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Sharks Aren’t Requiring Fans to Prove Vaccination to Attend Home Games — For Now



Photo: Brandon Magnus

The San Jose Sharks — as of right now — are not requiring their fans to show proof of vaccination before attending Sharks games at SAP Center next year.

Per the San Jose Sharks: “Sharks Sports & Entertainment (SSE) has instituted a mandatory vaccination requirement for all full and part-time employees, including arena event staff for all SAP Center events. Currently, all ticket buyers are required to self-attest to either a) being full vaccinated or b) being able to produce a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of their ticketed event. SSE continues to engage in further discussions related to potential additional safety measures at SAP Center events, in conjunction with local and state health directives.”

Translation: All Sharks and SAP Center employees, save Sharks players, must be vaccinated. Fans can “self-attest” to being fully vaccinated or provide proof of a recent negative COVID-19 test.

This is in contrast to the Winnipeg Jets’ statement yesterday:

“We will require all employees, event staff, and guests to provide proof of full vaccination,” the Jets’ statement reads in part.

Interestingly, just north of San Jose and Santa Clara County, San Francisco County is requiring proof of full vaccination for most major indoor activities. Following New York City’s lead, San Francisco is the second major American city to do so. This mandate will apply to the NBA’s Golden State Warriors, who play in San Francisco’s Chase Center.

Will that eventually be the case at SAP Center?

A Santa Clara County spokesperson told the Mercury News this afternoon, “We always look at actions taken in neighboring jurisdictions and will review what San Francisco has implemented.”

For what it’s worth, the San Jose Sharks are following current state of California guidelines.

Per the state: “For indoor events with 5,000 or more people, attendees must confirm proof of vaccination or negative COVID-19 status in order to attend.”

The key phrase is “must confirm.” The California Department of Public Health expands on this edict by noting that self attestation is a form of confirmation.

So what exactly does it mean to “self-attest”?

“Each customer will be asked to confirm that they will meet the requirements for a negative test or are fully vaccinated before entry into the event,” the CDPH states. “Venue operators are encouraged to obtain this confirmation during registration or at ticket purchase. For sales made the day of the event, or for sales made through a third-party seller, confirmation can be made either in writing or verbally by the customer prior to entry into the venue.”

So don’t lie, okay?

However, based on past precedent, Santa Clara County, and therefore, the San Jose Sharks, will adhere to state of California guidelines. It’s worth noting that the most recent CDPH guidance is dated May 21, 2021 — which seems like a year ago, as COVID-19 cases surge nationwide once again in part because of the Delta variant.

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