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Combine Buzz: Sturm Still Up for Coach, Which Prospects Did Sharks Interview?



Credit: Ontario Reign

BUFFALO, N.Y. – Guess who’s coming to (San Jose Sharks’) dinner?

It’s always a big deal who’s taking who to dinner at the Draft Combine.

Seen as a sign of a team’s interest in a top prospect – for example, the San Jose Sharks broke bread with Will Smith, who they picked at No. 4, and Leo Carlsson last year – it’s also a smokescreen.

Famously, the Montreal Canadiens didn’t wine or dine their eventual 2022 and 2023 top picks Juraj Slavkofsky and David Reinbacher, respectively, in their Draft years.

The Sharks, however, were once again transparent with their intentions at this Combine.

“They’re probably taking Celebrini out every night,” one league source joked.

Actually, San Jose Sharks director of amateur scouting Chris Morehouse confirmed that they took Celebrini out only once. Morehouse also noted that Celebrini was the only 2024 Draft prospect that they ate with this week.

Celebrini, by the way, told San Jose Hockey Now that he had chicken at go-to Combine restaurant Buffalo Chophouse.

But anyway, the Combine is the swirling storm for all kinds of rumors: Here’s what SJHN has heard this week about the Sharks’ head coach search, their free agents, and which prospects they interviewed.

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Tony De Matei

I believe EJ Emery is a D, just a heads up.

Tony De Matei

I can only imagine!

Fin Coe

Haven’t heard much about Kevin He, what’s his deal and does he have Character Questions like Connelly?


I have the same question. I couldn’t readily find anything. Seems odd to put him in the same sentence as Connelly if there’s not something else going on, though.


I checked up on his prospect profile on another site and there isn’t anything concerning in there.
Maybe they just don’t foresee them drafting him? Or he wasn’t available? Just speculation.


If Sturm is chosen for the HC position, does that end Warsofsky’s time with the Sharks? I can’t imagine he sees much of a future for himself in San Jose if he is turned down a second time for the HC job.


I would guess only if he has a better chance elsewhere.

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