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Sharks End Franchise-Worst Home Season With 6-1 Loss to Oilers



Credit: Hockey Shots/Dean Tait

The San Jose Sharks welcome in the Edmonton Oilers for their home finale. Tomas Hertl scored, but the Sharks were blown out 6-1 by the Oilers.

Period 1

3 in: Raska misses pass that could’ve led to a Grade-A Lorentz chance. One he has to make, he had time and space. Credit to him though, he did win puck on forecheck versus Nurse.

Nugent-Hopkins goal: Karlsson had been doing OK job of defending McDavid on this shift, but in a tight area, McDavid just explodes by Karlsson’s trouble pivoting and accepting rush. Chaos after that and no one picks up RNH.

6 in: Like a video game, Oilers can be so fast. Draisaitl and Kane 2-on-1, Benning does well to just take the pass, leave LD for Reimer.

Hertl goal: Peterson follows an ill-advised exit pass, too soft a pass, he got helping getting it out, but then he jumped on a Demers turnover in corner and perfect set-up to a wide-open Hertl.

8 left: Peterson missed a slot pass to a covered Hertl down slot, but then followed with a decent chance himself, missing the net.

Kane gets a smattering of audible boos on his puck touches, but nothing like last year. This is his first game at SAP Center this year, last Oilers’ visit, he was injured.

5 left: Hertl playing more Hertl-like hockey there, slices his way with puck for good chance off Karlsson feed.

McDavid goal: McDavid’s 150th point, maybe he goes for 160 with one more game against the Sharks this year. Anyway, Ferraro got the puck behind Reimer, but Foegele on him so quick, he barely turned. Then Couture had some time and space up wall, got it to Bordeleau, but TB couldn’t handle, went off his foot and he couldn’t corral, and eventually, it leads to Run-CMC goal.

That Couture-Bordeleau exchange, have to re-watch, I wonder who has to be better? That was the San Jose Sharks’ ticket out of a jam. On one hand, not tape to tape, but maybe Bordeleau has to be more alert or capable with a pass in his feet.

Then, Derek Ryan pushes Bordeleau out the way in slot, TB was fighting for puck in busy slot, but that looked a little too easy. McDavid slam dunk followed.

Bordeleau pulled off PP1 in favor of Lorentz.

Period 2

4 in: Zetterlund defending point, sticks it out, away from Kulak.

5 in: Entering zone, Peterson puts it in a good place for Hertl again. Both have been bright spots tonight.

7 in: Sturm hungry on the puck this period, just now on Demers, then earlier on Foegele. Not leading much of anywhere, but always like his work ethic.

Hyman goal: Bordeleau had the puck on exit, some pressure, but gave it away in NZ. Then, Oilers come down and Reimer lets in one that maybe he’d want back.

7 left: Gotta watch that again, Gregor had it against wall, needed help, Bordeleau couldn’t push it out. Then he tries a tough pass in OZ to Karlsson, too many bodies in between, not hard enough. Not sure if he’s playing with a lot of confidence last game and this one.

6 left: Another “load-up” OZ draw, Hertl-Couture-Karlsson with Peterson and Ferraro. Credit to Peterson on an admittedly-depleted San Jose Sharks roster. That sequence might describe my overall read about Peterson’s game. Loose puck, he gets on it, versus three Oilers entering zone, quickly sticked away. Think you’d like a chip ahead there or something at worst, more territory gained, not a high turnover. But Sharks win it back, bang-bang, Peterson shows great finesse and vision to find Ferraro creeping down for a Grade-A. Not sure what Peterson can do on a good team if he’s not producing or getting offensive chances, but when he has been getting chances here, he is undoubtedly making the most of them.

Lorentz still on PP1 to end period.

Ryan goal: Not a good pass by Karlsson. Yuck. Ryan read that pass like a children’s book.

Period 3

4 in: Thrun does a nice job of measuring his opposition, Foegele, and beating him down wall to the front with the puck. That’s an impressive, confident play for a rookie defenseman just a handful of games in.

7 in: Zetterlund forces McDavid out of the zone with his stick, then forechecks him 100 feet other way. That’s pretty good.

8 in: Thrun does a credible job handling Janmark on the rush.

Broberg goal: Too easy again.

10 in: Bordeleau entering with puck, but McDavid draped over him. Bordeleau still tries a pass into slot, no Sharks close, I wonder if there’s a place, put it into corner, make that a 50-50, instead of a guaranteed turnover.

8 left: Peterson can’t corral short lead pass from maybe Simek. Will re-watch, that looked like something that could’ve been handled. Another turnover.

McDavid goal: Ferraro reaches, McDavid teaches. Looks like Ferraro went for the passer, wasn’t close, then McDavid has an open runway.

Least home wins in a season in San Jose Sharks history: 8, 2022-23 and 1992-93 Sharks.

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