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Cursed Season Continues: Sharks Lose to Devils 4-3 in Shootout



Credit: Hockey Shots/Dean Tait

The San Jose Sharks welcome in the New Jersey Devils into SAP Center. Timo Meier and Erik Karlsson gave the Sharks a 2-1 lead after two periods against the Cup contenders. Then Nick Bonino added another, but San Jose lost in the shootout 4-3.

Period 1

Graves goal: Megna pinches with no help. Not on Megna, in my opinion. Karlsson plays the 2-on-1, he actually stops the pass, but he falls. Meier tracks back hard, but I don’t think he does a good job once he gets back. Maybe didn’t come back with much of a plan. Ugly hockey all around, not the response that this San Jose Sharks squad looking for after being routed 7-1 by the Edmonton Oilers.

Lorentz line has popped tonight with energy, Sharks are grinding despite early deficit.

8 in: Too bad Karlsson couldn’t handle the Meier pass clean, Vanecek had chance to set with bobble. But good cycle shift from Hertl line, Eyssimont, I look for this for grind guys on skill lines, can they at least distribute puck in the OZ to their linemates. He did a nice job in corner with two Devils coming at him.

Sturm sets up Bonino for a golden chance. Looks like it goes wide. They need Bonino to get on the scoresheet more consistently if he’s going to keep going on the third line. Does a lot of things, but need more

9 left: Sharks 8-2 shots. Meier does a nice job avoiding Wood forecheck. They had a nice DZ exit, that line, Eyssimont hard in corner on Wood, Meier with active stick, but couldn’t create offense. I have not minded Eyssimont on that line, but ultimately, they have to score.

7 left: Gregor vs. Siegenthaler in corner, the Devils defenseman wins. I wonder if that’s an example of Gregor getting outbattled, will have to watch again.

Game delayed:

Meier goal: There you go. Eyssimont will keep himself playing on a scoring line with plays like that. Does a good job keeping puck alive, then finds Meier all alone off to side, backdoor.

2 left: Everything Gregor there. Devils blueline turnover, Gregor jumps on it, clear breakaway, fantastic speed, then goes high and wide. You know it’s in his head, that’s the challenge of a pro athlete, yeah? Overcoming the mental hurdles and maximizing the talent. Because we know he has NHL-caliber talent.

Karlsson goal: First goal since Dec. 22. Great work by San Jose Sharks power play of keeping it in, perhaps even when they should’ve got an extra call, Barabanov tripped behind net. Great seeing-eye shot and traffic by Barabanov and Couture made that impossible to pick up.

The San Jose Sharks rewarded by great play with a lead! Let’s see if they can keep it up. 4-2 High-Danger at 5v5 per NST.

Period 2

Cicek with a kind of D-to-D pass into Devils forecheck that might get him sat as soon as Harrington healthy. Lucky to come out unscathed.

1 in: Barabanov does nice job rolling by Graves on chip and chase. That’s good battle.

3 in: Gregor getting a PK look. Good for him. A bit harried there, but managed to make big plays to stop good chances.

4 in: Fun watching Meier. McLeod draped all over his back, he manages to get puck in front for a Hertl chance.

5 in: Great forecheck by Lorentz line, Lindblom is smart, jumps on vulnerable Devil up high trying to exit. He’s a smart player with good sense of when to go, when not to go. Lindblom pass just misses to side of Vanecek, no Shark there.

7 in: Good shift by Gregor, his speed on FC forces Graves into trouble, Sturm and company able to pounce. But he misses a centering pass one-timer, he takes a second on the ice to think about it, it looks like, which he cannot do. You want him always moving.

9 left: Sharks were rolling lines in OZ, great work, from 3rd to 4th, but then Gadjovich, who’s had a very good game, telegraphs pass to point to Karlsson. It’s OK, like I’ve been saying, fourth line been coming on for Sharks for a while, but small things.

