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Mailbag: Is GM Search Taking Too Long? Best Available Coach for Sharks?



Answering your San Jose Sharks-related questions include: Are the Sharks taking too long to select a GM, how does it affect their Draft process? Which transaction in the past 5 years would the Sharks like to undo (6:00)? Then the William Eklund and Thomas Bordeleau portion of the podcast including if they should both play on the San Jose Barracuda to build chemistry (12:00) and which player has a better shot at the Calder Trophy (15:00)? Finally, of all the coaches available, who would be the best fit for the San Jose Sharks (20:00)? Which three San Jose Sharks would I go on a road trip with (22:30)?

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I believe the GM is selected and was just waiting for the Stanley Cup Finals to be over. I believe it is going to be such a historical event that wanting to give attention to and not take away from the Cup Champions. We will know either by Next week. Me? I don’t have a problem with the coaching staff. I believe the guys really like them and play hard for them. The problem lies in a few locker room problems that don’t want to play for the team Road trip? Burns Mario Megna 😊 you’ll need defense so you… Read more »

Gary Caldwell

I’m also not sold on Bob, and understand he had a difficult roster situation this season. However, He didn’t have a difficult roster situation last season. He had, and still has I believe, a problem with player management on and off the ice. I don’t think that will change this upcoming season, or the one following. Bob is who he is and I don’t see much changing in that regard. I believe he’ll get this season to prove his worth to the Org’s new GM, but I’m hoping a new HC is in SJ’s very near future.


I’ll agree with some of it. The players talk too highly of him and they need some stability in the team. Changing GM and HC is too much. I like the MacLean and Madden duo. But if they don’t produce this season I’m with ya need another HC.

david barnard

and yet, that’s typically what happens with a newly installed GM. i predict Bob’s days are numbered in SJ.

Gary Caldwell

7/1 to be precise. Only 2 days after you posted this.

david barnard


Sheng Peng

I think a lack of talent in 2020-21 qualifies as a “difficult roster situation”


Forest for the trees.

Gary Caldwell

One could argue the 2020-21 roster had more talent available to Bob than this season’s roster. Kane was on the team. Labanc was playing. That’s two “top 6” forwards who didn’t play this season with the team. I would suggest the only difficult situation was that the team defense and GT was abysmal, and many of the top player’s production dropped off relative to 2019-20. The lack of talent would sadly be at one of the most critical positions: GT. The team’s ability to outscore their bad defense/GT as they did in 19-20 didn’t work out for them in 20-21.… Read more »

Sheng Peng

More talent than 2021-22? Kane, Labanc, sure. On the other hand, Gambrell was the 3C and Jones was the goalie. Meier was a shell of himself. Regardless, even if 2020-21 was marginally more talented, it still wasn’t close to a strong roster

Sheng Peng

LOL I just remembered that, the horror, the horror


Front seat 😂. But it isn’t Mario in the front! You’d want Timo for that spot 😊

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