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How Did Celebrini Fare in 2024 Draft Combine Fitness Testing?



BUFFALO, N.Y. – Fitness testing at the 2024 Draft Combine didn’t start the way that Macklin Celebrini wanted.

First up were measurements, and Celebrini, listed at 6-foot-0, came up just short at 5-foot-11…and ¾ inches.

Round up, kid!

“Oh, so close! Kind of disappointed,” Celebrini said, shaking his head in mock frustration.

The soon-to-be San Jose Sharks’ first-overall pick did over a dozen tests, Y-Balance, Grip Strength, VO2, Standing Height, Wing Span, Horizontal Jump, Vertical Jump, No Arm Jump, Squat Jump, Bench Press, Pro Agility Test, Pull Ups, and the Wingate Test.

Most of these tests were open to the media.

Here’s video from each public test, and how Celebrini compared. The NHL releases the top-25 for each test publicly, except for Y-Balance.

VO2 testing was yesterday, and Celebrini graded high in that Aerobic Fitness test, 24th in Test Duration (12:35) and fourth in V02max (63.0).

Celebrini didn’t rank for either Left or Right Hand Grip.

His 7.64 Body Fat % was excellent, 20th at the Combine.

Anyway, don’t get too worried about these individual results. The future franchise face of the San Jose Sharks is the sum of all his parts, if anything.

The most important thing, he should be a spectacular hockey player for the San Jose Sharks.

“Got a lot of stuff to improve on, I realize,” he said.

Don’t worry about it, Macklin!

Standing Height/Wing Span

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Sounds like EJ Emery is probably going to keep rising on draft day.


Top 5 in test results and players who I’ve seen ranked in the top 14 or mentioned as a candidate for the Sharks to draft there. Aerobic Fitness: VO2max (ml/kg/min) 2 –F Tij Iginla – 65.0 4 –F Macklin Celebrini – 63.0 Agility & Balance: Pro Agility – Left (sec) 1 — D Stian Solberg – 4.12 4 — F Terik Parascak – 4.28 5 — F Michael Hage – 4.29 Agility & Balance: Pro Agility – Right (sec) 1 — D Stian Solberg – 4.08 2 — F Jett Luchanko – 4.23 3 — D Eric ’EJ’ Emery –… Read more »


14 categories (didn’t count the wingspan)
Emery was top 25 in 9 categories
Solberg was top 25 in 9
Charlie Elick was top 25 in 7, chance he’s there at 33

Celebrini was top 25 in 4


He can play hockey, that’s what matters to me!

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