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Karlsson & Meier Keep Scoring, But Sharks Keep Losing



Credit: NBC Sports California

The San Jose Sharks visit the Vancouver Canucks at Rogers Arena for their first game after the holiday break. Timo Meier scored twice, but the Canucks clocked the Sharks 6-2.

Period 1

Horvat goal: Bonino pinches when maybe he shouldn’t? Mikheyev gets a step on Hertl back. 3-on-2 the other way.

4 in: Canucks will give you chances. San Jose Sharks come right back with their own mini 3-on-2, Nieto seams it to Gregor, but no dice.

Pettersson goal: Karlsson tries to tie up Pederson, but Pettersson beats Sturm to the front.

Meier goal: Greatest thing that Pederson ever did for Sharks, that penalty? Just a joke. But I know Sharks liked him, that’s why they gave up a fourth, albeit well in the future. Maybe it clicks for him with Canucks?

Period 2

San Jose Sharks are a little slow: Miller pops from behind net with loose puck a tick faster than Megna, gets a jam.

Bonino penalty: Not sure why? Bonino and Quinn look confused too. But it doesn’t matter, you have to rise above.

Mikheyev goal: Bad line change. After Couture and Benning sacrifice bodies on kill.

Hughes goal: Sigh. That’s so San Jose Sharks. Hughes skates around, nobody can kill play. He beats all three Sharks forwards, then Reimer gives up one to regret maybe.

5 left: Sturm separates Pederson from puck after Karlsson turnover.

1 left: Sturm does a nice job covering for pinching Megna, but then his stretch pass intercepted by Myers. Just not enough good total hockey by the San Jose Sharks.

Period 3

Bad turnover by Megna to start period. Wonder if he’s a candidate to sit again? Granted, a lot of Sharks haven’t been sharp tonight.

2 in: Good to see Lindblom with some offensive confidence? Though maybe coaching staff will just want to see him play more direct and shoot instead of a drop pass there.

4 in: Looks like Vlasic gets beat to NZ puck by Boeser, frees up Mikheyev and odd-man. Ugly hockey.

7 in: Hertl has an open net, but looks like puck rolls up Hughes’s stick, and Martin able to get in the way. Hertl looks very frustrated. I wonder what Sharks think of that, last year, I remember Boughner talked to Hertl about his body language. We know Hertl cares, but wonder if you want more on-the-ice positivity.

Horvat goal: Ugly. Nieto, I know Sharks are down, but blind NZ pass, turnover, goal. I think Karlsson had one of those blind ones too.

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