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San Jose Sharks

Preds Feast on Sharks 6-2



The San Jose Sharks welcome the Nashville Predators into SAP Center. Nico Sturm and Martin Kaut scored, but the Sharks got feasted upon by the Preds 6-2.

Period 1

2 in: I see the idea, but not a good NZ play by Labanc. Backhand pass at center dot. Turnover.

4 in: Ferraro one-on-one eliminates Granlund. Nice work. Good showcase of his individual skills.

Niederreiter goal: Looks like Ferraro in high slot deflected it in, not sure if there was another touch. San Jose Sharks outshot 4-0 to start.

7 in: Gregor finds Sturm on opposite wing, good vision and execution, but Sturm makes one pass too many it looks like. I know top of the circle one-timer won’t be a Sturm forte, but tough not to get it on net there somehow.

9 left: Gregor almost finds Sturm again, this time in front, he’s had a good start.

2 left: Vlasic makes a good read to not give up quick behind Reimer — and then he goes coast to coast for the San Jose Sharks’ best chance so far. Saros stop. Scouts row was wowed lol. Good job by Vlasic though, seriously, of taking what was there.

Sharks with a sleepy first, NSH 5-1 Slot Shots.

Period 2

Granlund goal: Just sleepy. Vlasic loses it trying to exit, Reimer gives one up that he’d like back I guess.

4 in: Bonino chance created by Karlsson, even in a sluggish game for his team, creating something of nothing.

5 in: Gregor should turn back instead of just giving it up with Sturm off side? Think he has time and space for a better decision instead of just surrendering it.

10 in: Lorentz with a beaut area pass to Karlsson coming out of the box. Breakaway, post. Great hockey all around there.

Ferraro with a big block on Josi one-timer. Kaut then almost gets around McDonagh on 3-on-2, did he just lose puck? Some straight-ahead wheels there.

Granlund goal: Karlsson bites toward Granlund at center ice when he shouldn’t, Preds rush by him, make it a down-low 2-on-1 for Tomasino and Granlund versus Harrington. Karlsson maybe looking for that break-up? Instead, the rush leaves him behind, that was a risky play on Granlund at center ice.

6 left: Svechnikov does good job skating it up and protecting it down-low.

4 left: Karlsson takes Smith’s soul at center ice. Crowd shouts, “Do something!” And that’s what Karlsson does. Sharks have a lot of zone time on delayed call, but don’t do much with it. At the end, Karlsson appears frustrated because refs whistled down play too early. But Sharks go on PP.

Trenin goal: Benning with a bad turnover on PP breakout. Then MacDonald tries to take the Smith pass, leaving Trenin all alone for SHG. Think Kaut, considering the Sharks manpower on PP, should take an extra stride on Trenin. You have the extra man, use it to defend there. Ugly, listless hockey from the San Jose Sharks tonight, not a lot of energy.

FWIW NST does like San Jose’s second period more than I do.

Period 3

Kaut goal: Eyssimont helps skate the puck up, I think he was just left over from his shift. Yea, Gregor is now on the Hertl line, to add some speed, I bet. Never made sense for Bonino to be on that line.

The Karlsson with a gorgeous backhand NZ diagonal feed to Sturm.

Svechnikov not pleased with Glass, trying to start something as they come off.

3 in: Karlsson with a brilliant find of Barabanov, stretch pass. AB finds Eyssimont with a clever pass himself. ME tries that one extra pass to Couture, no dice.

5 in: Hertl gets a loose puck in slot on PP, no one around him, don’t know why he doesn’t turn and shoot. Maybe didn’t realize? But just gives to Karlsson at point.

Sharks with some better energy to start this frame.

9 in: Eyssimont loses it up high, Granlund shortie breakaway, Reimer bails him out.

Niederreiter goal: MacDonald stands up maybe when he should skate back? Eyssimont gets beat up the ice by Duchene.  Gregor own goal, but he was hung out to dry there.

Duchene goal: Awful call, how was that roughing on Eyssimont?

3 left: Kaut does a good job down low holding off Ekholm.

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