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Eklund Scores Penalty Shot Goal, But Kraken Take It 2-1 in OT



Credit: Hockey Shots/Dean Tait

The San Jose Sharks welcome the Seattle Kraken into SAP Center. William Eklund scored on the penalty shot, but Seattle won it 2-1 in OT.

Period 1

4 in: Lorentz and Zetterlund roll in on a 2-on-0…and Lorentz, a little too unselfish, tries to give it to the slumping Zetterlund. But the pass isn’t that close, and a Grade A+ chance turns to nothing.

10 in: Clever work by Eklund, first, checks shoulder, sees Borgen on him, able to hold him off and move it. Then sees Zetterlund screaming off the bench before everyone else, hits him with the pass, but Zetterlund can’t fire away in time. Partly created by Couture covering for Karlsson, Couture eliminated his man.

7 left: Good play by Couture, got smoked, but got it out.

3 left: Not the prettiest shift, Vlasic had Hertl for exit but went wrong way, as if he expected a different-handed player there. Then Knyzhov makes a soft pass up middle for exit, but it’s intercepted.

2 left: Eklund whiffed or had his stick interrupted on what looked like an open net. Good 4-on-4 shift with Couture.

1 left: Whoa, what a play. Karlsson pushes the defense back with Sturm and Gregor skating hard too, then a perfect lead pass to the rocketing Gregor, bang-bang breakaway, post. That would’ve been in Karlsson’s highlight reel forever if that went in.

San Jose Sharks have shown up tonight, 3-2 Slot Shots so far.

Period 2

Per San Jose Sharks, Svechnikov will not return.

2 in: What a pass by Labanc. Finds that seam to Hertl cross slot. But Hertl has to gather, giving Grubauer a chance to recover. But good to see Kevin making plays.

5 in: Whoa, Gregor makes Larsson look bad, pushes back defense, bullets it at Grubauer. He’s had a step.

9 in: Poor Vlasic and Karlsson exchange leads to an outnumbered the other way, but Reimer negates it. He’s been good.

8 left: Eklund tried to finish on Dunn, uh, just spun off. Still needs to put on some strength!

7 left: One for Pouliot’s career highlight reel. He looks off Karlsson, then snaps a gorgeous end-to-end stretch pass to Johnsson.

Then human centipede in front of Reimer to protect a goal after Reimer makes a mistake coming out after puck. Vlasic, Knyzhov, Gregor there, not sure who stopped it. Good times!

4 left: Think Labanc blocks it high, along with Eklund, San Jose Sharks are on a 2-on-1…but Labanc can’t deliver the cross-slot pass or a hard shot. Crowd was excited for a moment.

Period 3

Eklund goal: That’s a beaut! Credit to Labanc, who delivered the pass. Five-hole on Grubauer.

Bjorkstrand goal: Karlsson last man back, but stretch pass was to Pouliot’s side. Gotta watch again, did a forward not cover?

10 in: Early timeout by the Kraken, really trying to get this power play sorted.

8 left: Eklund likes that sneaky going one way but I’m not backhand pass behind the net. Tried Barabanov there. A couple games ago, a coach I spoke with called it a not good hope pass, and I haven’t seen that work in the NHL level. But maybe it will! I’m not totally against him working out the kinks here. Maybe he’ll learn that’s a play that doesn’t work at NHL? It’s been sniffed out so far.

3 left: Sturm with desperation defensive play to negate Seattle chance, then for a moment, Gregor and Sturm hit 2-on-1, but credit to Kraken, Borgen tracks back hard to erase Sturm.


Eklund-Hertl-Karlsson to start.

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david barnard

cheers to Eklund. boo to the loser point!


Holy cow, who would’ve thought a Karlsson-pouliot would hold a team scoreless for 2 periods? Hockey never fails to surprise me. Glad the crowd was feeling eklund!

KAT aka KE the original

Unfortunately it was the same team that allowed the goal. Not digging at them just bad move on EK – up to that point I was actually pleased with the defense but not so on the OT. Just put 3 forwards on OT – Barabanov Couture Hertl


Bjorstrand was actually Pouliot’s assignment. It was a beautiful stretch pass, but they got burned. It is weird how EK gets blamed often for the odd man rushes. You rarely see his D partner in the same frame when he’s facing them.

KAT aka KE the original

I think I saw EK throw up his hands – maybe not. I thought I put the disclosure I wasn’t digging at him :p


Nobody can finish. So many opportunities, yet we can’t hit a bull in the butt with a bass fiddle.

KAT aka KE the original

Why I cringe when Gregor has the puck – Eklund was mirroring Gregor there for a bit but he came out of it hahahaha


If only Gregor could score. He gets ample opportunities and hits the goalie in the chest.


Reimer had another very good game, unfortunately he couldn’t stop the overtime goal. Offer him a two-year contract!

I like watching the EK/Pouliot pairing, although perhaps not traditional hockey to pair two offensive defensive players, which may have contributed to the first Seattle goal.

Pouliot, a former 8th overall draft pick, seems to have good puck handling, skating and passing skills. Perhaps the Sharks should give him another contract.

The Sharks lost, but a fun game!

KAT aka KE the original

Pouliot was on his offside too and I was surprised he played that well. I really like Benning. Mario played a better game for the most part the Defense fellas played well. Reimer said it well in post game presser.

KAT aka KE the original

I thought since Pouliot has been up he’s been playing Right Side but guess he can play both sides

David Gotlieb

If I wanted to win it would be a shame that Gregor has the aim of a storm trooper


That’s funny. Actually, he has perfect aim…he keeps hitting the goalies crest. Stormtroopers would miss the goalie and possibly hit thr net

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