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What Aren’t We Hearing From Sharks About Kane?



MONTREAL — What aren’t we hearing from the San Jose Sharks about Evander Kane?

We’re not hearing that he’s welcome back in the Sharks locker room — even though he’s eligible to return to play on Nov. 30 after serving a 21-game suspension for COVID protocol violations.

“We got a while to deal with this. This is gonna be a decision that’s first made by management and ownership. After that, it trickles down,” San Jose Sharks head coach Bob Boughner said after morning skate today. “We haven’t even brought that up, I haven’t had any discussions with management or ownership.”

Logan Couture was asked what Kane’s path was to return to the San Jose Sharks: “We’re focused on playing hockey for the next little while and that’ll work itself out.”

“We’ll see once his suspension is over,” Marc-Edouard Vlasic offered. “I’m not in a position to say if there is or if there isn’t. My job is to help the team win on the ice.”

We’re not hearing about coaches or teammates keeping in touch with Kane — you would think they’d be keeping tabs on their long-time teammate.

“I haven’t thought about that,” Boughner said, when asked if he was going to reach out to Kane. “I think it’s a situation where I got enough on the go and I’m in charge of these guys here, my staff, and trying to be prepared, detailed. The rest will sort of take care of itself over time.”

“I have not [spoken to him recently],” Couture said, “and I’m not aware of any other player [having done so].”

“I haven’t talked to Evander,” Timo Meier said, “we’re focusing on the season now.”

We’re not hearing much empathy — even though Kane has been, for some of the San Jose Sharks players, their teammate for four years.

“He put himself in this situation,” Vlasic said. “He has personal stuff to handle; on our side, we’ll concentrate on hockey.”

We’re not hearing anybody defend Kane — it can be simple as denying the reports that Kane is a locker room problem. From the beginning of training camp to now and through at least dozens of Kane questions, not one San Jose Sharks player has stepped up to bat for their presumed teammate.

Couture Talks Kane Situation, Impending UFA Hertl

In short, there’s zero sense that the San Jose Sharks want Evander Kane around at all. Perhaps that will change, if Evander Kane offers an apology to his teammates far more genuine and substantial than what he offered on Sportscenter last month?

UPDATED: Kane Talks to SportsCenter About Gambling Allegations, Locker Room Discord

Think about that for a second: For once, a team isn’t necessarily putting winning first. Kane led the team with 22 goals and 49 points last season. That buys you a lot of latitude for all kinds of wrongs — and there’s still zero indication that they want him around.

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Kevin Ristow

These are some *telling* quotes. Wow.

timorous me

Haha, leave it to Vlasic to be as blunt about it as possible. This is really interesting stuff, though, and as someone who’s at the end of their rope with Kane and don’t really want to have to cheer for him anymore, I’m fascinated to see how the Sharks handle this, especially since their options seem so limited and, as you said, we’re actually talking about a good hockey player here who theoretically would help the team on the ice.


i think that perspective is a bit callow. the adult player has made an error , he needs to battle through the problems/demons on his own as an adult to get back to the team with a focus on winning IF the management gives him that opportunity. no point in stepping up to defend anything when the player themselves admitted fault. the locker room problems or lack of is private-player business as players have mentioned. the players ARE putting winning first by focusing on hockey- the season already started. we need to win NOW so we dont dig a hole… Read more »


Honestly best idea to me is to put Kane on waivers on Nov 30th and if he clears he plays with Cuda and is forced to earn his way back to NHL by having good habits and being a good teammate

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[…] Evander Kane intends to come back and play, there is no indication that the Sharks are looking forward to that […]

Scott S

Maybe they are putting winning first! I continue to contend that analytics underrates stuff it can’t measure well yet, at least the public measured we peasants get access too. Team chemistry, leadership, locker room presence, the mental state of players, and other things that commonly dunked on as just hockey-man talk perhaps can, at least in some circumstances, have more impact on a teams end performance that given credit. Here, removing a cancerous presence seems to be a net positive, despite losing 30 goals.

david barnard

let’s be honest about Kane the player. he’s good but not great. he’s entirely replaceable-and has been by multiple teams that needed good players to elevate them into serious playoff contenders. he’s not worth the locker room cancer. what’s the best indicator of future behavior? that’s right, prior behavior. Kane has shown no signs of changing his. he’s thoroughly selfish. he’s been given many chances and “wake up calls”. a year hasn’t gone by just using his time with the Sharks org that he hasn’t had some kind of controversy swirling around him. bottom line, he’s a blight on the… Read more »

[…] San Jose: There is so much to unpack with the Evander Kane situation but what we’re not hearing from … anyone, really … is that the team will welcome him back from his 21-game suspension for breaking COVID protocols. It appears terminating his contract is not possible and the team is really not sure what to say so they’re not really saying anything.  […]

[…] San Jose: What will the San Jose Sharks do when Evander Kane returns from his 21-game suspension for breaking COVID protocols? The myriad of allegations, the flouting of team rules, and then the vax lie. It appears terminating his contract is not possible, and the team is…not sure what in the hell to say.  […]

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