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Thoughts About Grier’s Direction for Sharks, Quinn’s Presser



Credit: San Jose Sharks

Believe it or not, I’ve still got thoughts about new San Jose Sharks head coach David Quinn’s introductory press conference yesterday.

That’s after Lizz Child and I churned out four articles on it yesterday – these are my cutting room floor thoughts, but if I may say, I think there’s plenty of good stuff here.

Grier Defends Quinn’s Rangers’ Run

Quinn, Grier Share Same Vision for Sharks

Grier, Quinn Talk Ferraro Contract, Meier/Tkachuk Comparisons & More (+)

Does Meier Want To Stay With Sharks Long-Term? Grier Isn’t Sure Yet

We know GM Mike Grier is the head of hockey operations for the San Jose Sharks – can Joe Will be considered his right-hand man now?

Sorry, the Sharks aren’t tanking.

Why do I think it’s wild to judge an Erik Karlsson by the same standard as a Ryan Merkley?

Why might a Mario Ferraro deal take a while?

I’m a little more bullish on Kevin Labanc than most of you – here’s why.

I was wrong about Quinn’s handling of Thomas Bordeleau at the World Championships.

Some insight into what David Oliver or Ryan Warsofsky could bring to the San Jose Sharks.

And away we go…

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Admitting you were wrong, regarding Bords, shows strength. Good on ya’, Sheng.

Bob D

Very good piece. Don’t know what to say about Will, I don’t like the deal he gave Hertl, but may have been under direct orders from the Germans upstairs. I still think MG should have his own chosen guy at his right hand (but their not going to give him ALL the keys to the kingdom). I also never thought the sharks were tanking. I think Grier has too much integrity to play that game. Ferraro? I think they’re handling this well. This guy has been overhyped under the DW regime but he is a fifth defenseman at best, and… Read more »


5th d-man at best!? Thats a pretty hot take


Why is his opinion a hot take? Because that’s not the peer approved consensus opinion of the echo chamber over at FTF? Bob may have reasons for why he thinks this though he didn’t explain them. Mario’s been mostly overmatched in his top 4 shutdown role which is fine at this point in his career. Given SJ’s injuries, it was inevitably he be used higher in the depth chart. It doesn’t mean he won’t become worthy of a tpp 4 role, but at the moment, he wouldn’t be that on a cup contending team. Right now, he should be bottom… Read more »

david barnard

when Eklund walks away with the Calder, i’ll be making sure to remind you of your slander;P

Bob D

If he wins, drinks on me 🙂

Bob D

I agree with you completely on being forced into a heavier responsibility, that’s true and it was due to mismanagement

david barnard

agreed, he’s better than a bottom pair guy. not a top pairing D until/IF he gets his offensive game going.


I totally agree about Ferraro as I couldn’t see him being better than Siemk and I still don’t believe he’s better than Siemk. But I believe he will get better under Quinn. Bordeleau needs a lot of time in the AHL. Ok so he came up and did some stuff in the game against Vegas. The reason Stone didn’t knock him down on that kick the puck play was that Stone was playing hurt and it didn’t help Stone to have Burns pile on him 😂. Eklund is no Kane (Blackhawks) and though Eklund avoids hits his spin o Rama… Read more »

Last edited 15 days ago by KE
david barnard

hard to compare Simek (at his best) compared to a still developing Ferraro. Simek never had to play the minutes/situation/comp that Ferraro has over the last 2 seasons. there are things Ferraro does way better than Simek ever has. Simek was a bigger hitter and probably had more offense in him (he led the Czech elite league twice in scoring from the blue line after all).


That’s because Simek didn’t get a chance. If ya over hype a kid you’re not going to allow anything to change that optic. Simek has better offense and defense in him but the knee injury slowed that return to form. Meanwhile Ferraro came on scene. I’m not sure what Ferraro had done “way better” than Simek. It’s hard to show that talent when you don’t play and when you do it’s your offside. Look what happened when Karlsson was put on his off side. Put Ferraro on his off side and see what happens. All I’m saying is that the… Read more »

david barnard

it’s not that concerning he isn’t signed yet. no arb rights, Sharks in complete control of him, other business to attend to first, etc. sure, someone could OS him, but the Sharks should be able to match anything that wasn’t an overpay, and if so, the Sharks would probably be better off taking the compensation. what’s he do better than Simek? he’s more mobile, better agility, more flexible hips, better motor, better pivots, better catch up/closing speed, quicker to loose pucks, better transitioning the puck, shows more leadership, etc. agreed that the injury really set Simek back, but honestly, what… Read more »

Last edited 14 days ago by david barnard
david barnard

i have a feeling MEV will be used at RD, even IF Merkley (waivers exempt) makes the club, in a platoon role. Ferraro will get re-signed and play top pair with Karlsson. Benning will play the other RD. Knyzhov has a lot to prove to get back into the lineup, but will prob fill in RD and LD, but most likely start the season with the Cuda (as he’s waivers exempt) since the Sharks signed Nutivaara for a similar role. Megna will be the #6-7 D. that leaves Simek odd man out. he’s expensive and redundant. GMMG’s gotta move him.… Read more »


Thank you for finally bringing light to the fact this guy shouldn’t be in our top 4


Good article. Completely agree with the Merkley vs EK65. They are in different places in their respective careers. None of us really know how Merkley learns and if benching him helps him process the game better, then do that. Also agree with the rebuild take. A rebuild was the right thing to do this offseason and for the prior 2 offseasons. But the Sharks have hedged their bets each time, not rebuilding but using some other ‘re’-word. It has been, is and continues to be the wrong decision. This team is not trying for a rebuild. Perhaps next year? One… Read more »


Also, I need to add real good article Sheng!!

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