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Buium Owned Celebrini With This Chirp



For the San Jose Sharks, it’s probably just a dream to build around Macklin Celebrini and Zeev Buium for the next decade.

The Sharks will select Boston University center Celebrini with the first-overall pick of the 2024 Draft, but their next pick, No. 14, is likely too low for the touted Buium to drop to. That pick is also possibly too low to be the centerpiece for a trade up to grab the University of Denver defenseman.

But if Celebrini and Buium’s chemistry is as good on the ice as it’s been off the ice these past few days? The San Jose Sharks will be missing out.

Celebrini and Buium, who know each other from Shattuck-St.Mary’s, have been trading compliments and playful jabs since the Scouting Combine in Buffalo last week to Game Two of the Stanley Cup Final in Florida today.

On Friday, Buium gushed about Celebrini in his media availability.

“He’s an unbelievable kid,” Buium said. “On the ice, he’s just a stud, right? He’s good at everything.”

Celebrini followed Buium on the podium and returned the compliment…kind of.

“I was blown away when I saw him at the Frozen Four. I felt like he was the best player on the ice. It was pretty cool to see,” Celebrini said, before smiling, “just don’t tell him I said that.”

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The one-upmanship carried over into Saturday, when the prospects got their heights measured before fitness testing.

The 5-foot-11.75 Celebrini was visibly disappointed to measure just short of 6-foot-0.

Buium had no such problem…and he let prep school mates Celebrini and Cole Eiserman know it.

This weekend “rivalry” culminated this morning, when Celebrini, visiting morning skate of Game Two of the Stanley Cup Final with Buium, Artyom Levshunov, and Cayden Lindstrom, jokingly took the podium in an otherwise empty press conference room, and asked his seated peers if they had any questions for him.

According to Nick Cotsonika of, Buium chirped, “How does it feel to never win anything?”

Burn, er, Buium can lord three championships over Celebrini, USA over Canada in the 2023 U-18 World Championships, USA over Canada in the 2024 World Junior Championships, and national champion DU over BU in the 2024 Frozen Four.

“Next question,” Celebrini said.

Did I say one-upmanship? I meant one-sided.

However, there’s no doubt that Celebrini will go No. 1 to the San Jose Sharks in the 2024 Draft. But instead of that as his last laugh…I bet Celebrini would rather be laughing with Buium on the same team over the next decade.

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Ty Comes

It would be awesome, just don’t know what it’d take to trade up, might not be best asset management (?) but what do I know!


If they somehow got a #1 D and #1 C out of this draft Grier would get a statue outside of SAP.


When it comes right down to it on draft day, I think Buium is actually going to be the fifth of the top six defensemen to go. Yakemchuk is a 6’3 righty with a mean streak and arguably the best hands in the draft after Demidov. He just scored 30. If he doesn’t go top 10, I’ll eat a puck. I think Chicago is going to take Levshunov, who Anaheim wants. Their second best option of a player with that same profile is Yakemchuck. Silayev is going to go high too, there are teams that see more offense in him… Read more »


The Athletic just put out an article where they talked to 11 scouts and 5 execs and all of the top 6 defensemen received votes as the best defenseman in the draft. Parekh, Silayev, Yakemchuk, Silayev if not Russian so Levshunov, Levshunov, Silayev, Levshunov, Yakemchuk, Dickinson, Levshunov with Silayev right with him, different opinion every day, Buium, Yakemchuk followed by Levshunov, Buium over Levshunov, Parekh over Buium, Levshunov.

Considering how much variance there is between lists everywhere, I’m going to stop trying to guess what’s going to happen (outside of Celebrini going number 1).


