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Losing Streak Is Over: Sharks Win 3-2



The San Jose Sharks are back at home, hoping to snap a 10-game losing streak, against the Columbus Blue Jackets. Scott Reedy, Rudolfs Balcers, and Reedy again gave the Sharks a quick 3-0 lead — and the Sharks managed to pull out a 3-2 win.

Period 1

2 in: Weatherby takes it from rookie Blankenburg on forecheck.

3 in: Good defense, not good puckmoving from Megna.

Not a great Dahlen pass in DZ through Bjorkstrand — but San Jose Sharks survive, Jackets penalty.

Burns-Gregor-Couture-Reedy-Bonino start power play. And there you go — loose puck up high, Gregor pounces on it, weaves through slot smartly, doesn’t just fire away, kicks it outside to Couture, Reedy has touch tight.

5 in: Along half wall, Bordeleau does a turnaround pass to slot that’s sniffed out. He’s gotta be careful.

7 in: Dahlen with a dogged forecheck of Gavrikov to force a turnover up high. Leads to San Jose shot and OZ faceoff. Like. Preceded by a smooth Merkley exit pass, helping Meier and Vlasic out.

Balcers goal: You could see Bordeleau’s head up there. What a pass. Forecheck was Bordeleau putting Bayreuther in a bad spot, Balcers pounced to force the turnover.

Actually though that is a defensive breakdown. Boqvist wasn’t coming off bench or anything. They just lost him and got lucky. It was smart of Boqvist to go very wide though, lose himself in the weeds.

5 left: Dangerous exit pass by Bordeleau, turnover. Some of that stuff has to leave his game, honestly.

Reedy goal: Smart by Chmelevski to just throw it on goal. He’s had a brain for that, knowing when to do that this year. Reedy picks up the garbage.

1 left: 13 on 13 crime, Bonino forces it off Johnson’s stick on forecheck. Old dog has game. Then looks like a smart NZ stick lift by Bordeleau on Kuraly.

Period 2

1 in: Dahlen separates Bjorkstrand from the puck along wall. Like his game tonight, hope he can get some chances too.

Think you can see Boughner asking on TV, “Where was [Gregor] supposed to go??”

4 in: Not sure where Bordeleau going with the puck in the DZ there again. Hope he’s listening to the coaches there. A little bit of a younger Merkley there, some head-scratching stuff.

6 in: Merkley looks like he’s interfered with by Johnson off-camera, but that opens middle lane for Voracek for a clapper. I should’ve kept watching Merkley-Johnson, because not sure how Merkley got so far out of position there.

7 in: Another sneaky-good shift from Chmelevski.

6 left: 2-on-1 for Bordeleau and Meier, Bordeleau shoots. Like.

1 left: Megna has big PK stick on Roslovic in front. Grade-A otherwise.

Period 3

Roslovic goal: That situation holding a lead, not sure if Meloche needs to be attacking the net on a shortie chance. Situational awareness.

3 in: Dahlen stands up Sillinger. Then Dahlen bumps a Merkley stretch pass to Meier with speed. Like his game tonight.

5 in: Good cycle shift from Couture line.

6 in: Race to puck, Meloche has a quick first step on Kuraly. Helps Sharks out of trouble.

9 in: Bordeleau against the bigger Bemstrom, Bords comes out with the puck. Gotta watch that again, see how.

8 left: Meloche just gave Johnson a welcome to the NHL hit.

5 left: Yeah, I think Bordeleau still got something to learn. Up just one goal, this much time left, a soft backhand NZ pass up middle — turnover — isn’t the way to go. Leads to almost a minute of CBJ possession.

2 left: That’s winning hockey by Nieto. He dumps it in, race to puck in corner, absorbs Blankenburg hit, finds Hertl alone in high slot. Hertl can’t corral.

1 left: Chmelevski replaces Dahlen on Hertl line for defensive reasons. That’s reward for a good game and trusting a guy.

The streak is over for San Jose Sharks.

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