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Sheng’s Daily: What’s Realistic Sharks Trade for Eichel?



Pierre LeBrun connected the San Jose Sharks with Jack Eichel two weeks ago.

“I wonder if at some level about San Jose,” LeBrun mused on the Sharks possibly dealing for Eichel. “Only because, depending on what ends up happening with Evander Kane. If Evander Kane is off the books in some way or another, depending on what the NHL decides, suddenly they got cap room and that Jack Eichel is 24 and the Sharks are trying to transition into a younger team. So I kind of wonder about them.”

This was on Oct. 15 — three days later, the NHL announced that Kane would be suspended for 21 games — but with no additional penalties.

In short, after Nov. 30, when Kane’s suspension is scheduled to end, he’s back on the salary cap for the remainder of this season and three more years.

That should dash any San Jose Sharks’ hopes for Eichel?

Maybe not — at least on the cap front.

Let’s say the Sharks continue to carry Kane’s cap hit after Nov. 30, be it with the Sharks, partially buried with the San Jose Barracuda, or basically paid to stay home.

Conceivably, if San Jose were able to pull off an Eichel trade, they could put the center’s $10 million cap hit on LTIR. Eichel, of course, could be out up to four months after getting the disk replacement surgery that he’s been seeking.

So irrelevant to what happens with Kane, that could solve Eichel’s 2021-22 cap hit.

Then in the off-season, they could buy out Kane, or hope to trade him with salary retained. At this point, the problem winger will have three years and $21 million dollars left on the books. A Kane buyout, by the way, won’t be pretty:


Of course, buying out Kane doesn’t come close to covering Eichel’s cap hit. But obviously, this isn’t a one-for-one situation. Just for example, the money you free up by letting impending UFA Tomas Hertl walk, $5.6 million this year, along with the savings from a Kane buyout, could more or less make up for Eichel’s AAV.

Anyway, this is all a longshot. The San Jose Sharks aren’t a likely winner of the Eichel sweepstakes: Their cap situation is concerning and they aren’t rich in young assets like other teams are.

But regardless, what would it take for them to land the star center?

Lance Lysowski of The Buffalo News wrote yesterday: “The timing and lack of suitors will force the Sabres to lower the asking price. Eichel’s no-movement clause kicks in this July, so Adams is slowly losing leverage. Few teams that can take on his salary and the Sabres reportedly have no interest in retaining money. In my opinion, the Sabres will acquire a first-round pick with conditions related to Eichel’s recovery, a high-end prospect, a middle-tier prospect with upside and a proven NHL player to help offset the cap hit.

“The Sabres need to add a forward who can score goals.”

Keep in mind that Lysowski is speculating — so I’ll do the same. Giving up a first-rounder for Eichel is a given, that shouldn’t be a problem for any team for a player of this caliber.

As for a high-end prospect, would the Sabres take anything less than William Eklund? You can offer a Thomas Bordeleau and see if they’d bite.

A middle-tier prospect with upside? Danil Gushchin, come on down.

A proven NHL scorer “to offset the cap hit”? A resurgent Timo Meier might suddenly intrigue a team.

If you were the San Jose Sharks, would you trade a conditional first-round pick, Bordeleau, Gushchin, and Meier for Eichel? What if Buffalo insists on Eklund instead of Bordeleau?

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Don’t want Eichel anywhere near this team, given his rumoured poor reputation in locker room getting rid of Kane to bring in Eichel seems moronic

timorous me

I just think that when you look at what the Sharks would probably end up losing in an Eichel trade–I’m including Hertl since it seems he’d likely end up not being able to be re-signed–it feels like the kind of situation that could end up turning out really poorly for the Sharks going forward. Not to say they’re in great shape as it is, but I wouldn’t want to lose Timo (a possiblity), Hertl, and maybe Bordeleau and Guschkin. It just feels wrong for where the Sharks are. And we know Eichel can only do so much with a team… Read more »

[…] Peng in San Jose examines a potential Eichel trade for the Sharks and tries to find a way to get it done without including rookie winger William […]


having to retain salary for kane is a ridiculous proposition imho .as a player he is not mike richards: not on drugs in a career-ending decline. at worst even “giving” kane away for a 3+ rounder is a great deal for a goal starved team (montreal , az, etc). kane is at least a 20 , “30-if-good-year” scorer …. thats somewhere between “good” and “elite” ….for 7 mil a year thats a basement bargain these days (if looking at price alone)…. even with “baggage” its still a “decent to very-good” deal. the eichel price has dropped recently which is great… Read more »

david barnard

Giroux (33), Bergeron (36), Hertl (28), Malkin (35); then Strome (28), Domi (26), Trocheck (28), and Kadri (31) pretty sure Bergeron stays in BOS. Giroux’s future believe it or not is uncertain with the Flyers. Malkin’s gonna have to take less to play in PIT, but will probably stay with Crosby and Letang. i think Domi was bouncing around lines at LW before he got hurt. still he’s a natural center and played there last season. Trocheck’s could be on the move, or Kotkaniemi could be picked off potentially. i’m not if he’s UFA or RFA? they could bring back… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by david barnard

so basically the pool of ufa dominant 1c is thin and hertl is the best one ….. malkin , G and bergeron are great , but past their peak, so short-term option “B” at best. kadri is another kane in the making….domi , strome and trockeck are serviceable but not top tier material…. borde is 6+ years away from being a 1c center …4+ to line 2c AT BEST IF things go well (no injuries and continued phys+mental development) mind you- couture will be 35 in 3 years, so the age-decline is nigh..he became 1c when jumbo was around that… Read more »

david barnard

Bordeleau’s trajectory is top line center, perhaps even super star status if all the stars align. JE is an NHL super star. however, i think there are many questions+baggage that comes with him. i’d rather this team stay on the path of the rebuild. RW is looking really solid in the pipeline (Robins, Guschin, Wiesblatt, and Coe are all on upward trajectories). LW with Eklund and Dahlen. Gregor is off to another strong start w/the Cuda at center. he might be a future 3C. if we don’t make the playoffs, so what? we’re probably not bad enough to get in… Read more »

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