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On Reimer, LGBTQIA+ Community & Questions Unasked



Credit: Hockey Shots/Dean Tait

James Reimer is as nice an NHL player as I’ve met.

We, the local media, voted him the Sharks Media Good Guy last year.

Reimer also, in my opinion – and I know he will disagree – just committed an act of hate by refusing to wear the San Jose Sharks’ Pride jersey for Sharks Pride Night.

Both things can be true.

“I have no hate in my heart for anyone, and I have always strived to treat everyone that I encounter with respect and kindness,” Reimer said in the statement announcing his decision. “In this specific instance, I am choosing not to endorse something that is counter to my personal convictions which are based on the Bible, the highest authority in my life.”

Reimer, Couture, Quinn on Reimer Refusing To Wear Pride Jersey

Reimer and I obviously don’t agree with what constitutes hate, but that’s not the point of all this.

All this a reminder, actually. It’s a reminder once again that we really don’t know these players.

That goes for fans and media.

We see them, in theory, at their best, on the ice and in short bursts of time in the locker room.

Some reporters might also talk on the phone or text or grab a drink with a player. But for the most part, we don’t really know them.

But the narratives? So-and-so is the best guy. He’s incredible.

Are you sure?

Beware the narratives, good or bad.

As it turns out, Reimer might be nice, but he’s not the nicest guy. He wasn’t nice enough to wear a rainbow jersey for 15 minutes to help make a large, often marginalized section of the fanbase feel just a little more welcome.

But he’s not some embodiment of pure evil either.

People are, it’s no great revelation, complicated.

No. 1

Anyway, this isn’t about me, despite how I started this editorial. I’m still processing what happened today, so writing what I just wrote helps.

This isn’t about Reimer either, even though he’s the headline.

I feel, No. 1, for those in the LGBTQIA+ community who are reminded once again that they are not entirely welcome in hockey.

It’s not just one player. It’s not an isolated incident.

It’s Reimer, Ivan Provorov of the Philadelphia Flyers, New York Rangers, and Minnesota Wild – and on the other side, there are leaders like Scott Laughton and Jon Merrill and the San Jose Sharks who do back Pride Night.

It’s a confusing message for such a fan, I think? But that’s the reality, and I’d get if any LGBTQIA+ hockey fan wanted to exit this space where you don’t know where the players, the teams, and the league truly stand on the core of your human being.

It’s okay, says one hand reaching out to you. It’s not okay, says another hand slapping your face.

Questions Unasked

I give Reimer credit for standing in there and taking about 15 minutes of questions this morning. Provorov, his forerunner, took about one question on the topic, and then told Flyers media that he wanted to talk only hockey.

Reimer could’ve answered more questions though, but San Jose Sharks PR pulled him after about 20 minutes.

There were still pertinent questions, such as…

The Bible says a lot of things: It says you should rest on Sunday and not eat shellfish, among other things. Why evoke the Bible here, James?

(Reimer, by the way, has played three times on Sunday so far this season.)

What would you say to a LGBTQIA+ fan who you’ve now made feel unwelcome in the sport? You preach love, but your reference point is a book that calls homosexuality an “abomination”.

In the LGBTQIA+ community, trans have been the most targeted recently. What are your thoughts on trans?

I’m sure my colleagues had more questions too.

The Smallest Act

I get this is Reimer’s choice and it’s a free country.

I don’t like his choice, but I do support his right to make it.

I’m not calling for Reimer to get “cancelled” or have his NHL career cut short strictly because of this.

I believe, in America, that you have that right to express your opinion more or less, short of advocating out-and-out violence.

But I don’t understand why Reimer is participating in tonight’s game at all.

I’m not even saying to officially suspend him for expressing his beliefs. I understand there would be CBA concerns with that anyway.

But at the bare minimum, Reimer should be healthy scratched on a night that the organization claims is about Pride. If the San Jose Sharks organization is trying to make a statement about Pride Night, best you can, present a united front on this one night. Having a dissenting player play – or back up, be on the bench – diminishes the message.

There isn’t any reason that I know for Reimer to be in the building on a night that he specifically doesn’t want to participate in.

It’s the smallest act.

But small acts, good or bad, do add up to something.

Take a marginalized LGBTQIA+ community, it’s death by a thousand cuts, I suspect?

