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Game #9 LIVE: Period 2 Notes, Ducks Scream Back



Another good play by Sorensen that leads to Labanc drawing penalty. In corner, Sorensen has puck, Ducks defender on him, instead of easy pass back to the point, Sorensen jukes, throws it down to Labanc. That’s what San Jose Sharks want to see in terms of holding puck.

Would love Meier on the third line if that didn’t mean Marleau on the second. No criticism of Marleau or Boughner, more a statement of team’s depth. And not saying Meier belongs on a third line, he doesn’t, but his talent alone turns a Gregor-Gambrell duo into a potent third line.

I touted San Jose goaltending’s rebound control in the first, naturally, Jones coughs up bad rebound on Henrique goal. Per SPORTLOGiQ, however, going into tonight, San Jose Sharks’ goalies were fifth in NHL in Even Strength No Rebound % i.e. rebound control.

As outstanding a first as San Jose Sharks played, Gibson stood tall, Sharks failed to finish, and now we’re 1-1.

An odd-man rush kills the Sharks (again). Worst team in the NHL in this category coming into tonight.

Might’ve been Chmelevski error that leads to goal. He goes off ice, clearly gassed, but he’s also the high forward, Anaheim goes back the other way on a 3-on-2.

Sharks getting loose. Second PP unit allowed back-to-back 2-on-1’s to Ducks PK.

Easy to blame Vlasic there, but like Hedican said, Vlasic looked like he expected Burns on the other side. Awful miscommunication there.

The wheels just seem to come off for the San Jose Sharks a lot this season. 20 minutes of terrific play, hold serve for half of the 2nd, then everything goes wrong: Team defense, goaltending, communication, line changes, you name it.

Another game where you think, Jones doesn’t give up the unnecessary Henrique goal, it’s just 2-1.

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