San Jose Sharks playing one of their classic they’re not really a bad team games. Against a very good opponent. Setting fans up for some heartbreak.

7 left: Reimer cleans that up. Vlasic bobbles a D-to-D pass from Benning as Devils FC roaring in, that happens, but you can’t just throw that blindly up the middle. I’m sure he had a target but he wasn’t in a good spot to try a pass like that, that’s like a backfoot QB throw for an easy interception. Eat it, take the hit, or keep it along boards if you must surrender it.

5 left: Big fan of that play by Barabanov, keeps it alive though Devils on top of him in OZ, doesn’t give it to Karlsson at point, too easy, Devils looking for that for counterattack.

3 left: Good Gregor stick in slot as Hughes looking to go cross ice. Feels like San Jose Sharks need next goal, Devils coming on, have dominated shot counter this period.

2 left: Nieto and Couture 2-on-1, need to get a shot there, Nieto sends it high. Good decision by Karlsson, puck in no man’s land, most cases I’ve seen with him, he might overcommit, but this time, he makes wise decision to retreat. That line comes back strong, able to switch to Hertl line in OZ, Meier gets first Sharks shots in a while, stuffs in tight. First shot since 8:54 left by Lindblom.

Sharks 13-4 shots in 1st, Devils 16-6 in 2nd, accurate to game that I’m seeing. NST does like Sharks High-Danger chances, even in middle frame, but SPORTLOGiQ not as kind. SJS 4-3 Slot Shots in All Situations in 1st, Devils 6-2 in 2nd.

Period 3

Hischier goal: Well, Sharks didn’t keep prolong their fans’ hopes at least tonight. Karlsson turnover, but main thing, between Hertl and Meier, someone must track back harder on Hischier. That’s awful. Karlsson and Megna took the two Devils attacking, there can’t be an open trailer like that. Karlsson slams his stick afterwards, maybe mad at himself for initial turnover, but he needs help there too. I know Hertl not the fleetest of foot on first step, but it looks on replay that Hertl and Meier slow to react to brewing situation mentally. Hischier was not slow.

Bonino goal: Hey, shut me up there. Good PP2 there. Eyssimont with a couple shots there and the one that Bonino capitalizes on.

7 in: Eyssimont gets it up to Meier for breakaway. Benning definitely took look back at linesman that got in his way as if he were a Devil there. Then Nieto with a good clear to buy a line change. A lot of action there, Sharks hanging on a little, to be expected because of how good Devils are. But they’re playing hard.

6 left: Sturm consistently hard on backcheck, gives his defenseman a good chance to get set in zone. Then good break-up by Vlasic down low to get the Sharks out off DZ faceoff.

5 left: Karlsson on retreat, does a good job to skate with Hughes, force an angle shot.

4 left: Really good defensive Sturm shift sans stick. Big, strong, fast, direct, and smart.

Hughes goal: Karlsson deflected that in.


Hertl-Meier-Karlsson to start.

4 left: Meier does a nice job staying step for step with Hughes on attack.

Eyssimont creates turnover that leads to 2-on-1 with Sturm, then he gets a back hand chance in tight on return pass. Tatar doesn’t like extra whack, throws him down. Mikey creating chaos, fans loving it. He’s provided a boost, for sure.

Barabanov with some huge blocks in OT.

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Karlsson has the flipping audacity to have words with Reimer? Seriously Karlsson? How many seconds went by while you were saying something to the best player on the ice – certainty wasn’t you – but hey maybe the NHL can give you that assist on Hughes goal.

Bottom line – teams know Sharks can’t hold onto a lead nor close one out especially if the other team keeps playing

Last edited 12 days ago by KE

Try a hockey 101 class. It’s great for learning basic fundamentals when you have zero knowledge of the game.


Try watching a game without slobbering all over your Karlsson buttons. If you accept that behavior shown to a teammate in front of thousands watching then you’re just as pathetic as the behavior


And you have no idea what he was saying. You just assume negativity. He actually went to the bench and blamed himself. Yes, I heard him.