These small acts, these slaps of the face – Reimer sitting on the bench tonight, the Rangers and Wild pulling out of their Pride jersey commitments last second, and so on – they never seem to end.

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Bullshit. He no more committed an act of hate by not participating than you have by not respecting his right to do so or not. Nobody owns the truth. He should be celebrated for sticking to his guns and making a stand kniwing that the Cancel Culture will be on the attack, as indicated in your article. You dont fix hatred and intolerance with more hatred and intolerance. Keep your politics out of hockey please.


Thank you for your reply, totally agree with you!

KAT aka KE the original

Why did you hijack my initials – really lame and immature

KAT aka KE the original

You’re a troll – not the KE people here have come to know. You’re trolling me shows your lack of intelligence and respect. Probably a Christian hater.

Ty Comes

Difference between respecting and disagreeing, Sheng very much seems to respect and understand the importance of free will free speech, he only *disagrees* with the opinion. Sounds like you disagree with him, big whooo, no sense getting panties in a bunch over this lol


Waahhh??? Is your poor little feeling hurt?

Good on Sheng for showing us who he is & good on James for also showing us who he is.
Sheng expressed his beliefs & he should be respected for it, yet you don’t. While in the same breath you want us to respect James beliefs you call Sheng’s beliefs BS. THAT is some A level BS.

Respect is earned. Sheng has earned mine. Reimer has lost any respect I may have had of him using religion as a shield to discriminate.

Nicholas Flohr

He quite literally said “I don’t like his choice, but I do support his right to make it.” so nice try on that one. Stop using your beliefs as a pitiful excuse to discriminate against group of people that just want to feel safe as human beings. Basic human decency is not politics.


Such a dumb comment…


Thank you for this.

I know you’re going to get a lot of shit, but as a queer woman who loves this sport and team with her whole heart, this means the world to me. And frankly, I went from respecting and liking Reimer to feeling incredibly hurt by his choice and am now very relieved his contract ends this season.

Also, for what it’s worth, I’m very scant on funds right now and had been considering letting my subscription lapse – but this article made me decide to dig between the couch cushions for that $23

Last edited 10 days ago by bunnymcfoo

Thanks for putting this out there, Sheng. Reading your thoughts on this was a breath of fresh air today. It helps more than you know.


At the very least he’s an idiot. The jerseys are fire tho.


Really really disappointed with your post. Reimer took a stand and should be allowed to do that without a public critique by you. Maybe stick to hockey and not write about things you know nothing about.


Just because you’re between a pair of pipes doesn’t make you gay.

KAT aka KE the original

I don’t know who the troll is Sheng doesn’t protect Christians who get bullied on this site you must have a “really really good reason” for him to intervene- but Sheng’s too busy calling Reimer a hater and causing others to hate Reimer

Last edited 10 days ago by KAT aka KE the original

Ohhh playing the Christian “victim” card now are we? Ya’ll want to be such “martyrs”, cracks me up.

Society get forced fed your religion on a daily basis, yet when anyone pushes back on Christian indoctrination, we are the ones called “bullies” by the so-call Christians.

Play that victim card white boy
(sung to the tune “Play the funky music, white boy”)

btw I’m an old white guy

KAT aka KE the original

Not a “white boy” and you don’t know the emails I’ve written Sheng – it seems that if the words “sissy” he admonished right away but the same can be done with someone telling me Shut the “F” up and do nothing. There have been people using my profile initials and he knows and been watching but because the person says why I say then no problem with it whaaaat? What kind of response is that. Would it be fair if a Christian hijacked your profile and started posting and projecting not your replies? If you complained about it would… Read more »

Bob D



Obvisouly you know nothing about being a Minority & what it is like to be discriminated against. Guess what? Me niether as I am a old white guy that has never had to deal with the crap that MANY have to put up with.
Yet I am not afraid to hear their struggles and their side of the story, you seem to be though.. Why is that?

So if you don’t like it, don’t read about or comment. Pretty simple.

KAT aka KE the original

It’s not the KE you think you’re writing too someone using my initials to make it seem like me. Pathetic

Wayne Regretski

Free speech goes both ways. Reimer can say what he wants, but that doesn’t mean others can’t criticize his decision. Sheng’s pretty even handed about all of that.


