is apparent head contact somewhere, Simek is hurt. But then, Marchessault gets away with a clear cross-check to already-hurt Simek. Simek looks out.

San Jose Sharks killed by jam plays by Vegas PP, the guy they have standing by Jones. He’s getting puck easily, attacking Jones, creating chaos and rebounds.

Some Sharks life, about 9 minutes left, Labanc does nice job fighting on forecheck, his line in particular. Couture line forecheck leads to Hertl line FC. Need more of that.

7 minutes left: Knyzhov is raw. Good job with his feet turning around net with puck, Smith on him, but drop-off to Karlsson easily read by Pacioretty on forecheck. Maybe should’ve given it to Karlsson sooner, EK65 was available.

Off Sharks faceoff win, Balcers fans on dead in slot chance. Maybe not fair, but he’s not going to get a million chances to prove himself, he’s going to be kicking himself for not getting his shot off. Balcers has looked better today though than first 2 games.

Four minutes, Karlsson questioning that offside, raising his leg to ref.

3 minutes left, fantastic recovery by Stone. Couture takes it from him, about to spring Kane on 2-on-1 if he can get backhand pass through Stone, but Stone eats it up. Great example of good players/good teams recovering from mistake. Initial mistake isn’t the end.

Good patience by Vlasic there, hits Balcers with area pass, Balcers does nice job to get puck to his stick. Hertl does rest.

5 seconds left: And not to kill Knyzhov, a rookie, but I’m focusing on him because Simek is out and Sharks may really need him – but off San Jose Sharks faceoff win, Knyzhov has puck behind Jones, Stephenson on him, Knyzhov throws a telegraphed pass to Marleau standing there. In principle, not the wrong thing, but as Knyzhov matures, he should recognize that Marleau is in a bad position because of Stone’s incoming forecheck. Knyzhov should use his superior feet to probably take another step or two, create deception, doubt where he’s going. Stephenson wasn’t that tight on him in my opinion. Or toss it up wall. Better than passing it to dead-in-water Marleau. Notice Marleau, vet move, sees Stone, he just eats puck in corner, live to fight another day.

Third Period

Labanc, quietly, has done a lot of good today. Quick on pucks. We’re 4 minutes in.

5 minutes in, Knyzhov learns more about NHL speed as Marchessault closes the point down. Then takes penalty. Turning point: Sharks had great possession with puck on rookie’s stick, Vegas turns it around, gets call. Another PP goal.

Reaves pastes Gabriel, sounds like Vegas bench hooting at that. They’re a confident, loud bench and they should be – but I’m sure it’s grating for Sharks that they can’t wipe some smirks off.

Away from play, Kane and Smith go at it after hard Kane hit. Couture in box too, the two Sharks are having animated conversation in box.

Apparently, Gambrell got some spins on defense in Karlsson and Simek’s absences.

Unlike last LA fiasco, can really draw positives from today’s game for Sharks: They legitimately hung with a good-great Golden Knights squad. But once again, not enough finish and execution from “high-end” players and power play. Stop me if you’ve read this story before…


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