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Toffoli on Why He Chose To Sign With Sharks, Celebrini Connection



Credit: Dean Tait/Hockey Shots

Tyler Toffoli is ready to embrace the San Jose Sharks’ rebuild.

BREAKING: Sharks Sign Toffoli to Big Contract

The 32-year-old winger has played on six different teams since 2019-20, the Los Angeles Kings, Vancouver Canucks, Montreal Canadiens, Calgary Flames, New Jersey Devils, and Winnipeg Jets, most of whom had definite playoff aspirations. But now, he knows that his four-year, $24 million contract and its full no-movement clause will provide some necessary stability for him and his family.

The eight-time 20-goal scorer talked in his media availability about being represented by the same agent as Macklin Celebrini, how he has continued his scoring ways into his 30’s, and his excitement for the team’s future.

Toffoli, on why he chose the San Jose Sharks:

I just think that the opportunity was there for me. The rebuild that they started in and the Draft that they just had, they’ve obviously gotten a couple guys that are cornerstones for the organization. So, it’s an exciting time. [I] started my career in LA, knowing how passionate the fanbase is [in San Jose], [which] definitely encouraged me to make my decision.

Toffoli, on talking to Ottawa 67’s teammate Logan Couture:

No, I haven’t talked to him yet, but I know he spends his summers up there. So, I’m assuming I’ll get a hold of him here soon. It’s funny, my first year in the OHL, we were stall mates, so it’ll be funny being on the same team as him now.

Toffoli, on the importance of his no movement clause:

Yeah, it’s very important. I think the past few years have been stressful for myself and my wife. It’s never easy packing up halfway through the season, making a change and going to a different city. So, like I said, it was extremely important. And my wife is from Monterey, so she’s obviously closer to home, and she has her family and her friends that have been texting her all day today, too. So, very important, and I’m just really excited right now.

Toffoli, on his wife’s Monterey connection:

She’s born and raised there. Her parents are still out there, so we called them, I think it was late last night, and gave them the news that there’s a good chance that we’re going to be signing here in the morning. Obviously, they’re pretty excited about it.

Toffoli, on the LA Kings players that mentored him:

Like we were saying earlier, when I was coming up on the Kings, I had some guys that took really good care of me. Matt Greene and [Anze Kopitar] and the list goes on and on. Just be able to do the little things, like go for dinners, try and make [the younger Sharks] feel comfortable if things aren’t going well. At the end of the day, it’s a long season and it’s never going to be perfect. So, whatever I can do anything to help, I’ll be there.

Toffoli, on how his contract came about:

Talked to my agent, and he has Macklin [Celebrini] as a client as well. I think it was one of those things where I knew that they were interested and once they knew that I was interested too, it came together pretty quickly. Like I said, it’s an exciting time to be part of the organization and [I’m] excited to help and grow and try [to] compete to win a Stanley Cup at some point.

Toffoli, on the Sharks’ moves in free agency:

If you’re looking at the roster, it’s a completely different roster from last year almost. Like I said, I think it’s exciting. For me, just come into training camp and have high expectations and you never know what can happen. I think we’re all coming in with the mindset of being the underdog in a sense and there’s no real pressure. You can go out there, you have fun, and you play loose and that’s when you play your best hockey, in my opinion.

Toffoli, on his strong career extending into his 30’s:

I feel like I’ve been a lot more confident as a player and not letting little things kind of bother me. The older I’ve been, the better I’ve been, so just keep going and keep working on my game in the summer. And like I said, come to camp and be ready to go.

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The Gushch is Loose

Fuck yeah! Great answers and first impression. Welcome Toffoli – you’re now on a mission from God. Go Sharks!

Ricky W

If warsofsky can get the team GAA. Down to the low 3s or even 2s I don’t see why can’t get to 90 points and be right there for the 8th seed.


We’re not going to be in the running for the 8th seed…we need to walk before we run. I expect the target is bottom five this year, bottom ten next year, playing meaningful games near the end of the season in 26-27, and then in the playoffs the following season.

Our defense corpse still has a lot of flaws (hence the added ‘e’).


There’s no way Mike Grier remade the roster and prospect pool in under two years so that he can wait four more to make the playoffs. That timeline is way too patient. They’ll want to take advantage of having core players on ELCs.

I expect this team to take a significant step this year. They have the personnel. I think we’re looking at a 70+ point roster this coming season and playoff aspirations starting the year after.


You’re both correct. 70 points is bottom five in most seasons.


Depending on whatever the last couple moves are before camp I definitely agree. You don’t turn over this much if your goal is bottom 5. If all goes well I expect them to be in contention for a playoff spot around mid season. That’ll require Couture playing 70+ games.


What people forget is Toffoli is a Daryl Sutter guy. Sutter picked him up to mentor and message the locker room. He plays hard and expects everyone else to also. He is a leader. His D may not be the best, but his effort is and he does score


I really don’t understand how the thought is there that it’s impossible for this team to be any semblance of good over the next few years. If Mack puts up 40-50 pts, Eklund goes up a bit and hits 50, Smith does 30-40 and we have a better defensive structure in front of a good goalie in Blackwood we can definitely be a half decent team and in that mucky just out of the playoff picture spot. The talent is there, just will they execute. I also predict a much quicker return to contention than 4 years, I just don’t… Read more »

Ryan Moss

Sheng had a typo in the NBC article…

Sheng Peng

Thanks for informing me! What was it?


I think Ryan’s been watching the scene from The Wire where Carcetti tells all of the departments about an issue related to their department without giving any details (“I got a call about a fire hydrant leaking”) so they go around and hunt for any issue to try to find the specific issue that person was talking about.

Kunin Down the Mountain

About half way down:
“Toffoli should also be the perfect role model for Celebrini, Smoth, and company, and that’s no exaggeration.”

Unless Smoth is a new UFA add, I think that might be it

Sheng Peng


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