James is allowed to make his choice but he should in no way be free from criticism. That’s not what free speech means.


Scratching him might have opened the team up to religious discrimination liability since this is a work environment. Doesn’t sound like he gave them a ton of time to figure that side of things out.

What should have happened is he should have asked to be scratched himself. He intentionally chose to make part of today about himself and his beliefs. I think that says a lot about him.


He showed himself today for what he truly is, a religious zealot & that’s fine w/ me. He can go join his Mennonite community & be done with the hedonistic NHL.

Ask him why he was “celebrating” that satanic holiday “Halloween” if he’s so religious? What a goof…

KAT aka KE the original

You are showing yourself too – I’d like to ask the homosexual community why they celebrated the World Cup that was held in a country that murders and tortures homosexuals. Buying merchandise and supporting the sponsors and wearing “jerseys” that represent hate – boy y’all sure gather together and boycott places like Chick-fil-A or Hobby Lobby or Cake Makers. Because see those people won’t cut your head off.

Ty Comes

But seriously, those jerseys were absolutely GORGEOUS tho right..?!!? Str8 fiiiiiire for real

Bob D


KAT aka KE the original

What’s even funnier is that pride people didn’t even show up to see those “fire” inclusive jerseys. All I saw was teal color in the stands – no rainbow colors at all. You’d think with that many people being pride night it would be noticeable- however if no one told ya one would have never known. Guess they were all scared from Reimer’s presser. I dunno just expected more Pride people ar warmup since it was all for them.

There was no way over 16,000 people were in attendance


Reimer an act of hate? Wow! I think you owe Reimer an apology. The top two definitions for hate from the Merriam-Webster dictionary website: 1 a: intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury.               b: extreme dislike or disgust. I don’t see any hate in Reimer for the LBGTQ community. Sheng, you seem to have a thinly vailed anger for people who don’t agree with you about promoting the gay lifestyle. It’s not about the LBGTQ community not feeling welcome at Sharks’ games, I don’t think people from the Sharks organization or the fans at… Read more »

Last edited 10 days ago by BrianJ
KAT aka KE the original

Pride people didn’t even show up for the warm up when the players were wearing the jerseys barely even seen any rainbow colors except teal. Has that color been hijacked yet? That’s pretty sad when bashing Reimer and can’t even show up for pride night.

My rant is coming – I’m not as nice as Reims


Thank you Sheng. Your article means a lot to those hockey fans who are marginalized. My niece is a member of the LGBTQ+ community and I have seen first hand the discrimination and the hate she has faced. It’s ugly. I am often brought to mind of how our Supreme Court had to mandate desegregation to really start the ball the rolling on racial discrimination (although it definitely still exists, it’s better than it was).

Sean Michael

Please stop saying the shellfish thing, it’s a silly argument. The Old Testament ceremonial laws were never binding on the consciences of Christians. Laws regarding sexual morality, because they relate to the nature of man, always will be.

KAT aka KE the original

The homosexual community and haters of Christians will only pick and choose what the want to build a false narrative around. You notice they don’t post one thing about Sodom and Gomorrah or any other scriptures about homosexuality. So with no understanding and with scales on their eyes God has left them to their own reprobate minds. They’d know that if they read the whole Bible and understood the instruction and changed their hearts. But they won’t because just as Jesus said speaking to His disciples “the world will hate you but keep in mind it hated me first”. It’s… Read more »


So it sounds to me like we agree maybe not all the rules should be strictly adhered to and yet… you want to draw the line at sexual orientation. Not seeing the problem yet?

KAT aka KE the original

No that’s not what Sean is saying but I can speak for myself in what is meant by his comment. People only take a scripture out of the Bible without the whole context. The shellfish is part of the Old Testament law regarding unclean and eating would defile a man. But “Jesus gets to the heart of the matter. He explains that what defiles a person (in the eyes of God) comes not from the outside—by what one puts into his mouth but from within (Mark 7:15)”. Jesus said it is far more important to concentrate on what comes out… Read more »


Sheng, you’re awesome for taking a stance on this.

It’s really disappointing to see that this is a conversation that needs having. James Riemer is probably a super nice guy but it’s clear that he holds some indoctrinated views that are frankly unacceptable if you want to create an inclusive environment and I hope he and others paying attention are able to reflect on the inconsistencies highlighted here.