Throwing your hands up in the air in disgust directing at Reimer wasn’t blaming that on himself. Even the commentators both on ice and radio noticed it. You have no idea what he said on the ice either – the gesture and who it was directed was unsat and if you accept that behavior you’re unsat. I am talking about the on ice sportsmanship not coming back to the bench and looking for coddling “oh it’s ok Erik here let me give ya a hug” Did you ever take an English 101 reading and comprehension class. I’m punching the keys… Read more »


And by the way I believe it was Hedi that said it was Karlsson’s worst defensive game in which I laughed and said when does Karlsson play defense


Because you don’t understand hockey whatsoever. And as far as his worst defensive game, not even close. But keep blaming all the Sharks losses on Karlsson. After all, he said hurtful things to your heartthrob 5 tears ago. The funny part is, Dillon actually claims EK wasn’t telling at him. But KE knows better than all. BTW, Karlsson had 5 blocked shots this game. Hardly his worst defensive game. Again, start with learning how to skate and some simple hockey concepts. You’ll be amazed how much you can learn.


Again Anson you don’t comprehend well – I didn’t blame the loss on Karlsson although he was crap in OT. I didn’t even say anything about his defense Hedi did – read again – he said it was his worse defensive game and I laughed when he said it. I’m just passing on the stuff you missed while you were changing Karlsson drool bibs

Ty Comes

Hedi never said that wtf you talking about. Heard him praising Karlsson’s defensive plays literally the entire game lol


Hahahaha he had 5 blocked shots. Could have had 6 but instead it was an assist for the other team – he didn’t hit anyone

Again you’ll have to talk to the Stanley Cup defenseman Hedi as he’s the one that said it was Karlsson’s worst defensive game. Think he knows more than you hockey Einstein


I think you heard Hedi wrong. Must be the mashed potatoes between your ears. Only fair weather crao fans bag on their teams’ best players. But, I wouldn’t expect anything less from your brilliance. Let’s hope you know more about caring for people than hockey. Otherwise I hope I don’t end up where you work.


Hahaha- I bet the ushers have a hard time keeping you from licking the glass after Karlsson touches it don’t they? And it was you who was gnawing away at the bumper board to get a better view of Karlsson in the D zone but didn’t see him. It’s ok lad, we couldn’t see him in the D zone either.

ESPN+ let’s ya rewatch games over and over so you can hear Hedi all on your own hockey Einstein.


You heard what you wanted to here, but that’s not what Hedi said at all. But I wouldn’t expect you would understand the game whatsoever.


Hey Anson,

Your “expert opinion” is getting annoying here on this blog.

I’m sure you are the star of your team in the adult mens hockey league at the San Jose Ice Center, and how did you hear Karlsson’s comments when he was on the bench? Are you the fly on the wall on the Sharks bench or locker room or what?

Now quit being “mommy’s little soldier”, put your pants on and go get a real life.

Last edited 12 days ago by BOOMBA
Fin Coe

What poorly-constructed insults.


Okay … whatever. My other insults for “little Anson” would be much too controversial for this “august” (marked by majestic dignity or grandeur) blog.


Exactly – he and Ty didn’t even read my original post it had NOTHING to do with EK65 defense – it had to do with his hand gestures and words with Reimer – like his gesture was “WTH ya doing there Reimer”. Even Hahn stated “You could tell as soon as Reimer played that puck Karlsson had words with him Then Hedi said “well Karlsson doesn’t like to communicate” and made some other comment about how Karlsson expects people to see the ice like he does or knows where he’s at. So hockey einstein goes into I don’t know what… Read more »


Like I said in my other post about you …. I’m sure that you are the “star” of your team or the head coach of a Pee Wee team that your child plays on at the Sharks Ice in San Jose, so that makes you an expert on hockey. Yah right !

