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Karlsson Snaps Losing Streak in Quinn’s Return to New York



NEW YORK — The San Jose Sharks visit Madison Square Garden to take on the New York Rangers. It’s also David Quinn’s return to the Garden, and Logan Couture got the Sharks off to a quick start with an honest-to-goodness power play goal, Radim Simek added a score, and Erik Karlsson capped it off in OT to carry San Jose to their first victory of the season.

Period 1

Uh that’s not the way to start. Poor Megna pass to Karlsson handcuffs EK65, Rangers take it, Reimer stops 2-on-1 one-timer.

3 in: Well-played by Vlasic on PK in corner.

4 in: Another big Reimer save on Trocheck. Trocheck couldn’t handle puck clean though or he probably would’ve buried.

Couture goal: Entry helped, Karlsson dropped to Meier who had speed, Karlsson set effective area pick.

10 in: You can argue you want Meier to be a little more direct there instead of cross-slot to Karlsson. But then Meier gets it again, attacks middle, draws another penalty.

7 left: What Nieto can do for you, what he can’t. A loose puck skitters hard coming out of DZ, if Nieto can pick it up and go the other way, that can at least stem Rangers tide. But puck skips over Nieto’s stick, Sharks gotta defend another 30 seconds. But what he can do: Lorentz clears puck out, area clear, Nieto battles hard, engages d-man so it’s not an easy reload for Rangers, think that helped Sharks change too. Subtle, but really good play.

4 left: That’s a play that Gadjovich can’t give up, too slow on his chance to clear, Kakko right on top of him to force turnover. He must play faster to stick here.

3 left: Good, insistent shift by Nieto there. He’s always the fan whipping boy when [fill in your more offensively-skilled younger] is shafted for playing time, but he is a solid, competitive forward. It’s no accident that both Bob, and now Quinn, have leaned on him. It’s not hockey speak or prejudice against youngsters. It’s what coaches believe is a key ingredient for winning, that never-say-die attitude.

1 left: Hustle by Bonino on PK. Sharks need more of that this year. Love that.

An illustration of how impactful Sharks special teams were in 1st period: Sharks had 2 times the Slot Shots on PP, though Rangers had 3 times the PP OZ time.

Period 2

Double ouch: Kunin can’t control high, Chytil takes it off him. Then Reimer, who’s been great, gives up one he’d probably like to have back. Let’s see what San Jose Sharks are made of.

Game getting too fast for Sharks. Need to slow it down.

4 in: Telegraphed pass up middle by Barabanov. Oof. Coaching staff will pay extra attention to that.

5 in: Have liked Bonino tonight. Hardness for pucks very apparent tonight.

Panarin goal: Sharks forecheck is close, but not doing enough. Allows Rangers to get out on 3-on-2. That wasn’t a great angle though of course.

10 in: Gorgeous stretch pass from Lorentz to Lindblom. Partial breakaway, that’s a Vezina goalie doing his thing.

9 left: Hope centering pass from Meier there. He’s got to be better there, he can draw the contact, work his way to the front.

Sharks trying desperately to establish that forecheck. But Rangers getting it out.

Simek goal: Nice job by Nieto to hold a beat, find Simek coming down the slot. That needs to be a shot in the arm for the San Jose Sharks. That Drago moment in Rocky IV. Drago as Shesterkin of course: “He’s not a machine! He’s a man!”

5 left: Big Reimer save on Zibanejad.

3 left: Sturm does nice job covering for Simek pinch. But again, Sharks can’t establish much.

2 left: Now Lindblom with pretty stretch pass to Nieto. Need Meier and company to start getting chances likes that.

1 left: That Barabanov foray emblematic of tonight, San Jose Sharks close to getting that dangerous shot off but not quite, Rangers there. Whereas Rangers, though Sharks have defended pretty well, have had their share of shots from whereever they want.

Period 3

Trouba post: That should’ve been it. Backdoor, Reimer beat. San Jose Sharks have been OK tonight, but they need one more gear that I’m not sure they have, at least on a regular basis.

3 in: Great Meier centering pass to Hertl, deflection, stop.

6 in: Good effort by Barabanov to beat his man along wall, he centers it for chance. They’re starting to look a little more dangerous, Sharks need them bad.

7 in: Marvelous Karlsson stretch pass to Sturm, who has a crack of daylight, but Shesterkin steps up. Sharks showing some pushback in this period.

8 in: Good stick by Vlasic on Chytil.

9 in: Nice soft pass by Kunin to Bonino. Bonino can’t finish, but Sharks starting to accumulate chances.

10 in: Gadjovich icing. He’s had a tough game. Spirit there, but not great with puck tonight. Then incredible Karlsson work, sucks in pressure up high, slides it to Lorentz in high slot.

6 left: Good stick by Nieto on NYR centering pass. He’s been really good tonight.

5 left: Ouch. Know Kunin is competing, but that’s a bad penalty to take right there. OZ high sticking. Can Sharks PK pick him up again?

And a strong Sharks PK bails them out again. Lorentz and Sturm stand Rangers up in NZ, Sturm gets tripped.

1 left: Hertl just takes it from Panarin behind net. Obvious size difference, but you like to see the Sharks, Quinn cliche, playing to their strengths.


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