KAT aka KE the original

You also hold indoctrinated views


lol nice one

Last edited 8 days ago by offthecrossbar
Fin Coe

Thanks for writing this Sheng, you’ve put it very clearly (and rather more kindly than I would have). What I especially wish more people would take away is that *people* are not Good or Bad, they are what they do, and those *actions* can help or harm. I also feel that the organization has made some serious missteps here that deserve further scrutiny. They put a lot of work into the night and a noble cause – but they also set the table for this disappointment by punting the decision to Reimer. Regardless of the NHL’s milquetoast (and un-clarified until… Read more »

KAT aka KE the original

Oh look at you saying “ those *actions* can help or harm” when you tell a woman “Shut the F up” so whatever you comment becomes bull and void. You say “well It’s alright for me to bully and act like a woman beater but people should pay the price for not wearing a NON work jersey” Sharks organization or any organization for that matter having your thought process in what should go into a contract would not only be against employment discrimination laws but wouldn’t get a whole lot of players signing contracts. A company, sports team, etc has… Read more »

Fin Coe

Your opinion is worse than worthless to me. I have absolutely nothing to say to you but what I said in our last exchange.

Fin Coe

Also I have never attacked your gender because how on Earth would I know it

KAT aka KE the original

Because I told you the first time and I emailed Sheng about that first encounter. Still you continued. So don’t try to play the innocent now apologize would have been the right thing to do if someone told you but you continued the behavior. So I don’t buy your response.

Fin Coe

“Shut the fuck up” is a gender-neutral response, and the only one I have for you.


Isn’t that freedom of expression though?
Reimer can’t win regardless. He didn’t want to wear the jersey: oh look, he’s a hater and a bigot.

He wears it: oh look, Reimer is a hypocrite.

I’m glad he didn’t wear that stuff, and that he was not scratched. Had he been scratched essentially would have meant that the Sharks punished him for staying true to himself and last time I checked SJ isn’t a town in an authoritarian country.

KAT aka KE the original

But I didn’t believe his coach nor his captain stood up for his decision either. But that’s fine they have to tow the line being in the position they hold. Labanc I felt at his post game presser when drilled by Sheng about Reimer felt bad and ashamed that he didn’t do the same regarding how Reimer didn’t wear the jersey. But I’m sure Labanc would have been left on the 4th line or healthy scratch. However, for the first time Labanc did show his faith after he scored the goal. But you see it in his eyes during the… Read more »

Last edited 9 days ago by KAT aka KE the original
Jack Butkuss

You support his right then bad mouth him for his beliefs, what else can we the public expect from the press today, people have no right for there opinion.


Freedom of speech does not insulate you from social consequences, nor has it ever, nor is it intended to. Everyone has the right to their opinion, and everyone else has the right to think that opinion sucks. How is that difficult to understand? Do a crossword or something, exercise those neural pathways.

Steve Sullivan

I’m a bit in between on this… I’m not sure I’d categorize this as an “act of hate”, but it’s definitely an act of bigotry. Regardless, I’m hugely disappointed in Reimer. And it seems really conflicting to claim he’d be the first one to shake an openly gay teammates hand and welcome him to the team, implying that he would support a gay player on the team, but can’t show any support to gay players/fans by wearing a jersey? It’s just hypocritical. Christians have no problem sweeping the Bible’s acceptance of slavery under the rug, making excuses “oh, it was… Read more »


His statement was a master class in compartmentalization. Each paragraph contradicts the last. He references Jesus and the Old Testament in the same breath, which means he has no foundational knowledge of Jesus or theology but has based his entire identity on those things. I don’t see an act of hate either, but I also don’t believe a person who can’t think through simple contradictions has the capacity for true kindness or acceptance. The nice guy act is just that – an act. It’s shallow if he can’t apply the lessons of his faith to real people living real lives… Read more »

david barnard

this “opinion” article is one of the worst i’ve read from you. it’s full of contradictions. whether it matters to you or not, SP, i can’t financially contribute to a person who would label a player exercising his right to “opt out” of a social/political pandering for profit event by the Sharks as an “act of hate”. congrats on the success that your hard work has brought you. i’ve enjoyed being an early supporter (in my small, insignificant way), at least since you started covering the Sharks, and i wish you further success in your endeavors. adios to all of… Read more »

KAT aka KE the original

But you don’t hear different points of view. You make sure you squelch them with your view being right. You can’t even see the harm being done to children when presented to you with facts. Because I you were to agree then that would put you at odds with the “group” you associate. You post scripture out of text. You don’t even read nor study nor believe in Jesus or God and yet you want to point out something without providing the whole truth. Read and study the Bible with other Christians rather unbelievers for they will lead you astray… Read more »


David will be back by the time the lottery balls drop.