Unless you present some qualifications to be able critique NHL caliber players, other than normal, frustrated fan input, just stay in your lane — please !

Last edited 11 days ago by BOOMBA

Ugh. this thread. I will do the dumb thing and wade in on one particular adjacent issue from a number of previous threads. A balanced, evidence based approach will show that vaccines have risks, as do all medications.There is the minute possibility of myocarditis, GBS, autonomic dysfunction, anaphylaxis etc. The issue of myocarditis has been well studied and the range of large studies has the incidence from .9 to 4.2 per 100,000. And it is true that younger males have a higher incidence. But the key is that this rate is dramatically lower than myocarditis post-covid and that almost all… Read more »


Very well stated. Thanks !!


“FDA meets to discuss future vaccine strategy on Jan 26. There are concerns with the boost, boost, boost strategy. Again, there are valid evidence-based ways to have this discussion” I’m laughing at that one – the CDC and FDA already had evidence based facts and chose to silence those professionals and scientists. But you believe whatever hun and carry on. What I have seen and reported has resulted in better care for the ones I took care of and that is all that matters to me. Even if it means losing a job I’ll stand on the truth as it’s… Read more »


Oh by the way the 6 months waiting to get covid vax after having covid is on the CDC site – you must have missed it. There’s a reason they put that there and if you were on the front line observing what happens then you’d understand. I have a friend who became paralyzed right after getting vax. Another who went into rigors another who had a seizure – and so forth. All had covid within 2 months before getting the vax. Just wondering when you first got covid vax did you get a leaflet stating the risks and possible… Read more »

Fin Coe

I hope you someday find someone who loves you as much as you love anecdotal evidence.


I’m loved and blessed beyond measure right now I don’t have to wait for “some day” it’s every day. I don’t surround myself with people like you. But yours is a typical reply when a person has no logic and reasoning skills and is a lazy thinker. Carry on.


“ The Omicron XBB.1.5 variant of COVID-19 is more likely to infect individuals who have been vaccinated, according to New York City health officials.

“Omicron subvariant XBB.1.5 now accounts for 73 percent of all sequenced COVID-19 cases in NYC. XBB.1.5 is the most transmissible form of COVID-19 that we know of to date and may be more likely to infect people who have been vaccinated or already had COVID-19,” the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene wrote on Twitter on Jan. 13.”


Last reply- again, this is truly just to others. The headline quote is truncated for the purpose of deliberate disinformation. Headline: “Omicron subvariant XBB.1.5 possibly more likely to infect those who are vaccinated, officials say. Actual quote on the NYC DOH site is this: “[XBB1.5] may be more likely to infect people who have been vaccinated or previously had COVID-19 compared to prior variants.” Headline reads as if having been vaccinated makes you more likely to get sick than if you hadn’t been vaccinated. Actual quote means that having been vaccinated or having had Covid-19 (conveniently left out of the… Read more »


Written by Joseph Mercola 1/17/23 “ In a January 4, 2023, Children’s Health Defense interview, Dr. Peter McCullough, a cardiologist and internist, reviewed what could have happened in Hamlin’s case. As noted by McCullough, a condition called commotio cordis (Latin for “agitation of the heart”) is known to occur in baseball when a player is hit hard on the breastbone, thereby causing cardiac arrest. There are approximately 20 to 30 such cases each year. However, no such case has ever occurred in 100 years of pro football. Football players have padding that protects the breastbone, so in McCullough’s view, commotio… Read more »

Bob D

Maybe it’s a blessing and not a curse


Maybe it’s just boneheaded plays and lack of killer instinct- have no idea what they do between periods but maybe they are tiring themselves out – all I know is if I were player busting my butt and only getting $2M while top guys play like crap – it would wear on me. Vlasic – sit him too. Hell sit the whole team except the 4th line and bring up the Cuda !!

Megna is overrated. Can’t wait for Nico to come back.

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