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Kane Re-Signs With Oilers, but Drama With Sharks Isn’t Over Yet



Credit: AP Photo/Nick Wass

Evander Kane is back with the Edmonton Oilers?

Kane announced that he’s returning to the Oilers for a reported four years and $20.5 million dollars ($5.125 million AAV), but even with that, it’s still a question mark if he’s actually returning to Edmonton.

Kane’s grievance against the San Jose Sharks for terminating his contract in January – three years and $21 million left in the original agreement, signed in May 2018, at stake – still hasn’t been decided.

This is our current understanding of the situation, from June: “So at the moment, the Sharks are clear of Kane’s original contract and the winger is able to re-sign with Edmonton – but that would be superseded if Kane wins his grievance – he would be returned to San Jose.

“That’s awkward to think about right now, but imagine if that happens after Jul. 13, and the Sharks have committed cap space to other free agents, and the Oilers or another team has committed to ersatz UFA Kane?”

Bill Daly on Why Sharks-Kane Don’t Find New Arbitrator, Potential Settlement

It looks like we’re at that point, the night before Jul. 13, with no decision from the arbitrator, and at this time, no settlement between the Sharks-Kane.

“Our position is it’s a valid termination and he’s a free agent [right now],” Bill Daly said in June. “But that doesn’t mean that situation might not be reversed, in effect, by an arbitrator – saying he has a valid contract and still has a valid contract [with the Sharks].”

We’re still waiting for the second hearing date for the Kane grievance. But in effect, Kane could be back with the San Jose Sharks some time this off-season.

We ran through that scenario here:

If Sharks Get Kane Back, Why Might He Refuse Trade to Oilers? (+)

It’s worth noting that teams are allowed to go 10 percent over the $82.5 million salary cap in the off-season.

Suffice to say, the San Jose Sharks-Evander Kane drama isn’t over yet.

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Ty Comes

Does he have the power to decline the grievance now that his contract with EDM is the same $ amnt (albeit over one more year, so technically less per her) but the benefits of staying with the team that wants him and has much higher chance of success with? Idk

david barnard

1 of the big reasons arbiters typically lean towards the player is because they view it as a right to earn their living. since EK9 isn’t being barred from “earning a living” and has in fact pursued his FA earning a new contract with a different team…twice! how can an arbiter view the termination as the Sharks preventing him from earning a living? the arbiter can’t ignore the facts of the case. Kane violated the terms of his contract. he shouldn’t be rewarded for it. this is a complete mess, and the arbiter taking off in the middle of the… Read more »


Agree on Gadjovich but I don’t see him winning that fight with Kane. This is how it always is with professional athletes they get away with whatever and carry on like nothing happened. It won’t be long let’s say another season where Kane will piss someone off in the locker room showing up late off ice something. Shit magnet is what those type of people are called. The deal must have been made with the lawyers in agreement and Edmonton knowing something they wouldn’t have signed him without knowing the outcome. On another note I do hope he changes his… Read more »


We could certainly use that money!!!


can see the conversation w/the arbitrator: Arb: So Evander, you want to play in EDM Kane: Yes Arb: And San Jose, you don’t want Kane to play for you SJ: Correct Arb: so why are we here? There is some relatively small amount of $$ still in the mix. Kane isn’t getting paid as much as he wold have under his Sharks deal, which required a minimum of around $5.8mil (as a member of the ‘Cuda) and he’s getting about $5.1mil from EDM. So there’s that to fight over (about $2m over 3 seasons), and perhaps some $$ from the… Read more »

david barnard

as long as the league let’s them settle it in a lump sum w/o any cap hit lingering. i don’t know how they do that as it would violate every cap rule on the books. perhaps a “special case” scenario? there seems to be precedent of that when they want.

david barnard

did EK9 enter the comment section, lol!

Rob Stoker

I read that approximately half of Kane’s new Edmonton contract is via a signing bonus ($10.125M). Is that some sort of poison pill against the Sharks retaining him?

david barnard

s.bonuses get paid at time of signing a contract and before the season starts. it’s guaranteed money regardless of performance (incl playing actual games that’s why it’s considered “lockout proof”) or buyouts.

Last edited 28 days ago by david barnard
david barnard

the Sharks ONLY owe him $4M in s.bonus money. this is a good angle to talk about, because even IF the termination is upheld, technically that money is guaranteed regardless of performance (meaning it’s what was owed to him at the time he signed the contract-it just gets broken up over several years to make it easier to structure the contract). he could have a very legit argument to get what’s owed to him. Kane didn’t have any s.bonus money payout due in 2021-22 or 2023-24, but he does have s.bonus scheduled for 2022-23 ($2M) and 2024-25 ($2M), totaling the… Read more »

david barnard

as for the EDM contract, it would be wiped from the earth IF he’s sent back to the Sharks after winning his grievance. he would return the contract terms originally signed with the Sharks.

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