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Quinn Can’t Believe Lalonde Ranked 3rd-Most Handsome Coach in NHL



Credit: San Jose Sharks

It’s not a stretch to say that David Quinn is thought to be one of the more handsome head coaches in the NHL.

But a recent ranking of the most handsome coaches in the league had the new San Jose Sharks head coach, gasp, 29th on its list. Per, they used beauty measurement app Golden Ratio Face to map the “facial symmetry, facial structure, and the golden ratio to calculate the beauty” of each head coach.

Here’s the full list. Yup, ex-Sharks skipper Darryl Sutter is no. 2.

Quinn’s fourth-worst place finish surprised other coaches around the league, including good friend Derek Lalonde, who just landed with the Detroit Red Wings and on No. 3 in this list.

“If David Quinn is at the bottom and I’m at the top, that’s a bad, bad list,” Lalonde demurred yesterday.

Quinn, who has been compared favorably to actor Benedict Cumberbatch, took being 29th of 32 head coaches in stride.

“I’m happy with 29th. It means I’m not last!” he laughed. “It’s what coaching does to you, look at me.”

Anyway, for the San Jose Sharks bench boss, it’s about being No. 1 in the standings and not in a beauty contest.

“If I’m 29th in that and at the top in the hockey situation, where it really matters, I’ll take that trade off all day long,” he noted.

However, the wronged coach wasn’t going to take the entire ranking in stride. When asked about Lalonde finishing, uh, a surprise no. 3, Quinn took maim.

“I know Derek Lalonde,” Quinn chuckled. “He ain’t No. 3. There’s a 3 in there, but there’s another number after it. Please quote me.”

I guess beauty really is in the eye of the beholder!

The San Jose Sharks’ first faceoff against the Detroit Red Wings this season is Nov. 17 at SAP Center.

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