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Todd Marchant on Development of Musty, Edstrom, Other Sharks Prospects



Welcome to the San Jose Hockey Now Podcast!

We welcome San Jose Sharks’ Director of Player Development Todd Marchant back to the show for our 50th episode! Todd was our very first guest on the new San Jose Hockey Now Podcast, and we celebrate our 50th episode by getting his thoughts on tons of Sharks prospects, from Quentin Musty to Alex Young. (57:13)

But first! It was the NHL Scouting Combine this week and Sheng was on the ground in Buffalo. He shares loads of buzz, rumors and some confirmed prospect interviews. He added a new name to his list from yesterday. (3:25)

We cover whether we think Macklin Celebrini is actually going to return to the NCAA or sign with the Sharks, after multiple interviews have come out that Macklin is undecided at this point. (16:00)

We have some coaching search updates, including some rumored finalists to share. Also, did the San Jose Sharks ever reach out to David Carle or Joel Ward? (25:05)

Are the Sharks going to be active in free agency this summer? Jeff Marek floated the possibility of Jake Guentzel as a FA target, and we give our thoughts on that possibility. Also, will Eetu Makinemi be back? (33:25)

Our last topic is the retirement of Joe Pavelski. We share some of our thoughts about his tremendous career, and whether he has enough of a resume for the Hall of Fame. (42:50)

And now it’s time for Todd Marchant! (57:13)

We decided to go through the San Jose Sharks system, from the 2023 Draft to the 2020 with Todd, discussing some well-known and lots of lesser-known prospects as well, focusing on mostly non-Barracuda prospects.

First, the 2023 Draft!

Quentin Musty (59:10)
Kasper Halttunen (1:03:47)
Brandon Svoboda (1:05:15)
Luca Cagnoni (1:08:03)
Axel Landén (1:10:28)
Eric Pohlkamp (1:12:10)
David Klee (1:14:30)
Yegor Rimashevsky (1:16:15)


Filip Bystedt (1:19:45)
Cam Lund (1:21:45)
Mattias Hävelid (1:23:10)
Michael Fisher (1:26:35)
Mason Beaupit (1:28:45)
Jake Furlong (1:30:20)
Joey Muldowney, Eli Barnett and Reese Laubach (1:34:02)

Who’s left from the 2021 Draft, not playing with the Barracuda or the San Jose Sharks?

Theo Jacobsson (1:37:19)
Yevgeni Kashnikov (1:38:25)


Alex Young (1:39:25)
Timofei Spitserov (1:40:25)
Brandon Coe (1:41:30)

We also discuss with Todd some prospects not drafted by the San Jose Sharks, starting with David Edstrom, acquired in the Tomas Hertl trade. (1:43:35)

Finally, what does Todd think of Collin Graf? (1:45:10)

Todd shares some final thoughts about the direction of the Sharks going forward and who has taken some big steps from last year. (1:47:50)

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Ricky W

Bigger/faster/stronger wins Stanley cups, Florida Panthers are probably going to be the most recent team to check their way to a cup with a heavy suffocating D and a grinding hard hitting forward group. And a white hot goalie.


Pavelski HOF case. I think its a strong case and I think his case is actually stronger than Marleau’s in many important respects. The two were both pretty similar as Sharks, but Pavs ’35 and older’ career was really impressive while Marleau’s wasn’t. Pavs’ career stats are nearly identical to both Sedins and both were first ballot HoF. Nearly identical point totals, games played and Corsi. Pavs had more goals, fewer assists and his +/- was higher. Comparison to the Sedins is probably the most straightforward case. If Daniel and Henrik are in, Pavs is very much their contemporary and… Read more »

Bob D

I agree with you that Pavs case is stronger than Marleau, but while your case is based on statistics, mine is strictly based on heart and gut instinct. If a big game was on the line, which of those guys did you want out there? I tried to like Marleau for years, but in the end he was never the guy, and I’m disappointed the sharks let him play long enough to take down a sacred record (no other team would have played him).His stint in Toronto exposed him for what he actually was. He really was never a clutch,… Read more »


I can’t believe the narrative about Patty not being a clutch playoff performer still exists. He is 17th all time in playoff goals scored with 72 (one more than Sidney Crosby) and his goals per game in the playoffs is higher than Pavelski’s. He’s also 10th all time in playoff game-winners. You might still be able to justify preferring Pavelski in the playoffs, but we’re talking about two of the best playoff performers of all time, cups or no cups. Patty is an easy scapegoat for a certain demographic of Sharks fans, who got their first taste of good hockey… Read more »


While I think pavs had a great career and is right on the border of the HOF, he doesnt compare to the sedins. They won major awards (hart, ross, 1st all star). Best pavs did was 7th in the hart.

As for Marleau, he gets in because of the games played record.

Fin Coe

In addition to the personal hardware, they won Olympic gold, which Pavs never did (not his fault, but doesn’t help his case).


Congrats on # 50 S&K
Fantastic interview with Todd!

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