Eh, I wouldn’t be so sure. He used to be a regular on Fear the Fin and we haven’t seen him around there in a very long time and it was for similar reasons, so he does seem to follow through with what he says. I don’t agree with his take but there is some evidence that he sticks to what he says.

Gary Caldwell

You are correct. He’ll most likely not post here again. He’s going to have a hard time finding any online forum free from people with opinions that differ from his and who are willing to challenge them.

Your friendly neighborhood NTSJCShark.
FV must be always.


Peace out

KAT aka KE the original

I too have been a supporter. As a matter of fact his Oct trip I sent him $250 for his travel fund and in my email stated how blessed I was and that I pass on the blessing. Had I known he was going to bring political politics and social issues I wouldn’t have supported the site no matter if it was favorable towards Christians. I’m tired of the political/social crap in sports and that people do not see all there is to see. I know we hardly agree on anything but I too won’t be supporting him in any… Read more »


David, you provide interesting commentary and I think you enjoy making comments at this website.

I think Sheng made a mistake with his “hate” comment about Reimer but I don’t think you need to leave the website. The comment section gives you the opportunity to complain about his comments.

You can even complain here about Taco Bell eliminating the tasty XXL grilled stuffed burrito and the absurdity of destroying their yummy nacho fries with an unnecessary, boring cheese sauce.

Fin Coe

Whatever will this site do without the commentary of a Jan 6th apologist.


Hope I offset it a bit, I’ve just been reading the stuff for free for a long time, subscribed now.

Gary Caldwell

“…label a player exercising his right to “opt out” of a social/political pandering for profit event…’an act of hate’.”

Do you mean something like, for instance, “opting out” of standing for the national anthem prior to football games which are arguably “for profit events”. I witnessed plenty of people’s opinions about those exercising their rights and most went something like “kneeling is disrespectful and they hate America”. There was a fair amount of labeling going on with that, correct?

Dylan Smallwood

Sheng, Of twitter but had to respond on here. I think your take was/is great and I think Reimers is a load of crap, honestly. He’s saying that he welcomes everyone but won’t promote something he doesn’t believe in. Like, Hockey is for Everyone is just that. Everyone. Wearing a rainbow flag is showing that you support their right to play, not necessarily their lifestyle choices. The Sharks should have healthy scratched him from the game. He should ride the bench for the rest of the year, honestly. There are parts of the movement, as it were, that I don’t… Read more »


A lot of people say this is a matter of love and hate, I think it’s more a matter of personal liberty.

The jerseys promote freedom of expression, and Reimer is invoking his freedom of expression to say he doesn’t want to associate with how other people express themselves.

I don’t really see the big controversy here. I love seeing freedom in action. You can either argue about how one form of expression is better than the other, or just do your own thing and not worry about the others. Live and let live


Yup and it’s our freedom to call him an idiot

Steve Sullivan

Sure, like Scott Adams has every right to express his views against blacks. Kanye West has his right to express his antisemitic (sp?) views. And Reimer can take his anti-gay stance…. but it’s all bigotry.

FFS, to defend those views or “stands” as anything just or right or as a reason to be celebrated like one idiot claimed, is just deplorable.

Truth Seeker

Come on as a member of two minority groups my view of your reasoning and entire piece seems incredibly flawed. Is it the role of the NHL or players to be saying what is or isn’t okay, and validate someones choices. Lets be real he did nothing wrong he’s free to wear the shirt or not. It’s not making a difference in anyone’s life except his own. Ironically its the height of privilege to be focused on these issue. It shows that their are very little actual issues to focus on. This itself is evidenced by overly emotive language where… Read more »


Reimer has shown himself to be a lying bigot. If I were the Sharks, that’s not who I would want on my team.