It’s funny, that same article is actually what made me feel more certain. At the end of the day, scouts are scouts and they have such a hard time seeing past the advantage of size. All the love for Yakemchuk shows how different a scout thinks than a prognosticator. Pundits are making lists like the guy might slip to 13 or 14 and the scouts are like yeah I’d take him third.


fwiw, I read an article about the interviews at the combine. Toughest guy to play against? Yakemchuk was apparently a very (most?) common answer. Yes, the Sharks can move up to get Buium — or almost anyone else they want. They have picks 33, 42, 14 in this draft and the VGS first next season. If I’m the Blackhawks sitting at #2 overall and the Sharks offer up that entire package, I have to think very seriously about taking it. And probably do!! My guess, Sharks could get Buium for this years 1st and the VGS first from next season.… Read more »


You left out Jiricek as being possible at that spot as well. I know there are some question marks for him, but there are definitely question marks about Emery at 14 as well.


Knowing how much you love variables, the NHL Draft Class podcast had Chris Morehouse on Part one of scouting combine, and he talked about the difference between Media lists and team lists. Celebrini and He made it a great listen! Especially, when consider why guys fall and seem like reaches, may be more about who drafts when than anything else. Watching Dickenson and Leshunov and Buium, those would be 3 to target. Not sure any are worth 4 picks. Because I do agree with you D come out of the wood work. If can keep this years 14th and move… Read more »

Fin Coe

I’d agree that he COULD slip, and have even seen Parekh go before Buium in quite a few mocks. Either of those two would be a dreeeeeam and, like a dream, both are likely entirely out of reach. I just can’t see any of them making it out of the top 10, and I can’t see anyone in the top 10 willing to pass on a D.

Ricky W

You should cite your sources because the online scouting community is a joke, the discrepancies from one scouting report to another is crazy. Especially with skating, the single most important attribute of a prospect, one guy says he’s a burner one guy doesn’t even mention it and the next says he needs to work on it.

Last edited 10 days ago by Ricky W

My dude, Jon already said that the article was published by The Athletic and that it consisted of interviews with professional scouts. In short, the source is the New York Times. Will that do, or nah?


I suppose I could’ve directly linked to the article. Note that it is paywalled so if you don’t subscribe to The Athletic you won’t be able to read it. I did give a more in depth synopsis of the article while still trying not to copy the entire thing over at FtF, though the part talking about the defensemen I just copied and pasted from there to here.


Regarding the article title. I’ve never liked the current terminology that people get “owned” by a chirp or by a tweet, etc. Two reasons. The concept of owning people is so terribly wrong, I hate seeing it used, even in slang form. And second, it feels so immature. Nice jab? OK. “Own?” No. I want to “hit that” referring to women? No. Someone got “destroyed” by a tweet. No. It all feels too casually violent at one level and click-baity at another. And if you don’t like that objection, you’ll really hate my objection number 7 … OK, I’ll show… Read more »


How far up do the Sharks need to trade up to to secure one of the these top d’s in the draft? Would Devil’s 10th pick be enough?


Depends on what you consider a top D and how things fall. There are six that most people consider “top D” and, as I posted above, there really isn’t a consensus on the order of them. With that, tenth should almost definitely be enough to get one of them. Celebrini is going number one. If any combination of three other forwards go in the top nine one of those top six should be available and you have Demidov, Lindstrom, Iginla, Catton, Eiserman, Helenius, and Sennecke all being discussed as possible top tens (though some seem more likely than others). If… Read more »


Eric Tulsky, a former SB Nation writer, was promoted to GM of the Canes. How long before Sheng becomes an NHL GM?

Gary Caldwell

Sheng has to be a media rep at each draft lottery until the Sharks are no longer lottery eligible, then he can pursue larger things. He has the magic juju for SJ.


I noticed when combine results were first posted, ala the hockeynews about the top 10 performers in each event, that in body composition fat % category, they had EJ Emery and Sam Dickinson at the top, both with 3.64% body fat. After that, most were between 6.8 – 7.45%. Then when you go to the central scouting link to the top 25 performers in each testing event, Emery and Dickinson aren’t anywhere in the top 25 for that category. Ethan Procyszyn and Adam Jiricek top the list with 6.84 & 7.01% body fat respectively. I’m going to assume Emery… Read more »

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