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Bordeleau on ‘Sick’ Teal Helmets, Adding Strength & Explosiveness



No stranger to drip, Thomas Bordeleau loves the San Jose Sharks’ new teal helmets.

However, I had a teal equipment suggestion that made even Bordeleau pause.

On the eve of the San Jose Sharks’ first Rookie Faceoff game, Bordeleau spoke on adding strength and explosiveness (but not weight) to his game, David Quinn as a head coach, if he adheres to Strauss Mann’s paleo diet, and his thoughts about the Sharks’ new look.

Bordeleau, on what he’s added to his game and body over the summer:

This summer was pretty much just trying to maintain and recover as much as possible because of a full month in Finland [for the World Championships]. I came back a little bit of time off, and started working out again, but then I have dev camp, and then I had to take a little break from that, and then World Juniors and coming back here right away.

All my time in the gym was just trying to keep that muscle mass that I have but bring up my explosiveness and bring up my strength and kind of stay at the same weight. I’m not trying to gain weight, not trying to lose weight.

I’m really happy with the summer I had. I think I made a lot of strides. I played so much hockey too, that was good for me.

Bordeleau called new San Jose Sharks head coach David Quinn “tough but fair” – he played for Quinn at the World Championships:

Yeah, for me, I was kind of comparing it a little bit to my NTDP coach Seth Appert.

He was telling you what you needed to be told. He wasn’t holding back. He wasn’t scared of confrontations and stuff like that, but at the same time, he respects you as a person, he wants you to be the best hockey player you can be.

If it pays to be tough on you, he will be. If you don’t need him to be tough on you, he won’t be.

And whoever deserves to play, will play.

He doesn’t give anything away, you got to earn everything you get. That’s how he is, that’s definitely what you want out of a coach.

Bordeleau, on if he adheres to Strauss Mann’s paleo diet:

No, I decided to stay away from that as soon as I met him at Michigan. You be you, man. Don’t come near me with all that lunchbox stuff. It’s pretty funny how he is with all that, but works for him, so good.

Bordeleau, on Mann’s unceremonious exit from Michigan and the drama swirling around his old school this summer:

He’s a good goalie. When he left Michigan, we knew he wasn’t gonna have any trouble finding a place to play. He had a great year in Sweden, so we were really happy for him. We obviously knew that some team was gonna sign him towards the end of the year

Bordeleau, on the San Jose Sharks’ new teal helmets:

I love them. I think they’re sick. I think they’re really nice.

Bordeleau, on wearing teal skates:

Teal skates? That’d be a lot of teal. (laughs)

No, I wouldn’t. I don’t think I’d rock the full teal gear.

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