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Celebrini Effect: ‘Large Uptick’ in Interest for Sharks Tickets After Draft Lottery



Credit: Boston University/Cadey Spencer

It’s not quite the Connor Bedard effect, but Macklin Celebrini is generating a tangible excitement among San Jose Sharks fans.

This is what Bedard brought after the Chicago Blackhawks won the 2023 Draft Lottery, according to Ben Pope of the Chicago Sun-Times: “The Blackhawks have already sold $2.5 million worth of season-ticket plans for 2023-24 in the 1.5 hours since winning the #1 pick — including more than 500 new full-season plans.”

According to a San Jose Sharks spokesman, as of Friday, just three days after winning the first-overall pick in the 2024 Draft Lottery, the Sharks had sold more full season ticket packages 10 days into May than they did during the entire month last year.

“Our sales and marketing staff is reporting a large uptick in people inquiring about a variety of ticket options for the coming season, including [full season] 365 memberships, flex plans, the Penthouse Lounge, suites, and group outings,” the spokesman told San Jose Hockey Now. “Some of these options are available now but many others are not yet on sale.”

You won’t have to wait until opening night to see the excitement either.

On Jun. 28, the night of the first round of the 2024 NHL Draft in Las Vegas, the San Jose Sharks will be hosting a Draft party at SAP Center. The Sharks are expected to select Celebrini No. 1 that night.

The Sharks are reporting, just three days after the Draft Lottery, that they’ve had more than 5,000 tickets claimed for the party, and to account for demand, they’ve already expanded capacity for the event to 15,000.

And we don’t even know yet if Celebrini is leaving Boston University for the NHL in 2024-25!

The Sharks say they’ll have a better idea about the “Celebrini effect” come training camp.

But it’s good to see, five years since the San Jose Sharks’ last playoff appearance, that the fans are still there.

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Let’s hope this effect trickles down to the UFA market and coaching search.


Let’s hope Smith will sign right after Celebrini signed with the Sharks


I bought the breakaway pass that included all of the home games in April, September, and October and I asked my Sharks rep if they’d be offering them next year and she said they didn’t know yet and would be waiting until after the lottery. I figured it was related to this effect (the breakaway pass is very cheap for tickets and they’d rather sell other packages first).

Old Time Hockey Fan

Don’t count on it.
They are going to leverage this # 1 for all the $$$$$ they can.
If/ when Smith, Celebrini come to the NHL—the Sharks better stock up on bodyguards for these youngsters.


Even with Connor Bedard, the Blackhawks were six points worse in 2023-24 compared to 2022-23. Hope the Sharks can do better and don’t disappoint.


Yeah, but Chicago had injuries to guys they were counting on to play with Bedard. Pretty sure if even just Taylor Hall stayed healthy, they would’ve had a few more wins. Sometimes injuries derail even supposed Cup favorites; look no further than New Jersey this past season. Barring any significant injuries, the Sharks should be much better this year. PS: I’m a lifelong Rangers fan, so this isn’t about wishful thinking. They should be much better, especially if they get a few good D-men.


Tell me about injuries. The Sharks had two legitimate NHL centers out most of the season and enough injuries on defense to destroy any chemistry of a pair working together for a long stretch of games. Let’s hope the October schedule isn’t as horrible as last year’s; that really sapped the morale of fans and players.


Might not be a bad idea to give our youngsters another year to develop, maybe get another high draft pick next year and then gung ho for years to come


Don’t forget we have the exciting pickles leading the charge pn the back end!! It’s wonderful start to a Doug Wilson mess however looks like we’re starting to cleanup!!


Just ask the Giants after spending millions for nothing!! This August an September nobody will be there even though seats sold!! Sharks need to go slow an one an only on thing matters! W I N N I N G!! Bayarea will support the Sharks however last year no exception was Eklund hat trick game people like that!! Good luck boyz!!

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