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Notes #49: Sharks Lose 6th Straight, 4-1 to Golden Knights



The San Jose Sharks welcome in the Vegas Golden Knights for the first time this season. It’s been a long time since the Sharks have beat Vegas — in fact, the last time that they beat the Golden Knights in Nov. 2019, Pete DeBoer was still coaching San Jose. That didn’t change tonight, as the Golden Knights topped the Sharks. Nick Bonino had the lone goal for San Jose.

Period One

Merkley then Barabanov with bad turnovers a long the wall. San Jose Sharks love stationary along wall, hit speed coming up middle. But they can’t do it if there’s no play.

Five in: Both Ferraro and Burns head toward one man, given Eichel open center lane for partial break. Poor sort by the pair, think Burns needs to switch over to center lane since Ferraro was covering for him (Vegas puck carrier ahead of Burns) at left lane.

That’s a downer: After a fantastic double-minor kill, Reimer lets in a long one to Kolesar. Vlasic might’ve deflected it, knuckling it, would think Reimer would like Vlasic to let Kolesar shoot it from there all day. Might be something to Vlasic just conceding he’s not catching up to that and settle for the (correct} angle-off he had achieved. Know that goes against defensive instincts, but that distance, Kolesar should be harmless.

Fantastic work by Couture to get past Theodore on PK for breakaway. Veteran stuff, just drawing Theodore in to be overaggresive then chipping and chasing past the quicker, younger d-man. Veteran guile.

Eichel goal: Awful. Think Hertl loses Stephenson behind him. Could be Vlasic too but I think Vlasic was rotating high. Also Meier gets rolled by Eichel there; Meier got caught puck-watching after the gorgeous Eichel pass, then Eichel beat him to the front. Great play with the puck, great play without the puck from Eichel. If your best players aren’t your best players…

Minute left: That’s ugly, Burns gets tracked down from behind on breakout by Kolesar. Poor period from Burns.

Sharks outchanced 18-5 Slot Shots in last two first periods.

Period Two

Pacioretty goal: Reimer can’t let them in. I can excuse the Kolesar one, but that one, you need a stop. Surprised Sawchenko not getting inserted here. Maybe it’ll take another one.

Three in: That’s an underskilled shift from the San Jose Sharks. Just not a good team there. Bonino drops it to Middleton on entry, Middleton tries to hit Gregor entering with speed, and just completely misses. Just bad, what can you do about it hockey. Then Gregor fights for it, but Karlsson gets inside stick position, takes it away.

San Jose Sharks have played some decent hockey in this stretch, but Golden Knights also seem content to sit back with their lead too.

Five left: Burns makes the right pass, but Meier not ready? Icing. That kind of a night. And then second time in a row, icing, though that would’ve been tougher for Meier to handle.

“We want tacos” cry emerges from stands — not tonight, buddy.

Two left: Good little give and go between Nieto and Middleton, Couture gets a couple shovels at it. L0gan Th0mps0n though.

Period Three

Bonino goal: Cogliano might have got away with one on forecheck on Theodore, but that withstanding, got the puck, found Bonino. Great feed. Sends a charge through crowd begging for anything to cheer for.

On replay, Cogliano didn’t look like he touched Theodore. Rough game for Shea.

Looks like Balcers has replaced Pederson on the power play.

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