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Craig Button Talks Sharks’ No. 14 Pick, Loves Celebrini & Smith



Craig Button joins the San Jose Hockey Now Podcast this week!

The TSN draft guru thinks Macklin Celebrini and Will Smith might make a Crosby-Malkin like impact on the San Jose Sharks, who he’d consider for San Jose at No. 14, and an underrated Sharks prospect that he really likes. (1:22:52)

But before we get to Craig, Keegan and I talk about the San Jose Sharks coaching search. (2:18)

Then, we chat about four positions that the Sharks should target this off-season if they want to be more competitive, and discuss J.G. Pageau, Dakota Joshua, Dylan DeMelo, and Sean Walker as realistic possibilities. Sheng also suggests a couple more intriguing names in this middle class of the free agency market. (15:49)

We discuss the San Jose Sharks signing Luca Cagnoni. Are Sharks fans perhaps overrating Cagnoni? And is he better suited to start next season in the AHL or go back to the WHL? (44:24)

Have Sheng or Keegan changed their minds about whether Will Smith will sign with the San Jose Sharks for next year? (1:10:18)

Finally, before we interview Craig Button, we discuss his recent, perhaps controversial top-64 list (1:12:22) on TSN. By the way, we talked with Craig before he released these rankings:

And now, Craig Button! (1:22:52)

What is Macklin Celebrini’s ceiling? Why is Craig so high on him? (1:23:30)

Button draws parallels between Smith getting drafted a year before Celebrini…to the Pittsburgh Penguins getting Evgeni Malkin in 2004 and Sidney Crosby in 2005. Whoa! Button calls Smith a difference-maker. (1:28:40)

Button compares Celebrini to Leo Carlsson and Adam Fantilli. (1:30:12)

He discusses the recently-concluded U-18’s. (1:32:00)

Who could the San Jose Sharks pick at No. 14?

Button gives his thoughts about Trevor Connelly (1:36:35), Tij Iginla, Terik Parascak (1:42:25), Adam Jiricek (1:51:19), EJ Emery (1:54:10), Stian Solberg (1:54:47), Charlie Elick (1:55:10), and Dominik Badinka.

Button doesn’t see a big difference between Anton Silayev and Emery!

Button discusses the goaltending in the 2024 Draft. There’s only one goalie that he’d considered in the second round.(1:56:10)

Button talks about how Will Smith has “wowed” him for a long time and if he’s ready for the NHL. (2:00:37)

Button shares his thoughts about Quentin Musty (2:06:55), Kasper Halttunen (2:08:55), and Luca Cagnoni. (2:11:45)

Button shouts out a now under-the-radar San Jose Sharks prospect. (2:12:25)

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