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Time To Celebrini! Sharks’ Draft Lottery Victory Mailbag



Welcome to a post-Draft Lottery victory mailbag!

Congratulations, San Jose Sharks fans! You deserved this win.

Thanks for all your questions!

Sharksmustbealways asked if the Sharks were waiting for the Draft Lottery result to help them lure a better head coach candidate? (3:10)

Amorris209 wondered generally how Macklin Celebrini affects the process for the coaching search? (4:20)

Jigglz brought up Tim Kawakami’s recent criticism of Sharks owner Hasso Plattner: Would the franchise be better if Plattner was seen or heard from more? (6:10)

Jamnjon asked if the Sharks should target smaller prospects like Alexander Zetterberg or Justin Poirier in the mid to later rounds? (17:00)

Rob S wondered how Sheng was selected to witness the actual Draft Lottery? Also, who’s the San Jose Sharks’ goalie of the future? And will the Sharks ever host a Sharks game at Tech CU Arena? (22:08)

David Gotlieb loves pets! He asked about Mushu’s favorites and if Keegan has pets. (37:09)

Josh Frojelin wondered if Ethan Cardwell could make the San Jose Sharks out of camp next season? (41:35)

Mike suggested perhaps trading the No. 14 pick for a more NHL-ready young defenseman? (45:42)

James R wondered what it would take for the San Jose Sharks to land Mitch Marner this summer? (1:01:30)

_sharkzilla_ asked when San Jose Hockey Now would get scout opinions on the Sharks’ post-Celebrini prospect pool? (1:10:10)

Stephanie K wondered what the last straw for David Quinn was? She also wondered about how Sheng feels about going into the 2024 Draft, getting to cover the No. 1 pick. Finally, how does Celebrini stack up versus other recent top prospects? (1:14:47)

Timorous me asked what was Sheng’s reaction to the Sharks winning the Draft Lottery? (1:24:02)

Nimrod wondered if Luca Cagnoni is better served playing his overage season in the WHL or going to the AHL? (1:33:05)

Zeke discussed the possibility of trading the no. 33 pick for a 2025 first-round pick? (1:38:47)

Alaskan_ice checked in on Sheng and Keegan’s relationship. (1:44:50)

Michael K wondered if we go out of our way to deflate expectations of San Jose Sharks prospects? (1:51:24)

Splash114 asked how the Sharks should go about adding a true No. 1 or 2 defensemen to the organization? (2:02:11)

Chris Braun wondered if the Sharks should add a veteran center to help mentor Celebrini, especially if Couture is still injured? (2:07:51)

KuperKris suggested some theoretical additions to the team: Could the Sharks push for the wild card? (2:12:40)

Fin Coe checked in on the Sharks’ Russian scout situation and the Kevin Whitmer investigation. (2:17:43)

Alex Genadinik wondered where William Eklund would go in a 2021 re-Draft? (2:19:05)

Blue Science asked if the Sharks should go for a defenseman no matter what at No. 14? (2:27:43)

Recycle Shark wondered how the Sharks should improve their defense next year and if Thomas Bordeleau or Danil Gushchin are destined to get traded? (2:32:52)

Lakshya Jain asked if we think the Sharks will sign both Will Smith and Celebrini this off-season? (2:40:00)

Matthias893 wanted our thoughts on how Cagnoni stacks up compared to Olen Zellweger? (2:43:30)

Tony asked who Mike Grier should target at UFA forward this summer? (2:44:52)

James wondered if Hasso would stomach another tank in 2024-25, this time for James Hagens? (2:46:10)

David Rowley asked if the Sharks would target a more offensive defenseman in this year’s draft? (2:49:35)

Patrick wondered what the Sharks’ greatest positional needs are going into the Draft? (2:50:45)

Matt Railo asked, after winning the Draft Lottery, if the San Jose Sharks should have the core of a playoff team soon? (2:53:08)

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