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Get to Know McCue, Gilmartin, Jacobsson, Kashnikov



The San Jose Sharks may have drafted a couple rabble-rousers in Max McCue and Liam Gilmartin.

McCue cited snarly Matthew Tkachuk as his favorite player to watch. Gilmartin models his game after Public Enemy No. 1 Tom Wilson.

McCue and Gilmartin elaborated in their post-Draft availability. Theo Jacobsson and Evgenii Kalisnikov also spoke.

What’s Jacobsson’s relationship with San Jose Sharks scout Niklas Sundstrom? What’s Kalisnikov’s game like?

Let’s get to know these San Jose Sharks’ fifth, sixth, and seventh-rounders.

Max McCue

McCue, on producing more — he has just six points in his rookie OHL campaign in 2019-20:

I like to use Luke Evangelista as my example. He had two points in his first year and then he kind of came out the second year and had a point per game.

McCue, on his style of game and who he tries to emulate:

I like to watch the Matthew Tkachuks, Nazem Kadris, and Tyler Bertuzzis of the league. They’re smart two-way hockey players who can play on both sides of the puck. They’re hard to play against in all three zones. They can create offense and can battle on the defensive side of the puck and can be put out there in all situations of the game. That’s the kind of the guys I like to model my game after.

Liam Gilmartin

Gilmartin, on his style of game and who he tries to emulate:

I would say I’m a skilled power forward with a lot of power. I think I have a lot of natural ability.

One player I try to resemble is probably Tom Wilson. Especially being a Caps fan growing up.

He’s a player you hate to play against but love to have.

Gilmartin, who was born in Germany, on if he grew up there at all:

I came back [to the US]. My parents were stationed in the military over there. When I was about eight months, they got stationed at the Pentagon in D.C..

I got to see it when I was older. I went back and visited. It looked like a beautiful place to grow up.

[My parents are] both retired lieutenant Colonel’s both had 25-plus years in the Army.

Gilmartin, who grew up in Virginia, on Alex Ovechkin’s impact on hockey in the area:

He’s just such an inspirational, inspirational figure. Just the passion he has when he plays hockey, you can just see it. You feel that much more connected to the game when you watch him. And it makes you just want to play. That’s kind of what it did for me.

And that’s what it’s doing for a lot of guys in the area like Bryce Montgomery, who just got picked to Carolina.

Theo Jacobsson

Jacobsson, on his playing style:

I’m a two-way forward or center. I can play both. I like to have the puck to make plays for my teammates.

Jacobsson, on his relationship with San Jose Sharks scout Niklas Sundstrom:

Niklas Sundstrom is from the same city as me. We meet each other pretty often at the rink. I felt like it could happen. But it came like a surprise.

Evgenii Kashnikov

Kashnikov, on his playing style:

I’m a big, strong defenseman. I play physical. When I have a chance, I’m trying to play offensively to join the rush. At the same time, I want to play good defensively and win one-on-one battles and try not to let players go to the net.

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