Glad you are all so perfect, regardless of which side of the issue or denigration of James. You have reached enlightenment and removed all bias and prejudice, all hate even in the slightest degree, no self righteousness— where you sit in judgement without feeling of superiority. Why do you expect James to be some holy righteous saint? Has he ever professed that? All he has said is he has a faith he is trying to do his best and because he falls short in area, that he even seems to be struggling with you want to ostracize and hate him,… Read more »

Chris Boucher

Thank you Sheng for the thoughtful article. My partner and I had a discussion over drinks about Philly, NYR, and Minnesota. If a young hockey player especially one who wasn’t out saw this we could see them getting discouraged from continuing the sport recreationally or professionally. If that same player was good enough to get drafted why would they want to play for Minnesota or NYR or be a teammate with Provorov or Reimer? Hockey has brought a lot of joy to me life as a member of the LGTB+ community but until there’s not a need for articles like… Read more »

Last edited 9 days ago by Chris Boucher

The left (most sports writers) love virtue signaling. So if he wears a shirt everything is OK? Got it. Wearing a particular shirt is the key to solving any problem and shows you care more. Yikes. I have no problem with homosexuals. And I think they have a much easier life than they did even 20 years ago. And that’s a good thing. But I don’t see the cancel mob demanding a shirt be worn making any difference.


It’s sad to see how people are treating others in the comments section. Outside of the actual topic, it highlights how the internet and “social” have turned people into angry animals that can’t treat others as human beings. You can’t put the genie back in the bottle. But, if you had to have these conversations in person, they would likely have a different tone.


I think you’re right, Sheng, that you and Reimer do not share the same definition of hate. Pretty sure I can intuit his—it’s the conventional definition. I’m less sure I understand yours, beyond it’s much broader and much more indirect. I think it’d be helpful to explicitly define yours. It matters. I think Reimer has missed the mark here, but best to be precise in criticism. I also think we should reconsider what we want to draw focus to. Twenty-two hockey players out of 23 proudly wore a pride jersey. The vast majority of teams in the NHL jumped at… Read more »

KAT aka KE the original

I couldn’t watch the game as it was only shown on local NBC sports and NHL network. I just was able to see the game today on ESPN+ on demand I noticed at the warm up I barely seen any Pride community. There were few signs but I thought for sure when the announced attendance that there would have been lots in Pride colors during the warmup thanking the players for their support and to see the artwork of the jersey close up. When the game started all I really saw was Teal and a lot of empty seats. Not… Read more »

Arturs Irbe

This is the kind of perverted logic that the Left often employs when it’s desperate to win an argument that is not winnable. Reimer did not say that he hated anyone. He just said that he will not support a cause that goes against his beliefs. That’s his right. It’s really pretty simple stuff. #BlessYouReims

Last edited 8 days ago by Arturs Irbe

Why do you want to celebrate people because they have sex with certain people? Why don’t we have a child molester pride night? How bout a bestiality pride night?
Get the picture?


Why didn’t you allow my post that asked the question, “why should we celebrate and have a special night and special jerseys just because somebody having sex with someone? Let’s have sodomy pride nite and groomer pride night and how about hetero pride nite? You didn’t allow it because it shows how ridiculous this whole nonsense is. Freedom of thought and speech, unless you have no answer for it.


Matthew 5:10-12
“Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.


Ppl need to relax, he is a practicing Christian and he feels that if he wears the jersey he is indirectly promoting sinfulness. Being gay is not a sin but to a practicing Christian or Muslim or Jew being gay and having sex with the same sex is a sin. There are some Christian gays who are celibate believe it or not and do this so as to not live in mortal sin! I know the jokes are coming, I’m not referring to priests 🙂 People go after Christians because they’re easy targets but they’re not so willing to go… Read more »

KAT aka KE the original

Bingo !! I made some of the same comments but since I’m a Christian I get the hate from the Christianphobes.

Sin is sin. My Christian brother/sister has something that will make them sin I do not make my brother/sister stumble by encouraging and supporting the sin. Just like I would hope they would do the same for me.

Yep – I already gave the example of the World Cup and any that were homosexual or cancel/woke group that supported I consider hypocrites.


I will continue to renew my subscription and listen to JD based on your comments on this subject alone. Thank you for taking a stand.

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