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Scouts Talk Michkov, Carlsson, Smith’s Strengths, Weaknesses



Credit: Orebro, IIHF, USA Hockey

What are the San Jose Sharks thinking with the No. 4 pick?

Predictably, they’re not telling. Educated guesses from Draft experts are pointing at Leo Carlsson or Will Smith…and not polarizing Russian winger Matvei Michkov.

Mock Draft Check: Who Do Experts Think Sharks Will Pick?

But the 2023 NHL Draft is still six weeks away. And there’s still a drumbeat in the industry for Michkov, thought by some to have first-overall talent.

“If I were a Sharks fan and they pass on this kid, I’d be upset,” one scout told San Jose Hockey now.

Here’s what three NHL scouts, all from outside of the San Jose Sharks organization, are saying about Michkov, Carlsson, and Smith.

Are there concerns with Michkov’s character? How does Carlsson’s skating limit him and which Shark is he like? What potential Sharks’ boxes might Smith and Michkov fail to check off?

Sheng Peng: Why should the San Jose Sharks draft Michkov at No. 4?

Scout #1: I saw him live for the first time in Dallas, Texas, during the COVID U18 year. Him and Bedard were on the ice, going head to head, they’re in the same tournament, and I left there going this kid is better than that kid. I thought Michkov was better.

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